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Masks for hair from mayonnaise

Women in a pursuit of beauty, sometimes spend unreal money and do not even suspect that there are means which will help them, that they use every day. For example, mayonnaise. About its influence on hair legends among beauties who love folk remedies already go.

Indications and effect from a mask for hair from mayonnaise

Mayonnaise as a mask should be used:

  • at a dry and brittle hair;
  • for hair which need clarification;
  • when losing elasticity of ringlets;
  • when losing a protective layer of a hair.

Having treated a hair by means of mayonnaise it is possible to achieve the following effect:

  • moistening – is a part of mayonnaise vegetable oil, getting on a hair, it feeds it and humidifies, such masks are especially useful to the dry and injured hair;
  • protection against influence of the sun – oil and protein cover a hair and create thereby a cover which neither the wind, nor heat, means for laying are not terrible;
  • acid-base balance. At hair Wednesday a little sour when the person washes the head, shampoos and alkaline water break balance. Mayonnaise contains vinegar which counterbalances Wednesday and improves a condition of hair;
  • updating of the broken hair – getting to structure of a hair, egg white fills with itself all roughnesses therefore ringlets look the volume.

Preparation of mayonnaise for a mask

It is possible to buy mayonnaise in shop, but what you will prepare will be more useful. So, it will be necessary for you:

  • chicken or quail egg – 1 piece;
  • salt – 0,5 h. l.;
  • mustard – 1 h. l.;
  • sugar – 1 h. l.;
  • lemon juice – 1 tablespoon;
  • sunflower or olive oil.

Put egg, salt, sugar, mustard in a bowl of the mixer and shake up after homogeneous mass turned out, pour in it a thin stream in oil. Also continue to shake up. After weight increased several times, add juice of a lemon and a little still shake up. Mayonnaise is ready, it is possible to use it in pure form as a mask for hair, and it is possible to add other useful components.

Recipes of masks for hair

There is a great variety of the most different recipes of masks for hair. It is necessary to choose suitable, proceeding from type of hair and a problem. Here the most popular masks:

  1. To prepare a mask for a dry and brittle hair, take a mayonnaise tablespoon if you buy a product, take 64% or 72%, that is a high fat content. Add a spoon of olive oil and as much lemon juice. Apply a mask on locks from roots to tips of hair. Hold its half an hour, and then wash away under warm water, using shampoo.
  2. The most effective mask for hair is considered such: it is necessary to mix pepper ground, mustard, to shake up yolks, to add milk, some drops of vitamin A and E and olive oil. Carefully to mix and shake up everything within 15 minutes. Mix has to become dense and to be similar to mayonnaise, then in it it is necessary to pour an avocado juice tablespoon. The mask from mayonnaise is ready. Now it needs to be applied on hair so that on roots got more, than on tips. In 20 minutes wash away a mask under warm water with shampoo. This mask will well influence dry and lifeless hair, and also on fat, accelerating their growth.
  3. One more effective mask for growth of hair prepares thus: it is necessary to take a garlic head, small to cut it and to mix from 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise, to add a honey teaspoon. Instead of garlic it is possible to use onions. It is good to mix and apply all ingredients on all length of hair. In spite of the fact that all components very active, in connection with mayonnaise they well influence hair.
  4. In order that your hair dropped out in smaller quantity, take honey and mayonnaise in equal quantities, a hairbrush accurately distribute a mask at all length of hair, take it 20 minutes, then make massage of the head and wash away warm water. It is possible to repeat this procedure three times a week, shortly you will forget about such problem as an excessive hair loss.
  5. For clarification of hair take juice of one lemon, two teaspoons of honey and a tablespoon of mayonnaise, add a little olive or any other vegetable oil. Apply mix by means of a hairbrush on hair, and wash away in 20 minutes warm flowing water.
  6. The mask which will make hair stronger will be suitable for the winter period. Mix ready house mayonnaise with one chicken or two quail eggs. Leave for 15 minutes to be drawn, then warm up on a water bath. Apply mix by means of a hairbrush on hair, take within 20 minutes and wash away warm water.
  7. Such mask will clear hair: buy rye bread, cut off some slices and wet them in mayonnaise together with a crust, separately shake up two eggs and add mix to bread, hands mix weight and apply it on hair, it is necessary to hold a mask not less than 45 minutes. It is desirable to do this mask on dirty hair.

Masks for hair from mayonnaise and professional tools

In shops, unfortunately, you will not meet shampoos with addition of mayonnaise. And after all for dry hair better also you will not think up means for leaving. Therefore it is possible to connect also gifts of professional cosmetology and national:

  1. To prepare good means for a washing of paint from hair in house conditions, take mayonnaise, add some drops of oil from firm Loreal and apply on locks of hair, it is necessary to hold 45 minutes. If to carry out such procedure daily, in a week hair will become much lighter.
  2. If hair dry and light, you are helped by such means: buy balm or a q3 therapy mask, mix eggs with mayonnaise, and then add balm. Heat all mix on a water bath and apply on hair with a hairbrush. On ringlets it is necessary to hold a mask half an hour and to wash away water. Before drawing a mask it is desirable not to wash the head, then active components it is more deeply got into hair.
  3. Well women and speak of production of Wella. If to mix balm of this firm with mayonnaise and yogurt, very nutritious mask for hair will turn out. It can be put for the night under a hat. That it was easier to wash away this mask, before processing apply on hair simply balm, then they will be obedient and it is easy to be washed.
  4. The simplest means which can be made the hands, it to mix mayonnaise with Estelle's balm. It is possible not to mix, and at first to apply balm, from above mayonnaise and further to comb hair. As a result your hair will begin to break less, will be soft and flexible.

Useful tips

What is the time to hold a mask from mayonnaise on hair, you have to solve independently. If you have dry hair, it is not necessary to put means more than for 40 minutes. And here on an oily hair it is possible to hold more long because they are more pliable and susceptible to mask components. It is possible and for the night a mask to do, hold some hours.

If you were not defined, what is the time to hold a mask, it is possible to carry out the test. First option: cut off a small ringlet, put it in water, they have to swim in the middle of capacity. If an oily hair if the exhausted emerged, so fell to a bottom, so. Second way: steep in a bathroom if hair emerged, they dry if left on a bottom, fat.

All ingredients given in recipes are designed for owners of hair of average length. Mirsovetov recommends to increase proportions if you have long hair, and to reduce, if the short.

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