Cultivation of a bamiya from seeds
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Cultivation of a bamiya from seeds

From a bamiya it is possible to prepare many various tasty and useful dishes. Before it grew up mainly in the countries of America, Africa, Asia. Gradually this culture began to appear in Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, in Ukraine. And now gardeners learned to grow up it in the rassadny way and in a midland.

The main thing – to choose well warmed up bed for this exotic plant and to follow further recommendations about leaving. About them the speech in the offered material will also go.

Features of culture of a bamiya

This plant belongs to family of the malvovy. Call it not only bamiy, but also "ladies' fingers", gombo, okry. The plant loves the sun, heat and moisture. At this odnoletnik the rod root, branches it poorly, can get deep into a soil layer on distance to 150 cm. The thick stalk of undersized grades reaches height of 50 cm, and here at tall it can "shoot up" to two meters. Leaves of the large sizes (five or seven-bladed), are placed on long scapes. In their bosoms in June flowers, their coloring cream-yellow start appearing beautiful single the large sizes. A bamiya fruit – a cone-shaped (silicular) pentahedral mnogosemyanny box. Its length can be from 10 to 25 cm. Seeds have a roundish form, on coloring can be olive, dark green or dark gray. Their diameter is about 5 mm. The plant which this is self-pollinated during fructification enters approximately for the sixtieth day after seeds were put it. The crop is formed and ripens gradually and it proceeds to the frosts. The more leaflets will grow, the more will be fruits at gombo. At good leaving each plant will give to 40 pods. It is necessary to cut off three - four-day zavyaz, without allowing them to coarsen. Therefore it is better to reap a crop twice a week.

The soil for a bamiya

So, the site for a bamiya is required that will well get warm. It has to be protected by other landings from wind streams. Whenever possible even in the fall (in the middle of September) dig over this site. Redigging has to be deep, after all at a plant roots will actively move on decent depth. Now bring organic chemistry and phosphorus-potassium fertilizers if the soil them is poor. Heavy, clay or marshy soils are not suitable for an okra. If climate in your corner of the world cool, it is possible to try to grow up a bamiya in the greenhouse, then when redigging bring the sawdust enriched with nitric connections. In the spring when time comes to replace the grown-up seedling to beds, once again dig over a site, bring ammonium nitrate and create beds.

Landing of seeds of a bamiya

The most known grades of a bamiya: "A green velvet", "A white velvet", "Dwarfish green" (it still call "Dwarfish greens"), "White cylindrical", "Ladies' fingers", "Juno", "Bombay", "Emerald", "Burgundi", "Son".

It is necessary to be engaged in crops approximately in 30-45 days prior to the moment when you plan to land the seedling in an open ground. That is, if in your region there are frosts and in May, the seedling can be sent to a bed only when threat of frosts passes.

In Moscow area usually frosts recede by May 20. Therefore we are engaged in crops of seeds of a bamiya at the beginning or the middle of April. At first it is worth taking seeds two hours in warm water. Other option – to take their some time in the solution stimulating growth of roots, accelerating viability, increasing resistance of small plants to diseases. In advance solve as will sow – with the subsequent sword-play or without it. If decided to carry out then sword-play, pick up a box or the container for crops of seeds, fill it with soil and close up seeds on depth from one to one and a half centimeters. Then cover a box with a film or glass. When the bamiya gives good leaflets, be engaged in sword-play in small pots. Knowing that plants it is rather heavy transfer changes, we do crops at once in small pots or glasses. In each vessel we put on two seeds. From above we close each glass a film. Before emergence of shoots there are they at us in a warm place. When boring seemed – we remove a film, slightly we reduce temperature in the room, differently the seedling will be extended. If two seedlings arise at once, after time one plant (weaker) is closer to the earth we simply cut off scissors. When on the street becomes warmer, it is possible to transport seedling on giving and to place in the greenhouse that gradually got used and adapted in garden conditions. When land seedling on a bed, water it daily that was accepted better.

If you live in the southern areas, seeds can be sowed at once on beds after May 10 when the earth enough gets warm. Throw into a hole of 3 cm in depth on two seeds, powder with the earth and do the following hole through 30 cm (if plants are expected low), and 60 cm (for tall grades). Holes should be watered previously. It is possible even for some time such bed to cover a film over the driven arches. Then cut off weaker sprout in each hole about the earth. Do not pull out not to disturb root system.

Recommendations about further leaving

It is a lot of attention and time the growing bamiya will not demand. Periodically round plants it is necessary to loosen the earth, to water it, to delete weeds, to mulch peat. If plants develop slowly, to a butonization they should be fed up, having added to water for watering "Kemira Plus". Stepsons in the lower part it is desirable to tear off. From July to September from an okra two times a week cut off pyramid boxes. Only it is better to do it in gloves and in clothes with long sleeves not to irritate skin, touching omission of a plant. Pods grow quickly if are late with harvesting, they will become rough that will affect tastes. If you wish to receive the seeds, on one of plants it is possible to leave some pods to ripen. In one pod you will count about 40 seeds. Mirsovetov addresses: in time cut off pods with mature seeds, differently they independently burst, and seeds are scattered.

After harvesting pods of an okra should be started up for processing or to put in the refrigerator on storage. If a crop big, pods freeze, dry, preserve.

From a bamiya it is possible to prepare many dishes. It is possible to boil it eight minutes in the added some salt water acidified by lemon juice and then to fry or extinguish to readiness. Still the boiled pods previously cut add to meat or vegetable stew, risotto, sauces, soups and fresh salatik. But not only pods boxes bring benefit to an organism, it is possible for the medical purposes to prepare roots in the fall. They are dug out, washed, and then subjected to drying. If caught a cold, feel a sore throat, the voice got hoarse, cough became attached, get the laid-up roots. Measure one tablespoon of the crushed backs in a thermos, fill in 250 ml of boiled water there. Cork. In an hour it is possible to begin treatment. Drink from six to eight times a day on a tablespoon of such infusion, having added to it sugar or natural honey. Only add honey not to hot infusion, and a little cooled down.

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