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Use of tonic for hair

Most of the European women, trying to keep health and natural beauty of the hair, prefer to use instead of paint tonic. Similar means possesses the sparing properties, can be washed away in case of need and gives to ringlets a beautiful brilliant look. In this article we will consider in more detail that is hair toner in what its main advantages consist.

That represents this means

The main destination of tonic for hair – giving to ringlets of brighter and saturated shade and thus preservation of health of hair. Differences of this means from usual paint are as follows:

  1. Hair toner is on sale in the form of ready balm, its components do not need to be mixed. In certain cases it should be diluted with water, and in some it is possible to use as is. These features are always written to instructions on application.
  2. Basis of means are the natural painting substances, and also oily structures which possess property of protection of hair against damage and drying.
  3. Tonics do not contain ammonia, unlike the majority of paints. Thanks to it they not only spare healthy structure of hair, but also deprive of them an unpleasant smell in the first days after coloring.

Main characteristics of tonic for hair

The main feature of similar means consists that with its help ringlets can be made not only bright and brilliant, but also to give them a healthy well-groomed look. The main distinctive features of such balm are the following properties:

  • the painting pigments influence locks in a sparing way, getting not too deeply into structure of a hair and without damaging it;
  • as means is washed away quickly enough, approximately in 2 weeks, you have opportunity often to change the image, experimenting various shades;
  • tonic does not overdry ringlets, relieving them of fragility and dimness;
  • there is no need to use special means on care of hair after their coloring by this means;
  • tonic is useful to hair not only that does not contain harmful ammonia, but also that various looking after components often are its part;
  • thanks to the content of oils and vitamins the painting balm does locks brilliant, elastic and healthy, helping to create a magnificent image;
  • process of change of a hair color happens quickly enough – in only 15-30 minutes. Besides, you have opportunity to control a shade saturation by reduction or extension of this time;
  • tonic does not dry hair, keeping in them natural moisture content;
  • in case you want to replace sharply image and to change color of your ringlets, the shade can be washed away by means of special means about which we will tell below.

What tonics are found out that the painting tonics, as a rule, divide into two categories:

  1. Means of superficial action. They possess the most sparing properties and stick on hair not more long to two weeks.
  2. Tonics of intensive influence is the second name of bezammiachny paints. They are capable to get into structure of a hair a little more deeply and about two months allow ringlets to keep saturated color.

Tools necessary for coloring of hair tonic

If you were solved on use of similar means, you for certain need the following:

  • the painting balm;
  • disposable gloves;
  • capacity for tonic stirring – the glass, ceramic or made of special plastic vessel;
  • wide brush for carrying out similar procedure;
  • hairbrush comb;
  • sponge;
  • shampoo;
  • towel.

How to dye hair this means

For a start it is necessary to tell that the result received by you will depend directly on, whether your ringlets were painted earlier. Remember that in case you use similar structure for the first time, you need to carry out 2 dough: on allergenicity and on the expected result. For a start smear a little balm on a wrist and wait some time. If in an hour at you it is not observed reddenings, an itch, burning – can use tonic. To look, what color hair at you will turn out, try to paint one small lock. Through time wash away if the received result is pleasant to you – paint safely all head.

Let's consider all procedure in the form of sequence of actions:

  1. First of all decide on a shade necessary to you. Remember that tonic by the principle of action differs from usual paint. It means that to paint dark hair in blond it will not turn out. Choose color close to natural or is some tones more dark.
  2. In the prepared capacity pour in necessary quantity of means. If according to the recipe it needs to be diluted with water – make it and stir weight to a uniform state.
  3. Wet hair water and slightly dry a towel.
  4. Put on disposable gloves.
  5. Apply tonic on separate locks, moving from a hair parting to tips. Watch that all ringlets were painted over.
  6. When all head is covered with this means, comb hair a comb and massage them before formation of foam.
  7. Leave tonic for 15-30 minutes. The necessary time depends on your initial shade and on that, you want to receive how rich color as a result.
  8. When minutes expire, carefully wash out the head warm water, dry up and set hair.

How to wash away tonic

Some women like to change the appearance often. Sometimes the desire to replace a hair color comes suddenly and there is a wish to make it as soon as possible. It happens and so that having painted locks tonic, you understand that the chosen shade is not pleasant to you or does not go. In this case it is possible to wash away means. Below we will tell how to make it. So, in this situation you will be helped by the following means:

  1. Mask from burdock oil. Take approximately a glass of burdock oil and mix it with the same amount of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Plentifully cover your hair with this structure and put on a waterproof hat the head. After 30-50 minutes wash away means. If from the first the shade descended not completely, repeat procedure in 2 days.
  2. Mask from kefir. For this purpose to remove the painting tonic from ringlets it is possible to use usual kefir. Remember that its temperature has to be comfortable. If you stored it previously in the refrigerator, before application leave a product to lie down at the room temperature some hours. Then apply kefir on hair, take about an hour and wash away warm water.
  3. Special means for removal of color. They can be found in sale, often such structures use in beauty shops and hairdressing salons.

Theoretically, it is possible to decolour tonic by means of daily washing of the head. However it is necessary to tell that it is a way not from the best. Too frequent washing forces sebaceous glands to allocate a secret more intensively because of what through short time hair will start zhirnitsya quickly.

That categorically cannot be done – so it to try to wash away means alcohol. First, it will not give any positive effect, and secondly, similar procedure will do much harm to hair.

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