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Hair oil of a tea tree

Oil of a tea tree has a wide range of application and it is especially useful for hair. If to add some drops of oil to shampoo or to prepare with it medical masks, hair will be not simply fragrant, but also healthy, brilliant and strong.

Useful properties of oil of a tea tree for hair

If you have problem, weak ringlets, Mirsovetov recommends to add oil of a tea tree to means on care of hair. If to do it it is regular, it is possible to achieve such results:

  1. Work of sebaceous glands that is especially important for too fat or on the contrary, too dry hair is normalized.
  2. Roots of hair will be enriched with oxygen, the metabolism will improve.
  3. Ringlets will become brilliant and will look healthy.
  4. You will forget that such elf-lock, now they will easily comb hair.
  5. Color will become saturated.
  6. It will be easy to stack any hairdress.

Except preventive properties, oil of a tea tree renders on hair and medical action: struggles with seborrhea, eliminates dandruff, alopetion. It should be used if you have whipped tips.

As a result of treatment by oil of a tea tree such problems as a hair loss will disappear, they will begin to grow quicker, the thinned ringlets will become thickness, the greasy luster will disappear, the weakened locks will begin to look strong and healthy, and minor problems in the form of the splitting hair will disappear. The most important in treatment by oil of a tea tree is its correct application.

Methods of application of oil of a tea tree for hair

To put the hair in order, there are some easy ways:

  1. Rinsing of hair – for this purpose needs to be taken liter of the filtered water and to add to it 8 drops of oil of a tea tree. After each washing of hair to rinse them with this water.
  2. Compress for hair – for its preparation it is necessary to mix 3 Art. of l of kastorovy and burdock oils and on 2 drops of a tea tree, cinnamon and geraniums.
  3. The good effect in improvement of hair gives massage of the head with addition of essential oil. Take 1,5 tablespoons of oil jojoba, kindle it on a water bath, wait so far it will cool down to 30 degrees and then add 1 drop of oil of a tea tree. Rub this mask in head skin, doing massage. It is necessary to repeat procedure two times a week and in a month you do not learn the hair. Not only that massage in itself improves blood circulation, so also oils will feed hair and will supply with useful substances.
  4. The easiest way of care of hair by means of oil of a tea tree is to add some drops to shampoo. And to wash with it the head, as usual. In some weeks the effect, especially on hair which looked weakened earlier will be swept up. It is possible to add oil and to other means on care of hair: lotions, balms, conditioners.
  5. For normal type of hair it is possible to prepare such mask: take on 2 tablespoons of milk, honey and olive oil, carefully mix everything and add 3 drops of oil of a tea tree, and on one – oils of a nutmeg and a bergamot. Apply on hair and take within 15 minutes, then wash away under warm flowing water by means of shampoo.
  6. Such mask will be suitable for fat type of hair: take a cottage cheese tablespoon, add 3 tablespoons of juice of a lemon and 6 drops of oil of a tea tree, well mix everything and apply on hair. Take this mask within 20 minutes and wash away under warm flowing water by means of shampoo, then rinse hair with camomile broth.

Oil of a tea tree against a pediculosis

Oil of a tea tree – is simple rescue for at whom and they do not wish them to cut off long hair to get rid of insects. Oil of a tea tree will cope with a pediculosis.

It is necessary to prepare a special mask. For this purpose you need to take 50 ml of ethyl alcohol and as much the distilled water, to mix and add 25 drops of oil of a tea tree. Carefully to mix everything and every day before going to bed to rub this mask in head skin. In some days from louses there will be no trace also, and head skin will completely be restored.

Also during treatment of a pediculosis it is useful to do combing of hair with oil, apply five drops on a hairbrush and within five minutes comb hair diversely.

For prevention of a pediculosis it is useful to wash hair with shampoo with addition of several drops of essential oil of a tea tree. And to rinse hair herbs decoction, for example, of a camomile with addition of oil of a tea tree.

Rules of use of oil of a tea tree for hair

It is not necessary to confuse essential oil with cosmetic, it needs to be used in the minimum quantities literally on a drop. Only then it is possible to achieve desirable effect.

Before beginning treatment of hair with oil of a tea tree, it is necessary to learn some rules:

  1. If there is an opportunity, consult with the person who very well understands an aromatherapy, let he will tell you details of treatment of hair oil of a tea tree. If you want by means of this means to get rid of seborrhea or other diseases of the head and hair, it is better to consult with the trichologist.
  2. To use of oil of a tea tree for hair it is possible to distinguish damage of locks, fat content, loss from indications. Also this means if growth of hair stopped or slowed down will help, there were head skin diseases.
  3. To application it is possible to distinguish frustration of mentality from contraindications, intolerance of a product, the increased arterial pressure, an allergy to smells, epilepsy. Before the first application surely test a product on a small site of skin, observe how your organism will react to new smells.
  4. In pure form it is impossible to apply oil of a tea tree on skin, before application dilute it with water or other components. Otherwise it is possible to get the strongest burn.
  5. Oil as a component of lotions and masks, only is dosed by drops.
  6. Oil of a tea tree does not transfer high temperature therefore all recipes where oil needs to be warmed up, most likely, will not have any curative force. It is possible to combine a product only with warm ingredients, and here with the hot – it is forbidden.
  7. If to warm hair a plastic bag and a towel, the effect from procedure will increase.
  8. Time of procedure can vary of 15 minutes till 12 o'clock. Everything depends on what components are used in masks.
  9. It is desirable to wash away a mask warm flowing water with shampoo addition. Without it oil will not be washed away up to the end from hair, and they will look fat.
  10. For the best effect it is possible to use conditioners for hair. If you simply washed the head usual shampoo, add oil of a tea tree if you and added a mask to shampoo to a conditioner, in a conditioner it is not necessary any more. Because overdose is also fraught with side effects.
  11. One more way to make ringlets more healthy is to apply an aromaraschesyvaniye. Apply some drops on a hairbrush and carefully comb hair from roots to hair diversely.
  12. Oil of a tea tree is remarkably combined with such essential oils as a bergamot, a pine, cinnamon, a geranium, a lavender, a nutmeg.

Buy oil of a tea tree only in drugstores because in the market very often sell fakes which not strongly differ in the price, but very much differ in quality. And instead of long-awaited result you can gain a number of side effects: a skin burn, fragility of hair, the whipped ends, nausea from sharp aroma and dizziness.

If you listen to all recommendations, for certain, in some weeks of cosmetology procedures with oil of a tea tree, receive beautiful, healthy hair.

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