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In total about products with GMO

All of us have heard a lot about genetically modified organisms. The unprecedented sensation is lifted round GMO in recent years. At every turn say about unprecedented harm of GMO, that it is very dangerous to eat the products containing GMO. tried to understand and today will tell you everything that everyone should know about GMO.
All of us have heard a lot about genetically modified organisms. The unprecedented sensation is lifted round GMO in recent years. At every turn say about unprecedented harm of GMO, that it is very dangerous to eat the products containing GMO. tried to understand and today will tell you everything that everyone should know about GMO.

What is GMO and why they are necessary

Генномодифицированный картофель Genetically modified organisms are such organisms in which gene code alien genes were "pasted". The laboratory of Frankenstein who, having armed with a microscope clearly appears at eyes, furiously cuts and glues the smallest particles of cages. Gloomy, isn't it?
Than there is GMO in fact. I will give examples. All of us favourite potatoes "add" a gene of a scorpion to a gene row! Result: we received potatoes which is not eaten by any insects. Or here: in tomatoes and strawberry introduced a gene of a polar flounder, now these cultures are not afraid of frosts. Why it to us? The answer lies on a surface – scientists decided to relieve people of Earth of hunger. In principle it is correct, after all similar tomatoes can be grown up even in the conditions of Far North, and crops of potatoes will not suffer and be reduced by efforts of ubiquitous Colorado beetles. And still it is possible to make such apple-tree which will fructify apples, identical by the size, and they, in addition, will smell until finally decay. Or same tomatoes, beautiful, correct form, dolgokhranyashchiyesya. Conveniently! And it is possible to add the gene developing vitamin A which earlier cereals did not have to rice. Why to us pharmaceutical vitamins, here they – natural. Generally, reached before that the easy movement of a hand scientists increase productivity of many cultures, their resistance to wreckers, improve other "useful" qualities of plants. But, as we know, good intentions … And if earlier selectors achieved such results decades, now year - two is spent for it.
The most widespread hypermarkets of culture is a soy, corn, wheat, beet, tobacco, cotton, a colza (an olive plant), potatoes, strawberry, vegetables.

Advantage or harm?

Помидоры без ГМО Me, the person far from biology very much is guarded by the fact of crossing, roughly speaking, a palm tree and a rhinoceros, that is different types. The nature, everything is very thin thought over, and the person tries "to break" all scheme. Remember from a school course of zoology such concept as a power-supply circuit. Herbivorous eats a grass, the small predator eats herbivorous, the big predator eats the small. Everything is clear, and here the person interferes with this ecosystem adjusted for centuries and crosses a grass, for example, with a small fish then this grass there is nobody can. Dies out herbivorous, afterwards – predators. Or mutate, and it is not known that it is even better. In both cases precisely to foretell that will be farther simply not perhaps. But geneticists stubborn cut and glue, cut and glue.
Together with the invention of GMO also never-ending disputes of men of science of all mankind on consequences to which similar manipulations with genes can lead were born. All this situation very much reminds history UFO. Which ten years of one thousand eyewitnesses try to tell of alien guests, and will come across a wall unambiguous "does not exist" from scientists. And in fact we, simple inhabitants, do not receive almost any information. The same and with GMO. One shout "harmfully, unnaturally, is not studied", others insist – "it is useful and it is necessary". To whom to trust? And all this is simply favorable to someone. I will try to explain that is called "on fingers".
To whom is production of GMO favorable? Of course to consumers of such raw materials. After all the ton of "normal" wheat costs about $300, and ton of transgene wheat – $40-50. Present, what economy. Producers of such raw materials too do not come off the loser. Due to strengthening of properties of some cultures (resistance to wreckers) expenses on their cultivation are considerably cut, the price falls respectively and competitiveness increases.
And here still version. In the main all hypermarket to plants "impart" property of resistance to wreckers. Present if on all planet there are no usual vegetables and fruit, what loss will be suffered by the companies making pesticides? Yes they will simply disappear!
Here such simple arithmetics. Why scientists, the governments of many countries, Ministries of Health are silent? Possibly they are "cajoled" by producers. Here and we live, both we eat, and we are ill.

Law and GMO

Маркировка на товарах без ГМО In Europe the standard of the maintenance of GMO in products – no more than 0,9%, in Japan – 5%, in the USA – 10% works for a long time. And in many countries marking of goods with GMO is strictly obligatory.
At the beginning of February, 2009 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved production order of registration with GMO. All import has to take place the corresponding examination now, and directly on border. In case of excess in production of the European standard of the maintenance of GMO of 0,9% – to it it will be refused import. By the way, only import of baby food with GMO was earlier forbidden, but nevertheless many independent tests of food for peanuts established the fact of existence of hypermarket of additives in it.
In practice leaves that in Ukraine import and the maintenance of GMO in products simply ignore therefore the markets of the country turned into a garbage can of unclaimed transgene products of all Europe. Therefore Ukrainians need to be extremely attentive and careful in a food choice.
Our Russian neighbors bethought earlier, and at the moment in Russia the law regulating obligatory marking of the products containing GMO in number of more than 0,9% works. Otherwise – a penalty, and punishment up to closing of the enterprise (by a court decision).
In Europe obligatory marking too works, the local buyer himself solves, whether to buy him cheap food, but with GMO, or to fork up on production without transgenes. And in Russia, and in Ukraine and that, and other production costs equally …
    By the way, in Europe already exists so-called products of "organic" which are environmentally friendly and are subject to the most strict control at all production phases. We about such need only to dream.
    One more paradoxical fact. Products with GMO were initially planned as food for the poor countries of Africa. And so these poor countries here as forbade 5 years import of products with GMO. Probably, decided that it is better to starve …

Consequences of the use of products with GMO

Всё о продуктах с ГМО To tell officially that GMOs are harmful, anybody cannot. Such term as "potentially dangerous" is most often used. Why? To make the statement for harm of GMO it is necessary to conduct long and large-scale researches and experiments. But they will not be carried out for some reason. Perhaps, and it is favorable to someone, but now not about it. As of today scientists state only some theories about consequences.
The transgene in itself eaten by the person does not do any visible harm because it cannot be built in a gene code of people. He can only wander on an organism and provoke synthesis of proteins., It seems, anything terrible, but here these proteins are uncharacteristic for a human body, that is the nature not provided. And than such here synthesis can end, and what harm these proteins can do it is necessary only to guess.
  • The use of products with GMO can lead to emergence of allergic reactions, besides not so harmless. Here, for example, in the USA where GM-products are freely eaten, about 70% of the population suffer from an allergy. In Sweden, where such products under a ban, only 7%. It is unlikely this coincidence.
  • Also violation of structure mucous a stomach, emergence of intestinal microflora, steady against antibiotics, is a consequence of reception in food of products with transgenes.
  • Decrease in immunity of all organism (70% of immunity of the person – in intestines), and also a metabolic disorder can become one more consequence.
  • Products with GMO can provoke a cancer. Transgenes have property to be built in the gene device of microorganisms of intestines, and it already a mutation. It is known that mutations of cages lead to development of cancer cells.
All consequences given above are not guaranteed at meal with GMO. There is only a certain risk of development of such diseases. To prove all consequences of the use of products with GMO 40-50 years are necessary. Considerable term, agree. Therefore not to sew to itself problems and diseases, there will be not superfluous some care at a choice of food. Though many scientists dealing with this problem assure that in comparison with the food containing preservatives, fragrances and dyes, the food with GMO in general is harmless. And that potential danger is provided only by GM-microorganisms which interact with intestinal microflora.

Councils to consumers

Маркировка продукции «Не содержит ГМО» означает, что продукция прошла проверку правительства Москвы и не содержит трансгенов By the beginning of this chapter, many readers made for themselves a choice – to use products with GMO or not. For those who decided to take care of himself, some councils.
At once I will tell that it is possible to reveal in GMO food only in special laboratory. Approximately, began to smell or oshchup you will not make it. What to do to us, buyers. Before a campaign in shop or a supermarket, know that 40% of the products which are on sale there contain GMO.
Most of all by GMO it is revealed in sausages (to 85%), and to find sausages or a sausage without transgenes is practically a miracle. Boiled sausages and sausages sausages are especially densely sated with gene-modified soy. By the way, teem with transgenes and various semi-finished products – pelmeni, chebureks, pancakes. Popular pelmeni "Levada" and "Three Bears" and most of producers of sausages are convicted of use of GMO.
    Council from Prepare meat products! And not only meat! Buy meat in the market and please house with goulash, cutlets or pilaf of house preparation. Or at least do not eat some sausage and sausage regularly!
The baby food was at the second place according to the maintenance of GMO. 70% of all baby food in Ukraine contain hypermarket components. And to learn that the jar with tasty mashed potatoes contains a transgene is almost unreal, after all on a label about it do not write. Among producers who Similac do not disdain use of hypermarket of components of Nestlé and Danon. Here also think, whether well-known "Rastishka" is so useful to your kid. And after all children till 4 years are least of all protected from action of transgenes.
    Council from As it not awfully sounds, try to do without use of baby food. Nurse the child, indulge pyureshka from fresh fruit and vegetables. By the way, any compote is much more useful than "tinned" juice. But if after all it is necessary to buy squashes and mixes, avoid production of the above brands.
The third position at a candy store and bakery production. Hypermarkets generously add soy to cookies and chocolate, a flour, candies and ice cream, aerated water. It is impossible to identify such additives for the ordinary person. However, bread which long does not harden – absolutely contains transgenes. Among the companies convicted by Greenpeace of use of GMO, the well-known Mars and the Snickers, Kedberi, Coca-Cola, Pepsi. From the domestic companies voluntary test was passed by the confectionery company "Conti", and only on its production the Does Not Contain GMO badge turns green.
    Council from 80% of the American export contain GMO therefore refuse the use of production of the American companies. Buy by the principle – everything that is advertized, it is impossible. Fast breakfasts of Nestlé, nutritious "Snickers", yogurts Danon, etc. – all these producers in "black list" of Greenpeace.
Выявить одержание в продуктах ГМО на глаз, запах или ощупь невозможно Well, here the three of "leaders" was also defined. But there is more to come. 30% of the market of tea and coffee contain GMO. Transgene soy is used successfully by production of fast food (McDonald's), condensed milk, ketchups and sauces (Heinz Foods). Fears are caused also by tinned corn (choose the Hungarian – there GMOs are forbidden). And by itself vegetables.
There is a wish to dwell upon vegetables and fruit. You buy them in the market from "grandmothers". It's cool. But also it does not guarantee lack of transgenes. After all it is not known, what seeds were bought by grandmothers. How to distinguish hypermarket products? First, they practically do not spoil and do not interest insects. Therefore buy the "taken a bite" potato which has the most various sizes. After all ideal potatoes of identical size are tricks of geneticists. In total hypermarkets vegetables are usually long stored (at the expense of the "pasted" genes) and look simply ideally. And so avoid glossy, large tomato, smart strawberry, apples "as from the picture". The nature creates vegetables not absolutely "beautiful", and not an ideal form. These are gene engineers "make" the vegetables meeting any requirements of buyers. Hypermarkets products when cutting do not get out of a shape and do not start up juice. Here to you one more indicator. And here buy buckwheat safely, it is not modified yet. Probably, there is no need.

I sincerely do not want that readers accused me of bias. Before writing of this article I set a goal carefully to state all arguments both for and against to GMO. The first it appeared very little. But, as always, the choice remains for you.
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