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What is better a hairbrush for hair

Each woman dreams of beautiful and healthy hair. And that hair were surely strong and long, it is necessary to look after them correctly: to use the strengthening shampoos, masks, properly to eat. And still it is necessary to comb the hair correctly picked up hairbrushes, after all the beauty of your hair depends and on this small, but very necessary tool.

Using the correct tools, regularly combing the hair, you will have as a result strong hair. But not any hairbrush is capable to help your hair, many are capable to do much harm to you. And there are also such hairbrushes which electrify hair and sputyvat them. Why? will prompt to you, what hairbrush to you to pick up and as it is correct to comb hair them.

What they happen

Let's plunge into the past. Our ancestors there is a lot of tens and hundreds years ago, made thrifty use of the hair. In the morning, waking up, made a certain ritual: washed, cleared a mouth, put on clothes and surely combed hair. As the tool combs which did of a tree of a birch or of a juniper for this purpose served, made them and of a bone of animals. Such tools for combing did not injure hair. The hairbrush could not be given in use to other person, was considered that it is so possible to assume negative energy of people.

Tools for a combing happen different. Presently the wide choice of various tools for combing, for a hairstyle and for laying is presented. They are made of various materials. Remain still actual wooden, plastic and metal.

Wooden hairbrushes

At a choice of such hairbrush, it is necessary to look at teeth, it is desirable that they were the correct form, without jags, are well polished. Pay attention as the hairbrush is processed. In an ideal – it should not be varnished and painted as then the tool will lose merits.

The wooden hairbrush suits everyone. But it is desirable for owners of the rare and thin, confused hair to buy a comb with rare cloves not to injure the hair.

Hairbrushes make of such breeds of a tree as a birch, a pine, an oak and a juniper.

Leaving. It is necessary to remember that the hairbrush from a tree cannot be wetted. "Why?" - you ask. "And how dirt and skin fat which easily eat in a wooden hairbrush?". Do not worry, it is possible to clear of dirt it napkins. Drip on a damp napkin a little alcohol and wipe it, then leave a hairbrush before full drying for the night.

Remember that wooden combs cannot be durable and even your most favourite faithful assistant in few months will demand replacement. Do not neglect this rule.

Pluses of a wooden hairbrush:

  • for a daily combing;
  • does not harm to head skin;
  • does not electrify;
  • serves as prevention of fragility and section of hair.

Metal hairbrush

It is good that does not electrify hair. Is not suitable for continuous use. Experts say that it is better to apply it not often.

Choose the tool which teeth are equipped with plastic tips. If the hairbrush or a crest are completely metal, such tool can do much harm. The metal tool is suitable for laying, especially for "piles". If it has rounded-off teeth, it will help to untangle hair.

It is impossible to apply when coloring hair. Metal can react with paint, and color will turn out unpredictable.

Easy to look after a metal hairbrush. It is necessary to wash it in warm soap water and do not forget to dry carefully. It is recommended to wash two times a month.

Hairbrushes from plastic

One of the widespread. Have reasonable price. Are issued different and in wide color scale.

Lack of these hairbrushes – strong electrization. On it electric charge which is transferred to hair is created.

It is not difficultly to look after, to wash up in soap solution and to wipe dry.

Hairbrushes from a natural bristle

It is plus at such tool a little. First, the bristle affects head skin softly. Secondly – feeds bulbs. Hair are not electrified, especially in the winter. The bristle does not spoil structure of hair, on a structure is very similar to human hair. If constantly to use such tool, your hair will become as silk.

What to choose. Happen completely natural, are suitable for rare hair. Thick and dense - no, will not be able to comb hair. But it it is easily possible to execute a pile.

For a thick hair get the tool with a bristle and synthetic pile (50х50).

By means of a natural hairbrush it is possible to indulge himself and to carry out an aromoraschesyvaniye of hair. It is necessary to take a brush, to put couple of drops of an aromomasl (a camomile, grapefruit) and to comb hair, massaging skin. Result – a brilliant shock.

Regularly clear the tool from the natural or mixed bristle of hair and wash out in soap solution. Do not forget it to stir up and carefully to dry in the natural way (it is impossible to put on the battery and near a fireplace).

Massage hairbrush

It is intended for daily use, well massages head skin. Deletes dust and pollution from hair, strengthens head skin blood inflow, and also promotes improvement of food of hair and stimulation of their growth. To achieve such results, it is necessary to comb hair a hairbrush (it call in common people "massage") from a nape to a forehead, do not strain the head. Such method of combing will help to get rid of a headache and will take off fatigue.

The massage brush will not suit owners of the fragile and splitting hair as it is desirable to comb them a comb.

The brush and will not be suitable for an oily hair as at massage of the head fat will be transferred and be distributed on hair.

Easy to look after a brush, it is necessary to clear it of hair and to wash out in soap solution. It is good to dry.

We stack ringlets

For formation of a hairdress there is a set of various tools. Let's consider the main.

Hairbrush for drying by the hair dryer. Its teeth are located seldom that hair were not confused, and hot air of the hair dryer did not heat head skin.

The round brush a brashing happens different, from natural materials and from plastic. It is intended for laying of hair in a hairdress. Together with the hair dryer creates lovely curls or on the contrary straightens curls. Pay attention to quality of material – the handle and working part of a brush should not heat up.

Hairbrushes novelties

The universal hairbrush, material – carbon fabrics - is capable to make hair smooth. It is easy in leaving. Practically does not become soiled. It is used for coloring, creation of piles, performance of hairstyles. Carefully brushes hair, it is ideal for work with paints.

The silicone hairbrush does not electrify hair. Easily washes. Is suitable for a hairstyle, painting. It is good to use for a curly hair. The silicone hairbrush is convenient for distribution of means for laying on all length.

The nylon - for all types of hair. Very soft, it is recommended for a limp hair, and gentle nurseries.

Ebonite or rubber. When combing ringlets smooth and silky. It is possible to comb wet hair.

With ionization. Works wonders and it is absolutely safe at hair dressing. Streams of ions when laying work in such a way that hair do not accumulate static electricity, do not sputyvatsya, do not split. After combing by such hairbrush they look healthy, well-groomed.

The electric. Happen various forms by means of which it is possible to stack hairdresses, to dry and at the same time to set hair. One of useful hairbrushes is laser. Using this tool, according to trichologists, there is an opportunity to get rid of such problem as a hair loss - beams oxygenate hair bulbs and relieve of dandruff. It is possible to use such tool for designated purpose the expert.

We comb locks correctly

Not all people are able to look after the hair correctly. It is correct to wash them and to brush. Our grandmothers taught us to comb spin a hair several times a day. How to do it? That blood correctly circulated, locks need to be combed … lying. Yes, yes, quite so! At first lay down on a bed so that the head supported edge of a bed, and hair hanged down down. Start distributing locks from a nape, work with a hairbrush about five minutes. You will feel heat, it means that your blood circulation increased, and hair bulbs will receive all necessary.

If it is inconvenient to you to brush so locks, it is possible to do it on a chair, having inclined the head down, and also standing. But it is not necessary to remain long in such situation, especially to people who have jumps of arterial pressure.

If implement all recommendations and to brush the hair regularly, you will become the owner of a magnificent, beautiful head of hear. Good luck!

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