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What to present for new year 2014

New Year, perhaps, the most favourite holiday. The New Year's Eve vanity shrouded in magic, expectations, laughter and splashes of champagne – that can be better! And the most pleasant efforts are, of course, a choice of surprises for the family "under a fir-tree". Let's sort together what to present for new year 2014 and what gift will be the most expected and desired.

Year of the Horse

Of course, we have to make a start from the Chinese calendar which predicts to us the 2014th year - year of a blue wooden Horse first of all. In this regard blue and green colors and shades on New Year's Eve have to prevail. This color will symbolize tranquillity and will urge the person to learn truth of the life. Elements of year – a tree which is a practicality symbol.

The coming year will be very dynamic, also the symbol of the coming year is characterized by generosity, kindness, softness of character. The horse possesses extraordinary mentality that will mean sometimes unexpected, but very effective decisions.

The most symbolical gifts for 2014

Ancient east legends say that the gift comprising a symbol of the forthcoming year will be allocated with ability to bring good luck to the recipient. Therefore figurines, figures, pendents and charms in the form of a horse will be the most suitable gift. For decoration of the house or even office it is possible to buy a picture with the image of a symbol of year. Very opportunely there will be presented horseshoes. Also the horse loves a long distance, therefore various permits to warm regions or, on the contrary, on ski resorts – that is necessary.

For women as very desired gift jewelry, for example, a chain with a pendent in the form of a horse, or with jewels which symbolize a horse – onyx and aquamarine serve.

And here with gifts for men the situation is different. If you want to make a surprise with a symbol of year, approach creatively. Pick up for it a cowboy's hat, jeans, belts. In the form of an accessory it is also possible to try to find a holster and a lasso, if your recipient, of course, with sense of humour.

How to please with a gift

The gift choice for New year which will not fall to a recycle bin or will not become dusty on the shelf, always the quite difficult. Therefore it is necessary to approach it with special care and in good time.

Make the list of those whom you plan to present. Divide this list into the relatives, friends and simply familiar. Do not hurry, perhaps, drawing up the list will take two-three days. Leave a place opposite to each name for several options of gifts and a place for a final version.

Make a start from a hobby and incidentally dropped desires of friends. When the final list is ready, keep it the next year: it will facilitate a gift choice in the future and will secure against repetition.

Gift choice for children

Usually it does not make special complexity. The most basic rule is there has to be a surprise therefore it is necessary to remember that to ask directly the child that he would like to receive from Father Frost is not necessary. Take a leaf and paper and offer children is more senior to write the letter to Father Frost and if the child is still absolutely small, write down everything from his words. Also put in a deep freeze. At night very quietly take the letter and prepare a desirable surprise.

Children prefer some gifts to one, they are not interested in beautiful packing or the price, contents are interesting to them. Therefore get some bright boxes and put them under a fir-tree. The child will be happy. It is also possible to write the response letter from Father Frost and to organize a quest on search of the gifts hidden in the apartment.

How to choose a gift according to character and preferences

Even "having driven into the corner" the recipient with a question that he wanted, you, most likely, do not learn that the person specifically wants. It can be connected as with prosperity, and in principle that present offers give rise to too many desires, to choose from which very best – very difficult. Let's try be defined that in that case to present for New year 2014.

Let's begin with figurines and various souvenirs. Not everyone likes to receive them. For some it is the part of an interior which is littering space and collecting dust. It is necessary to pay attention, whether there is a lot of at this person of the house or on a desktop of similar knickknacks, whether he buys them to himself. If you answered all questions in the affirmative, then forward in shop of souvenirs. If is not present, it is necessary to think up something another.

If the person is practical and serious, it is best of all for it to present for New year household appliances (today it is possible to find also inexpensive equipment which the truth will please the recipient), articles of clothing (accessories), home decoration which will create a cosiness and comfort in the house. However it is necessary to avoid subjects of private use (socks, handkerchiefs, underwear) if, of course, it was not stipulated in the order.

If the person to whom you plan to hand a surprise, is inclined to romanticism, it soft toys, tea services for two very much will please, something lovely and pleasant. It is also possible to consider option with unusual souvenirs of romantic bent – for example, the beautiful poured night lamp.

If you precisely know that prepare a surprise for Jack of all trades, always by the way there will be any high-quality tool and something from that sphere, than the person is fond. Learn more about its hobby is there can be both a scrapbooking, and embroidery, and the photo. To find something useful to hobby it is always quite simple.

It is rather difficult to make a surprise to the wealthy person. It is connected simply by that it has everything. Here it is worth staking on semantic loading and quality of a gift. Perhaps, this gift is insufficiently useful, but will leave memory and will cause explosion of emotions - here a main objective of your gift for such people.

Also you should not forget about the merry fellow who is in each company of friends. Here it is possible to approach with humour and creativity. As a gift the ridiculous and unexpected bagatelle which will not leave indifferent the person with humour will approach. The main thing not to be overzealous, the bagatelle has to be as is useful in life, and to cause laughter at one view of it.

The champagne bottle, gift packing of qualitative tea or coffee, box of candies, fresh flowers can be also excellent gift "for all". You can please the relatives and native with walk on New Year's Eve in the carriage harnessed by horses. Then the forthcoming year it will be exact the successful.

That you should not give

Very many people are superstitious. Therefore recommends to be careful, choosing as gifts a set of knives or hours – on a belief they bear separation and misfortunes. Knitted scarfs on the one hand an excellent gift, but many superstitious consider that good it in itself(himself) does not bear anything.

Subjects of personal hygiene, as well as personal use (socks, handkerchiefs) – not the best gift if it did not make a reservation earlier. He can set the person thinking that you doubt that he rather well looks after himself.

If you intend to present a picture for New year, have to be precisely sure that the recipient will be glad. And before it will not rise where to hang up. It is important to know also precisely that the picture will approach an interior of future owner.

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