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What to give on christening

All of us are Children of God, the Bible speaks, and not casually each of us takes part in the most ancient ritual of orthodox church sooner or later – Sacrament of the Epiphany. The ceremony symbolizes renunciation of the person of sins and his spiritual revival to new life, its familiarizing with God. Whether it is necessary to give something to the person who was christened?

The church recommends strongly to accept sacrament of a baptism even in infancy. The before the kid will dawn a sign of the cross, the earlier he will become an integral part of the Christ's body, to learn to pray, take the sacrament, come to the temple to the office and to confessions. Why it is so important? An Epiphany – the starting point giving to the person a strong basis for just life which finally will open to soul of a collar in eternity.

Some ask a question: whether gifts within such ceremony are pertinent in general? Certainly and. And it is possible to give on christening both memorable, and practical things.

Gifts from God mother

The godmother, as a rule, is also proud of the status, and worries at the same time: what to present to the kid for such special holiday? Mirsovetov it is convinced that the unambiguous opinion in this respect does not exist – the main thing, to show care of the godson and from the heart to wish well to it only. It is good if the godmother makes a choice for a gift which will promote spiritual formation and development of the identity of the child.

The best gift to the godson or goddaughter from the godmother, than a measured icon with the patron's face, perhaps, not to find. It will forever connect the child and his godmother a hidden spiritual thread. Measured the icon is called because it is made on a special icon-painting board which height corresponds to growth of the child at the birth. Paying attention to a face of the Saint patron, uplifting it prayers, the person will remember every time who presented it this icon.

The Scriptus of the Old and New Testament will become a worthy gift from the godmother. The child, of course, is still too small for reading, but time when his parents and, certainly, the godmother by means of this book open for him a door to the mysterious world of religion will come.

If to speak about more "terrestrial" things, that, having consulted to the child's mother, the godmother can take the responsibility of a choice and purchase of a baptismal set (clothes). Many hold the opinion that for a ceremony God mother has to give a baptismal kryzhma. Remarkably, if this the accessory, integral from Sacrament of the Epiphany, is sewed and decorated with her own hands. Kryzhma it is obligatory new, is desirable white color fabric (a diaper, a cloth) in which the godmother turns the child, accepting it from a sacred font. The orthodox church puts special sense in this small piece of a matter, calling it a symbol of clarification and innocence, and national experience advises: you will keep a kryzhma – for the rest of life you will keep near yourself happiness.

Gifts from the godfather

The godfather, as well as the godmother, also has to be interested in that the kid was brought up in orthodox belief, comprehending its laws in process of a growing. The orthodox prayer book on which pages it is possible to find the most important prayers for all occasions (for example, the morning and evening rule, a prayer about healing) will become the best expression of participation of the Godfather in the spiritual growth of the godson (goddaughter).

Undoubtedly, the godfather can present to the kid a cross worn on the neck and a chain. He has to know that in gift present only that dagger which was consecrated in camps of an Orthodox church. On the face of a gold (silver) product there has to be Jesus Christ's crucifixion, on a reverse side – the phrase address, sacral for Christianity, to the Lord "Rescue and keep". To a dagger select a thin gentle chain.

Gifts from other guests

If the person was invited to christening as the viewer, by number of possible gifts which he can present to the child, extends. However it is necessary to remember one important condition: all presented has to be, first of all, useful to the kid or his family.

And a memento, both for the boy, and for the girl, the product from silver will become valuable: rattle, tiny toy roundabout, pocket mirror, spoon, mug, and even whole personal set of children's ware. Such things, as a rule, store all life in memory of the one who handed them.

As the gifts following in popularity, of course, consider the developing toys. The girl when grows up, will estimate the doll presented to her on a baptism – perhaps, she will become her best girlfriend. "Individual transport" - tolokar, the bicycle or the ordinary big car will please the boy. Designers, interactive toys, books, and also elegant clothes – universal things. They can safely be given on christening to any peanut.

If invited much, it is possible to agree in advance what to present. For example, one guests give gifts to the kid, others – to his parents. Too it is impossible to forget about the last! Young mother in economy very much needs the crock-pot or the vacuum cleaner if she does not have those. Also it is not simply practical things, it is manifestation of attention from the family, their desire to help the woman to be approved without problems in the status of mother, new to it.

There are also such situations when the question of a gift simply leads up a blind alley. It is in that case better not to puzzle, and to arrive as follows: to bring for a holiday a symbolical souvenir for the kid, and to hand to his parents a beautiful envelope with the unlimited sum of money. They will understand how to start up such gift for the family benefit.

How to decide on the size of a monetary gift

When the person intends to bring for a holiday an envelope with a certain sum of money, it inevitably asks itself(himself) a question: how many? What it, the minimum sum which will not allow to lose face? For this purpose it is necessary to estimate, in how many to parents the entertainment for everyone invited, after all a holiday table – logical end of this significant day will manage. If christening notes at restaurant, it is possible to specify without effort, how many costs an average of a solemn lunch at the rate on one person there. Not to lose, it is necessary to present the sum which size exceeds this cost.

What to present to the adult hosting a baptism

To decide on a gift choice for the person who consciously is going to accept Sacrament of the Sacred Epiphany, not difficult. As a rule, adults with pleasure learn the world of Orthodox Church, its tradition and dogma. Good, and, the main thing, useful, a gift will become spiritual informative literature: The bible in beautiful registration, prayer books, lives sacred, disks with movies about stories of Christian religion.

That give to Godfathers

The kid on christening, certainly, the main hero of the occasion, however it does not mean that his God parents can be disregarded. Therefore the child's parents have to solve in advance, what gift they can present to godfathers. It can be a small graceful bagatelle, at a look on which in memory of God parents the wonderful moments of christening will emerge. Parents of the kid can stop the choice, on small icons or souvenir figures of angels.

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