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Review of Grand Efe 4 hotel *, Turkey

The number of the compatriots who visited hospitable Turkey is estimated already in millions. Now I want to tell readers of not about Kemer and others, and about the Aegean coast of Turkey. Specifically – the tourist region of "Kushadasa", it is more concrete (on the next settlement) – Ozdere, Grand Efe hotel, 4*.
Эгейское море
The number of the compatriots who visited hospitable Turkey is estimated already in millions, but the main places of stay of Russians – Kemer, Antalya, the Baby seal … All other resort places of the country which are especially located not on the Mediterranean coast are visited much less often. And in vain! And here now I want to tell readers of not about Kemer and others, and about the Aegean coast of Turkey. Specifically – the tourist region of "Kushadasa", it is more concrete (on the next settlement) – Ozdere, Grand Efe hotel, 4*.
Вид из отеля на прибрежную полосу

Place and time

So, we in Turkey. Moreover – in Asia Minor, Anatoly. So historically the area of the modern Republic of Turkey colonized by the ancient Greeks more than 15 centuries ago who left numerous monuments of the culture in this part of the world was called.
The airport of arrival – Antalya which did not set already the teeth on edge, and Izmir or Bodrum. The last is a small town, and Izmir – one of the largest occupied republic places numbering more than 5 million inhabitants.
Anyway to hotels of a resort zone, as a rule, rather far – 50-80 kilometers, that is at least an hour - one and a half by bus. Mostly the trip passes on very picturesque road, mountain serpentines …
The described time of action was necessary for the end of August – the beginning of September. During this period (and all August, and practically all September) even on this coast of Turkey hot – 33-38 °C are also damp!
It is necessary to tell that the region "is not too untwisted" by Russians, as well as all Turkish coast of the Aegean Sea. Perhaps, it is connected with that the infrastructure of rest by the sizes is much less Mediterranean, and, therefore, the prices are higher (for 20-30% at least). By the way, here nevertheless is slightly more cool, and the season begins later, than in the south of the country.
But the main, in my opinion, features of this region that you are on the coast of amazingly clean Aegean Sea. Transparency of water – as in the Red Sea, a few years ago there even noted appearance of some regional seals (!) – a sure sign of purity of the coast.
And besides – at the region there are remarkable monuments of ancient Hellenistic culture. Including, known since the XII century B.C., the Ancient Greek city the Hilt (the well-known Turkish beer is called in his honor, and not vice versa!).

Grand Efe hotel

Rather small hotel (about 360 numbers) is located in kilometer from the town of Ozder, in 10 km from local "district" of Kushadasa and in 45 km from the international airport of Izmir.
На территории отеля, бассейн
The hotel consists of one 8-storeyed case, a letter "G" located directly on the coast. Alas, not all numbers with a look (at least and lateral) at the sea! Some (approximately, a third) come to an access road, the truth and from them remarkable types of neighboring mountain landscapes open!
Вид из номера, горы
Power supply system, it is natural – all inclusive: drinks, flat cakes, cocktails, ice cream, etc. The food is very decent and various and … is traditional for Turkey. On my taste, very decent beer – after all you practically in the Hilt!
The territory well very small, also does not shake the pool by the sizes, the beach is small, but the place is enough for all, everything is quite cozy and comfortable.
The average sizes number (~ 25 sq.m), without delicacy (4 * if remember), but quite comfortable. Some Russian channels, 2 beds, chair, rather poor minibar. The safe in numbers is not present, only on reception.
In respect of service and service of any complaints, everything is standard, the "russkoponimayushchy" personnel meets, but in single copies.


Very pure as it was already told, the sea and a beach. But an entrance to water – simply a nightmare! The large pebble passing by the sizes into small boulders. The pier is not present, therefore bathing, especially with children – a problem! And, problems with beaches everywhere.
    Carefully, on the coast the mass of sea hedgehogs! It also the sign of purity of a reservoir, but from it is not easier.
We removed the motor yacht – rode, photographed, bathed. From a board the bottom is clearly visible, but the sonic depth finder shows depth more than 8 meters! Bays amazing on beauty, but just like that not to come to the coast – continuous boulders therefore bathed from the boat.
Морское побережье


The town of Kushadasa – the strange town. Curve small streets, small lodges, embankments, some islands with locks – it is very lovely. However, it is quite expensive resort where during a season many Europeans have a rest, and the prices – corresponding!
But the main sight of this region is, undoubtedly, the Ancient Greek city the Hilt. Only because of this fact, I consider, the place is worthy visits!
So, Hilt … Krom of the remains of the ancient city, exists also modern with the same name within which there is one of seven wonders of the world – "Artemis's temple in the Hilt". But be not under a delusion!. Actually, anything is not present, and on the earth some stones which allegedly designate perimeter of the structure destroyed by an earthquake at the beginning of the first millennium lie. Alas!.
Nearby, on a grief, a place where according to the legend, the Mother of God, Virgin Mary spent the last years of life. Actually all is also limited to legends, but a place beautiful, tourists carry, they leave parts of clothes – so, according to legends, something will come true the good!
На горе у Девы Марии
На горе у Девы Марии
На горе у Девы Марии
And here further – it is valid, miracles! Nearby, in the valley, the whole ancient city – actually, the Hilt is dug out. It is amusing that it settles down not on the coast, as all similar cities, and on some kilometers deep into of the continent. For 30 last centuries the sea managed to recede!
Вид на Эфес с горы
Вид на Эфес с горы
First, apparently, that there are only some half-ruined structures. But then it appears that in the territory in tens hectares houses, enormous amphitheaters, not bad remained buildings, mosaic (!) pavements are located.
По мостовым древнего Эфеса
По мостовым древнего Эфеса
По мостовым древнего Эфеса
По мостовым древнего Эфеса
Very strong impression! Excavation is slowly conducted already more than one hundred years and will "be probably dug out" a lot that interesting. But, I will repeat, and, that already on a look, shakes – you naturally walk the ancient streets in kilometers! Even I do not know with what and to compare … Simply you get to other world!
В древнем городе
В древнем городе
В древнем городе

Tour operator

We had Tez Tour, flight – Kaliningrad Avia, through the airport of Izmir. Any problems. Everything is accurate, according to the schedule. The cost of week round for two – about $1500.
In a word – I recommend to all readers of, will not regret. It is slightly another, quieter, perhaps, Turkey, and very informative historically. And – it is simple not to describe impressions of the Hilt, it is necessary to see!
Здание библиотеки в Эфесе
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