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Jewelry for hair the hands

Beautiful hoops, elastics, zakolochka – these accessories are pleasant to all girls, girls and women. And want to learn to do original jewelry for hair by the hands? You think, what it is very difficult? On the contrary! Production of jewelry for hair – very fascinating and not so difficult occupation.

It is best of all to do jewelry for hair of satin ribbons. And when learn, can try other material. However, satin ribbons very beautiful, I think, to you, dear readers of, it will be pleasant.

So, we will start.

Main types of petals

At first we will learn to do two main types of petals – round and sharp.

So, prepare satin ribbons 5 cm wide (it is possible less, but then will study more difficult), a lighter, glue and scissors.

Cut a tape on squares, 5*5 cm in size.

Then put a square in half, at you the triangle will turn out.

Now once again put.

And then put the last time – at you the petal turned out.

Now it is necessary to cut a little bottom edge of a petal and to singe a lighter.

Too singe petal tips a lighter and quickly press fingers.

Here such sharp petal at you will turn out.

The round petal becomes a little in a different way. At first will put a tape small square in a triangle. Then put lateral corners of a triangle down.

Then put in half.

Now singe and press fingers. Too singe petal tips and press. And at us the round petal is ready.

You can make simple florets of round and sharp petals. For this purpose make 6-9 sharp or round petals. Now it is necessary to make the flower basis. Cut out a small circle from a cardboard and paste over a cardboard circle with a tape. Glue is better to use the moment gel. Then paste lepestochka on a circle. In the middle paste a bead. Here such florets will turn out.

If it is difficult for you to glue lepestochka separately, it is possible to collect them at first on a thread.

Two-layer petals

And now we will learn to do two-layer petals.

It will be necessary for a two-layer petal for us: two tapes of different color. Now we put separately sharp petal of one color and a sharp petal of other color. But not up to the end, the last time needs to be put petals together. Record tips of a petal and singe, then tips of two petals will connect.

To make a two-layer round petal, it is necessary to put two squares of different color in triangles separately. Then to connect and continue to put two triangles as a simple round petal. When the petal is ready – singe corners.

Here such lepestochka at you will turn out.

It is possible to complicate flowers and to make some circles. Then 9-15 petals for the lower circle and 6-9 for top will be required. At first make the lower circle, then from above paste a small floret, but without cardboard. From a reverse side you can paste an elastic band or a hairpin.


Now we will learn to do a rose.

Squares of a tape of 5*5 cm in size, glue, scissors and lighter will be necessary for us.

At first we put a square in a triangle. Then lateral corners it is put down.

We cut a tip a little and opalivay – corners have to be fastened. At us the rose-petal turned out.

Now we do much – 15-20 such petals. We start collecting our rose. At first we do a bud. We smear glue on the basis of a petal and we twist a bud.

Further we collect petals – we apply glue on the basis of a petal and we wrap in it a bud.

And so around we paste other petals. The rose is ready. Now you can make leaves (how to do leaves we will talk a little later) and to paste them on a circle basis, and from above – a rose.


What it is possible to make of ribbons? Interesting chrysanthemum.

It will be necessary for this flower for us: tape of 5*7 cm or 2,5*6 cm in size, lighter, scissors and glue. It is necessary to put a tape in half face up...

... and to cut off a corner. Then to solder where cut off.

Now it is necessary to curtail edges from one and other party inside and to solder.

We do many such petals and we collect a chrysanthemum. To cuts a circle from a cardboard also we paste over it with a tape. Then we paste petals at the edges. After that we glue the following circle of petals – a little closer to the center. Then we glue petals even closer. And we glue the last petals in the center. We decorate the middle with a bead or several beads. The chrysanthemum is ready!


Here one more interesting ornament for hair in the form of a floret. Three multi-colored tapes (for example, orange, yellow and white), glue, scissors and a lighter will be required.

For the first five petals we cut a tape 3 cm long and 2,5 cm wide, for the second row of 9 pieces 3,5 cm long and the same width, and for the third row prepare a tape 4 cm wide and 4 cm long - 10-11 pieces.

Now all petals should be rounded off on the one hand by means of scissors (a little to cut off corners). Then to process a lighter from two parties. And now the most important – bring a lighter to the rounded-off part of a petal and lift a petal over a lighter.

The petal will a little be rounded here so.

Then in the bottom of a petal we do small tucks by means of a lighter. Petals are ready. Let's collect a flower. Connect five petals of white color to the help of glue, petals find a little at each other.

Then we collect the second row from yellow petals in chessboard order, and the last collected the third row from orange petals. Core can be issued by means of beads or stamens. Here such floret at you will turn out.

The sizes of petals you can change and receive other dyushesk – small or big.

Now we will talk about leaflets

To make leaflets for flowers, we will need a tape 8 centimeters long and 2,5 centimeters wide. We put a tape in half...

... also we cut off a half on a diagonal. Now we accustom to drinking edges a lighter.

Such leaflet turns out.

It is possible to leave it such or to turn inside out.


Let's make some bows.

We will need a tape 5 cm wide and 13 cm long - 10 pieces. And a thin ribbon, it is desirable silvery, 2-3 mm wide and 13 cm long – 5 pieces.

At first all ribbons opalivay at the edges that were not showered. Then all pieces it is put in half and we collect them on a thread.

The thread should be tightened and fixed. Also we do the second bow.

And now we collect. On one bow the second bow is pasted.

From above we paste silvery eyelets. In the middle we glue a bead. The bow is ready.

It is possible to make instead of silver eyelets a floret of six sharp petals of 5*5 cm of other color. To paste a floret on a bow.

Now, when you learned to do various flowers and bows, you can make to collect a hairpin or an elastic. And still it is possible to make a hoop. You can simply paste flowers or bows on a hoop of suitable color. And can wrap up at first a hoop a tape, having fixed a tape on the ends of a hoop by means of glue. From above paste flower compositions or bows.

So, you learned to do jewelry for hair the hands. For this purpose you needed only beautiful tapes, beads, it is a little imaginations and, of course, desire.

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