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Cultivation of pansies

It is possible to tell that one of the first places among the early, brightly blossoming plants is occupied by the small modest pansies at times having original core. Now their violet, blue, blue, orange, yellow, red, white, spotty florets are scattered by motley small groups in park zones, on beds at entrances of high-rise buildings, on country sites …

Interesting about pansies

Vittrok's violet – such is the scientific name of this grassy perennial from family fialkovy. The set of grades was received with direct participation of a violet three-colored (having small florets), and also yellow, Altai. The specific name the plant of a hybrid origin was given in honor of Veyt Vittrok – professor of botany from Sweden who wrote the book about this plant. Believe what exactly to selectors was succeeded to bring a decorative violet with larger and bright flowers out of England. Then it got to France, Germany and only then came to be in Russia. The most part of the grades which are grown up nowadays was created on one of most major companies of Japan. Height of this compact (or sprawling) plants from 15 to 40 cm. Leaves next, dark green, from below ovoid, and above zauzhatsya. Edges gorodchaty or tupozubchaty, are stipules. Flowers single, different coloring, are placed in bosoms of leaves on tsvetonosa, their diameter can reach 10 cm. Okolotsvetnik double, at a nimbus five petals. The fruit represents a three-chambered box with a set of small smooth seeds of an obratnoyaytsevidny form. Most often flower growers grow up them in quality one - and biannual cultures. That modern grades can plentifully blossom long time – since May and till fall is remarkable, showing the resistance to a heat, the dry soil. In Russia florets tenderly call "pansies". There is one legend narrating that the girl Anyuta of the groom saw off to protect the native earth from enemies. But it did not return … For many years faithful Anyuta expected it, and then turned into a flower. Here also there are pansies, "peering" "eyes" afar with hope …

Landing of seeds

To start Mirsovetov brings to your attention names of popular grades that it was easier to decide on a choice. Let's begin with the melkotsvetkovy:

  • The Little Red Riding Hood – certainly, color bright red, diameter usually from 3 to 4 cm;
  • The Snow Maiden – snow-white florets in the diameter too from 3 to 4 cm;
  • The blue boy – differs only in coloring – it blue or blue.

Let's pass to krupnotsvetkovy grades (5-7 cm):

  • Mart's magic – dark-violet velvety flowers;
  • The heavenly Queen – at the beginning of blossoming has amazing blue flowers which gradually burn out from a bright sun and become pale bluish, with hardly noticeable lilac shade;
  • The ice King – coloring petals white, and on three lower lepestochka have violet specks;
  • The winter Sun – flowers have bright yellow coloring, and on three lower petals there are dark brown specks;
  • Rogli's group – is brightly expressed a sinuosity of edge of petals.

Giant grades, differ in larger sizes of flowers (to 11 cm) and a late zatsvetaniye:

  • the blue – flowers of violet-blue shades;
  • zolotisto the yellow – bright flowers with petals of saturated yellow color, equal on edge;
  • the white – it is pure - white coloring, an edge at petals wavy.

Plants these winter-hardy, shade-enduring. But in a shadow they blossom not so plentifully though on time it is more long. Only flowers will turn out more small. Pansies well feel on fertile, damp soils, for example, loams. If the soil is dry, sandy, it will not be possible to receive large flowers. You should not plant these flowers in low-lying places, then the stagnation of water can lead to a vyprevaniye of plants, they will be lost.

Are engaged in crops of seeds at different times is depends on when you want to see their blossoming. If you are eager to admire flowers in the early spring, put seeds in June-July of the previous year.

Ridges should be processed well, then not densely place seeds in ryadochka, it is possible even to use nurseries. Powder them with humus, a layer to centimeter. Shoots will appear in 6-10 days. In a month the dive is carried out. At the end of August they can be replaced in those places where you want that they the next year blossomed. Leave distance between plants on 25 cm.

If you wish that this year decorative violets blossomed, in February it is necessary to be engaged in crops of seeds for seedling. In advance it is necessary to prepare boxes or pots with the earth, bring ammonium nitrate or superphosphate there. Then humidify the soil, place the seeds, but it is not really close to each other, slightly powder with a substratum. In a dark place, covered with a film or a package, at a temperature in the range from 15 to 20 degrees shoots will appear from 8 to 15 day. Then plants can be taken out on a loggia, they need temperature of +10 degrees and light. In 20 days of a plant will be already ready for a dive. At care of seedling watch not to pereuvlazhnit the soil. At the beginning of May they can be settled on constant places. Well pansies on balconies, in flowerpots, as a bordyurchik, round bushes or trees, in combined flower beds, on street beds, near daisies, tulips, forget-me-nots look. By sight the seedling seems fragile, but a plant unpretentious, it well gets accustomed even in a fresh complexion.

In what leaving consists?

To receive remarkable flowers, when drying the soil carefully water the plants, carry out loosening, exempt from weeds. If weather hot, without waterings of a plant fade, can even dry up at all. To see florets all summer, it is better to pick up such place for pansies that in the blaze of the sun they pritenyalis and deflowered parts delete. It is possible to leave some, from them seeds in boxes will be tied and will ripen further. "Anyutka" well respond on top dressing by superphosphate, ammonium nitrate or complex fertilizers, it is necessary to do them every three weeks. And here fresh manure will do only harm.

The plants planted in June by the period of frosts well will develop, will successfully winter, the main thing – to outline more snow on these places. If winter low-snow, but with frosts, it is necessary to cover places of landings by straw or fir twigs. One more trouble – stagnation of water, such happens, if fall rainy. Then it is necessary to dig through by-pass channels for a water drain. Protect the of "Anyutka" from a plant louse, clover scoops, spottiness, a rust, a black leg, decay of roots, mealy dew.

One more way of reproduction

Besides landing by seeds, pansies it is possible to make multiple copies shanks. At the end of May or June it is possible from the bushes which were pleasant to you to cut off to 10 escapes having on two or three knots. It is desirable to put them in the shady town (best of all under a tree), closely to each other. Depth do no more than 0,5 centimeters. Carry out watering accurately if necessary, everyday spraying is welcomed. Backs have to be formed in 4 weeks. Usually the violets blossoming in the fall of this season grow from such here shanks. At late cut of shanks your bushes will blossom in the spring, having already wintered.

As you can see, at desire the world round us can be decorated with rich colors by means of Vittrok's violets. We wish you various and bright flowers!

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