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How to become beautiful

Beauty standard, changing from an era by an era, in something nevertheless remained it is invariable. Each woman can be beautiful, and for this purpose it is not obligatory to lower half-salaries on exclusive cream or miracle masks. It is necessary to follow only simple rules from …
Как стать красивой What woman does not dream to be beautiful? Rhetorical question. Of course, want to be beautiful all.
Beauty standard, changing from an era by an era, in something nevertheless remained it is invariable. To create a portrait of the ideal beauty absolutely simply: correct face form, big eyes, small nose and moderately large mouth. Let's add to it long hair, a harmonous figure, the developed breast: the hybrid of the innocent schoolgirl and courtesan which is smoothly operating on an opposite sex.
Of course, at the time of Rubens our beauty would clothe in several tens extra kilos of a flesh, in the Middle Ages to it hardly would rewind a breast, and at the end of the last century would give shape of the sexless teenager, but former would be a harmony and harmony of lines.
Than still our beauty can brag? Smooth, faultless skin. The person can be as much as correct, a figure – graceful but if skin looks is gray and is careless, or, is worse than that, is covered by eels, alas …
Grace and force of movements, ease of gait – one more attribute of beauty which came from far times. Our pra-pra-great-grandmother had to be physically strong and hardy to manage to take out and give birth to many children, and it apart from a daily hard work in the field. Of course, now long ago such pleasures as a harvest by means of a sickle or rinsing of linen in an ice-hole are forgotten and mothers heroines anybody we do not urge to become. But the stereotypes put in subconsciousness for centuries did not disappear anywhere. Besides, unless it is bad – to feel pleasure from each movement of the obedient, sound body?
What to do to those to whom by nature did not get big eyes or a fine-molded nose? At whom dry or too fat skin, too thin figure or, on the contrary, total absence even a hint on a waist?
Only not to despair. Each woman can be beautiful, and for this purpose it is not obligatory to lower half-salaries on exclusive cream or miracle masks. It is necessary to follow only simple rules from …

Main rules of beauty

Каждый вечер, как бы вы не устали за день, тщательно очищайте кожуGet enough sleep. Unhealthy complexion, bags under eyes, is sharper the designated wrinkles, weakness and a headache – here with what the sleep debt "decorates" us. Try to go to bed till midnight and do not forget to air the room before going to bed properly.
Try to see off every day not less than an hour in the fresh air. Oxygen is necessary for cells of skin. It is possible to rise a bit earlier and to pass one-two stops before work on foot – better the yards not to breathe exhaust gases of cars. Get out to the country, walk in parks and squares, houses wash the floors is the checked way to make air purer more often.
Move more. The movement loads us with energy, adds force and dexterity to muscles, allows to feel physical perfection of the body fully. Shaping, aerobics, power trainings, the Latin American and Arab dances are good. … And if it is difficult to find time or funds for occupations in studio – have not complex. Always remember is will help you to become beautiful, to be pleasant to itself. Walks with children, friends or darling (or with all of them at the same time) at all not less, and even are more useful exercises under the leadership of the instructor.
Remember the childhood: run, roll in a grass, play a game of tag, a blind-man's-buff, bouncers, beach volleyball. Ride the bicycle, arrange sorties in the wood for mushrooms, go down in caves, master equestrian sport, decide to be alloyed, at last, on the river which is just freed from ice or at least every evening walk a dog, but only do not spend all free time in the apartment, striving on economy. Household chores will not get to anywhere, and you should think and of yourself.
Eat properly. Do not overeat, but also do not force themselves to starve. The excessive use of the put too much salt, fat food, smoked products, pastries and carbonated drinks will not do good to neither skin, nor a figure so stop before eating the next cake.
The food has to be vitamin-rich and microcells. Vitamins A are especially useful to hair and skin, E and groups B. It is possible to accept special vitamin and mineral complexes, and it is possible to provide the organism to all necessary of the most usual food. Grate carrot on a small grater, strew with pounded nuts and sunflower seeds, add dried apricots, prunes, the couched wheat seeds, put a spoon of honey and fill in all this magnificence with vegetable oil. Indulge yourself such salad for breakfast at least three times a week, and in other days try to eat more fresh vegetables, fruit, berries, greens, buy bread from a flour of a rough grinding and fermented milk products. Cottage cheese, cheese and milk contain calcium at which shortcoming there are fragile and dim hair and nails, teeth collapse. Meat, a liver, apples – an iron source, fish and sea products – iodine and phosphorus which are also necessary for an organism. By the way, gave recommendations about an occasion what has to be an optimum combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in our food, in the article "How to Eat Properly".
Никакая дорогая косметика не спасет внешность от губительного воздействия никотинаGive up smoking and if do not smoke – to you it is not necessary and to try that. No expensive cosmetics will rescue appearance from destructive influence of smoking on skin and a figure. Dry, with a grayish shade skin in a grid of early wrinkles, rough, as if eternally hoarse voice, not the most pleasant smell from a mouth … On belief of, it would be time to refuse a stereotype that the woman with a cigarette looks erotically. Moreover, it is possible to achieve opposite effect – the smoking women push away many men, but do not attract. Eventually, there is one hundred ways to attract attention, and nicotine there is nothing at all.
Be moderate in alcohol intake. Here, as they say, comments are excessive.
Every evening, as if you were not tired in a day, carefully clear skin that the dirt which accumulated in a day did not clog up pores and did not prevent skin to breathe. It is possible to do it by means of tonic or lotion, a milk or gel for washing, but also usual warm water with good soap will approach.
Do not neglect sun-protection preparations, especially in the summer if you have by nature light skin. Unlimited solar bathtubs early age skin. By the way, through clouds quite large number of an ultraviolet therefore impose sun-protection cream even in cloudy weather gets.
Use the moistening and nutritious means corresponding to the age and type of skin. If it is enough to young girls to apply the soft moisturizing cream, is closer to forty there comes time to struggle with wrinkles. By the way, you should not apply cream every day, sometimes let's skin have a rest. Rather often change cream which used before, on analog from other cosmetic line. In two-three months skin manages to get used to a certain cream, and its action becomes already not so effective.
Watch the clothes. Of course, not the clothes paint the person, but the careless loose overall as a dress precisely will decorate nobody. Look for the style in clothes and be not afraid to experiment. Expensive and not everyone available boutiques – not the only place where it is possible to put on stylishly. Learn to sew and knit – the true exclusive can be created only the hands. There is no time for needlework? Do not disdain sekond-hands and the "flea" markets, sometimes and there it is possible to find things as if haute couture. Remember that, even without pursuing fashion, it is possible to put on effectively and with taste – there would be a desire.
Quietly accept age changes of the appearance. Probably, the secret of eternal youth so never will also not be opened. But neither wrinkles, nor the first gray hair, extensions after pregnancy or the breast which drooped after feeding of the child – not an occasion to be depressed, sinning on the reflection in a mirror.

Both the most important and simple rule from to become beautiful – learn optimism. The light relation to life – guarantee of internal beauty, and it is important not less well-groomed skin or magnificent hair.
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