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Treatment of a lyamblioz

As it is pleasant to visit in the summer, and it is better to live outdoors! Or in the village! The sun, air, a grass green, water in the small river teplyushchy, a berry cheesecake directly from a bed asks for a mouth. And to children expanse! Though the whole day from the street do not leave.

But here trouble: we in this wonderful world not one … We are surrounded by the microscopic world invisible to an eye. It not only microbes and viruses, but also parasites – helminths. Using the invisibility to a naked human eye, they easily get to us inside and exhaust our forces and health.

Helminthoses are a serious problem. Statistically, every third person at least once in life was (or is) the carrier of any species of parasites. Or even not one look. Along with pinworms and ascarids enters into the three of leaders in occurrence frequency lyamblioz.

Lyambliya mobile monocelled protozoa from a zhgutikama represent.

Ways of infection with lyambliya

The main way of transfer – with dirty hands, dirty vegetables, greens and fruit (even from the kitchen garden!), not boiled water, and also through various subjects of environment, whether it be in the house or on the street (a grass, the soil and so forth). On these subjects tsist (a protective form) of lyambliya which are very steady in environment contain, for example, in the earth they can remain till 3-4 months.

Source of parasites – the sick person or an animal who allocate a huge number a tsist of lyambliya (some millions in 1 gram!) in environment with excrements.

Getting, for example, from dirty hands to a digestive tract, tsist of lyambliya without harm for themselves pass through a stomach and settle in intestines, zhelchevyvodyashchy ways. There tsist "come to life" and begin the parasitic activity.

Manifestations of a lyamblioz

Lyambliya in places of the most intensive digestion and absorption of nutrients are attached. As they breed very quickly, their quantity quickly reaches record values and they delay on themselves very essential part of necessary nutrients, especially at children.

Lyambliya cause an inflammation of those bodies where parasitize.

Very often, especially at children, lyamblioz demonstrates (begins) with clinic of sharp food poisoning: belly-aches, swelling, diarrhea, nausea, sometimes vomiting, lack of appetite. There can be even small temperature. This period lasts about a week, and then process passes into a chronic stage.

At a chronic lyamblioz symptoms and their expressiveness are very various. It depends on age of the person, the general condition of an organism, its protective forces and quantity of parasites.

Lyamblioz masks under:

  1. Intestinal dysbiosis.

    Unstable or liquid chair in the small portions several times a day.

  2. Chronic cholecystitis and dyskinesia of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways.

    Pains in the right podreberye, bitterness in a mouth, nausea and even small increase hepatic transaminaz (ALAT, ASAT).

  3. Allergic states.

    Skin itch, rash, not clear, "wandering" allergy to different foodstuff. At children these parasites can be the cause of persuasive dry cough and even a bronkhospastichesky syndrome, bronchial asthma.

Lyambliya not only mask, but also serve as the reason of development of these diseases. It is possible to suspect a parasitic invasion if standard treatment of cholecystitis or dysbacteriosis does not give effect.

Also the general health, especially at children suffers. There is a weakness, pallor, fast fatigue, irritability, a small appetite, weight loss is possible.

At 25-30% of people lyamblioz proceeds it is reserved, without manifestations, but all of them equally are an infection source.

Diagnostics of a lyamblioz

In applied medicine diagnostics is based on detection of vegetative forms and a tsist of lyambliya in Calais or bile.

The Kcal on the analysis need to be handed over no later than in 2-3 hours after collecting. Probability of detection – about 50% because life cycle of lyambliya is cyclic and tsist are allocated not constantly, and falteringly, in two, three and more days. It is necessary to make the test not less than 3 times with an interval in 3 days.

Duodenal sounding and research of bile more informatively.

Definition of antibodies to lyambliya in blood is an auxiliary method of diagnostics.

Treatment of a lyamblioz

Treatment consists of several directions:

  1. Diet.
  2. Actually antiparasitic therapy.
  3. Recovery stage.


It is necessary to limit carbohydrates as they promote reproduction of lyambliya, to avoid fried and fat food. Increase receipt of "grey" porridges (buckwheat, millet, gerkulesovy), bran, baked apples, vegetables (beet, carrots, pumpkin, vegetable marrows). These products favorably affect activity of intestines, promote removal of the toxins produced by parasites. It is desirable to drink more.

At the same time appoint the preparations normalizing a motility of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways, intestines (Motilium, zhelchegonny), if necessary sorbents (Polisorb, Enterosgel) and antiallergic means (Klaritin, Tseterizin, etc.).

Antiparasitic therapy.

The most widespread preparations: Tinidazol, Ornidazol, Albendazol, Intetriks. Each of them has the mode of dispensing and reception which to you will be picked up by the doctor.

    It is important! Do not self-medicate! On any medicine there can be an allergic reaction. The wrong dosage can lead to that lyambliya will not be removed, and on the contrary, will gain resistance to a preparation. And it will strongly complicate treatment.

It is desirable to combine anti-parasitic treatment with immunomodulators.

Recovery treatment.

At this stage the attention is paid to correction and elimination of the phenomena of dysbacteriosis, dyskinesia of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways, normalization of function of a liver and a gall bladder, treatment of erosive gastritises and duodenit.

After treated in 3-4 weeks it is necessary to check result and to investigate it is triple kcal and/or bile on parasites.

    Important! recommends if in a family the patient lyambliozy is found, it is necessary to check and treat all family members. Often the reason of failure of treatment consists in family circulation of lyambliya and a constant reinfestation (repeated infection).

Prevention of infection with lyambliya

First of all – observance of rules of personal hygiene. The banal rule "wash hands before food" - an excellent prophylactic of infection not only lyambliya, but also all parasites and helminths in general. Not to drink unboiled water, is not a cheesecake and a cucumber "directly from a gryadochka", after a toilet, contact with animals to wash hands, not to let a cat on a pillow, etc.

It is very difficult to follow small children therefore they are recommended to carry out regularly diagnostics on parazitoza and helminthoses, especially after summer vacation.

It must be kept in mind that use of various cleaners, even hlorosoderzhashchy, "the microbes killing all known types", damp antibacterial napkins, the disinfecting means for hands not effectively against lyambliya. To death the tsist gives boiling, freezing below of 13 degrees Celsius, ultra-violet radiation by medical lamps more than 15-20 minutes.

Good luck!

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