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Treatment of a glossit

With a language inflammation, glossity, stomatologists face nearly more often than other diseases of teeth and oral cavities. The inflammatory process delivering to the patient a great deal of trouble is many-sided therefore treatment of a glossit in many respects is defined by a concrete form of its manifestation.

Among factors which provoke development of this pathology, allocate generally harmful microflora attacking the healthy environment of language and gums, a microtrauma and negligent attitude to own health which is shown in non-compliance with hygienic norms.

Forms of a glossit, harmless in respect of complications, will well respond to treatment in house conditions. With pronounced signs only the expert has to be engaged in difficult kinds of an illness.

Specifics of treatment of a disease depending on its form

The burning sensation, morbidity and extensive inflammation of language is possible by the right to consider as universal symptoms for all kinds of a glossit. Other pathological signs among which, for example, development of an erosion in language, smoothing of its surface or emergence there of nipples in the form of threads, indicate a certain kind of an illness.

Sometimes glossit consider as a result of other disease of inflammatory character.

Treatment of a disease

Before considering separate forms of this disease, Mirsovetov suggests readers to examine the general principles of treatment of a glossit.

So, first of all, the doctor will examine the patient and will make the diagnosis. In certain cases visual survey of a mouth of the patient is enough for the expert. However if the situation disputable, the stomatologist appoints additional researches in the conditions of laboratory. Besides, in especially serious cases consultation at the endocrinologist, the gastroenterologist or the hematologist which will help to clear a picture of an illness can be necessary and to specify, what internal problems of an organism could cause glossit.

Let's consider the general methods of treatment of a glossit:

  • processing of the inflamed sites by Hlorgeksidin, Miramistin, Furacilin and other antiseptic solutions;
  • use of ointments with analgeziruyushchy and wound healing effect in the form of applications. The good result is observed after Lidocaine, Aktovegin and Kamistada;
  • greasing of erosive sites of a mucous membrane curative oils (sea-buckthorn, almond oil);
  • improvement of an organism by means of vitamin preparations.

During local therapy of a glossit to the patient recommend to have a rest more, having postponed sports activities and other physical activities for later, and to adhere to the special sparing diet on the basis of the crushed or liquid food (soups, mashed potatoes, porridges).

How to treat specific types of a disease

Nature of treatment of a concrete type of a glossit is defined by the reason of developing of a disease.

The catarrhal glossit.

The main symptoms – puffiness, an inflammation and an eritema. Degenerate process is localized on a surface of language and deep into fabrics does not get. This kind of a glossit develops after mechanical damages of language or the stomatitis postponed recently, at dispepsichesky disorders of a gastrointestinal tract or violation of a metabolism.

To get rid of a catarrhal glossit, emphasis is placed on processing of affected areas in a mouth antiseptics, bactericidal and wound healing means. In addition are engaged in treatment of the diseases which caused this form of a glossit.

Kandidozny glossit.

This kind of a disease – frequent trouble after a long course of treatment antibiotics. A side effect from use of medicines of this group is violation of normal microflora of a gastrointestinal tract. Kandidozny glossit diagnose both for adults, and for little patients. At all patients immunity is strongly weakened.

This form of a disease of the dense white raid in language speckled by a large number of longitudinal and cross grooves, and slight hypostasis of the struck body is shown. In treatment of a kandidozny glossit actions for regeneration of normal microflora of a gastrointestinal tract in general and in a mouth in particular prevail.

Patients take the medicine destroying fungus cages, and also the preparations which are well influencing a condition of microflora of a digestive tract. As the most effective remedy in treatment of a kandidozny glossit Nystatin is recognized.

Gnoyno-flegmozny glossit.

This kind of a disease proceeds rather hard as inflammatory process gets deep into fabrics of language and extends on all mouth. Quite often note the general intoxication of an organism to which high temperature accompanies. Treatment begins with antibiotics, and at the final stage connect recovery therapy. In cases when on a surface of language the painful abscesses preventing to the patient to eat food are formed, pus is deleted in the surgical way.

The erosive and ulcer glossit.

This form of a disease quite often arises because of destructive processes in tissue of gums, and also some diseases of an oral cavity. It is expressed such glossit the small bleeding ulcers on mucous language. This symptom can be followed by puffiness of language, painful feelings in a mouth, the general weakness and the increased body temperature.

Eliminate the erosive and ulcer Solkoseril glossit by means of ointment. Means is applied on affected areas in the form of applications. Ointment has strong wound healing effect and quickly relieves the patient of ulcerations and erosion of language.

The median diamond-shaped glossit.

As characteristic symptom of this form of a glossit consider education in the middle of language of a reinforced site of epitelialny fabric. This deformed fabric in a form is similar, as a rule, to a rhombus or an oval, is painted in bright red color.

Chronic diseases of the digestive system cause pathology. As the most effective method in treatment of a diamond-shaped glossit it is recognized surgical with the subsequent recovery therapy.

Gunterovsky glossit.

In this case from a surface of language fleecy nipples because of what the body becomes unnaturally smooth disappear. At the heart of an illness – serious pathologies of system of blood formation. The individual course of treatment for the patient is developed by the hematologist and the therapist.

The atrophic glossit.

The disease arises because of the started avitaminosis or gonorrheal defeat of language. Symptomatic picture very expressive: the smooth spot of saturated red color creeps away almost on all surface of a back of language. Sometimes the body even decreases in a size during an illness. At a glossita of this form the sosochkovy layer of language inflames and swells that, naturally, causes severe pain.

The disease will well respond to treatment in which program the main place is allocated for preparations with the high content of tocopherol (vitamin E) and Retinolum (vitamin A).

In what cases glossit it is possible to treat houses?

Unfortunately, patients sometimes underestimate such serious pathology as glossit therefore make attempts to put health in order independently, without medical assistance. Unfortunately, in certain cases the started form of a glossit with complications becomes result of such treatment.

Treatment of inflammatory processes in language and in a mouth in house conditions is justified only in mild cases of a disease when the blanket of language is damaged as a result of a small burn or frivolous mechanical influence. However consultation at the expert has to precede independent treatment by all means.

Elimination of inflammatory process of the house is, as a rule, limited to phytotherapy methods. The camomile, a coriander, oak bark, a calendula, a lady's bedstraw and a basil come to the rescue – from plants prepare broths for rinsing.

At cases when the origin of a glossit does not manage to be established at once and there are certain specific symptoms, it is better to entrust treatment to the professional.

How not to face with the glossity

Stomatologists assure that it is possible never and not to learn that such glossit if all the time to adhere to a number of the following rules:

  1. Every day allocate time for careful hygienic actions in a mouth.
  2. Do not eat very hot and too hot dishes which irritate the mucous.
  3. In due time relieve the teeth of a dental plaque and deposits.
  4. Do not go long with painful teeth, at emergence of a problem at once go to the stomatologist!
  5. Refuse smoking.
  6. Watch closely the general condition of the health.
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