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How to get rid of wrinkles

To you 25 or 30 years were executed and the first wrinkles on a face began to disturb you? You should not be upset, it is natural process and nobody is exempted from aging. It is not necessary to be reconciled and "get used" to emergence of wrinkles, it is better to begin prevention right now.

Each person has wrinkles. It is connected with age changes – the organism gradually wears out, and all processes are slowed down. Wrinkles on a face appear not only because of age changes, now on the street it is possible to meet the young girl with a wrinkle on a nose bridge or on a forehead. Very few people know that emergence of folds on skin is connected with decrease in elasticity of skin. Here it is possible to carry constant stresses, unbalanced food, the wrong way of life, bad ecology and a lack of moistening of skin. How to get rid of wrinkles and to prolong youth, Mirsovetov will tell.

The first there are wrinkles on skin round eyes – it the thinnest and gentle. If in time to begin prevention, it is possible to avoid emergence of similar wrinkles, and at more mature age to reduce their emergence. If you found out that for you are available not only small, but also deeper furrows, then "the heavy artillery" is necessary. Get advice of the dermatologist, visit the cosmetologist and pass the corresponding treatment. It is optional that to you will appoint expensive cosmetics and procedures, independently in house conditions it is also possible to eliminate wrinkles.

It cannot be done

Many women consider that if they got a tube of the advertized wrinkles medicine, in 1-2 days of application it is possible to count on excellent result. Wonderful cream, perhaps, also renders a certain result, but only is temporary. If to stop using popular means, skin will return to a former state, and it is possible, will begin to look even worse. The main problem of such cosmetics that they for short term cause accustoming, and the skin anew shining freshness starts quickly to grow old. Considering such syllogism of producers, properly think before buying similar means.

How to stop aging

As the reason of emergence of wrinkles is covered in our behavior, it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle and to carry out these simple rules:

  • is balanced to eat – to include fresh vegetables, fruit, fermented milk products in a daily diet;
  • daily to drink 1.5-2 liters of the cleared water;
  • to refuse the use of alcoholic beverages and to give up smoking;
  • before going to bed to wash away cosmetics;
  • to use cosmetics (lotion, a skin, tonic) corresponding to skin type;
  • not to forget about prevention;
  • to apply sun-protection cream during the summer period and to wear sunglasses;
  • during putting day/night cream to do a light massage of skin;
  • to sleep not less than 8 hours in day, to avoid stresses.

Let's get rid of wrinkles independently

At all it is optional to buy expensive cosmetics and to visit beauty shops – in house conditions it is possible to make effective masks of natural components.

For a start let's remember how often you clear skin of cosmetics traces? Cosmetologists recommend strongly to wipe in the morning and in the evening skin tonic and to wash away cosmetics a skin. 2 times a week, depending on skin type, it is necessary to put masks. Round eyes broth of flowers of a camomile and roots of parsley will help to protect and strengthen gentle skin. Make broths in advance and fill in in formochka for ice. Every morning it is necessary "to wash" such ice broth. Such way will tone up and strengthen skin.

Always to support skin in a good shape, it is necessary to use olive oil with vitamin E. In pure form vitamin E is applied on that area where the most part of wrinkles is located. And here after acceptance of a bathtub, olive oil will become the best moistening means for skin.

There is a set of effective recipes of house masks from wrinkles, suggests to use these recipes:

  1. The popular mask will help to smooth deep wrinkles. Ingredients for its preparation are available in each house. Take a yolk, 1 h. l. honey and as much oat flakes. Honey has to be liquid therefore it needs to be kindled previously on a water bath. Ingredients need to be mixed and applied on skin. Time of influence of a mask – 15 minutes then it is washed away warm water. Instead of oat flakes it is possible to take a flour or to crush flakes in the coffee grinder.
  2. For smoothing of deep and mimic wrinkles: take almonds powder (kernels to process on the coffee grinder), add a little warm house cow's milk. Apply the received gruel on skin, leave for 30 minutes. The remains of a mask can be cleaned a wadded disk, and then to wash a face under a water stream. It is necessary to do such mask 30 times every day, and then - 1 time in 3 days.
  3. Mix a yolk of one egg from 3 tablespoons of warm milk and 2 tablespoons of rye flour. shake up the mixer that uniform gruel turned out and apply it on skin. In 20 minutes the mask can be washed away cold water.
  4. Take a yolk, castor oil (1 tablespoon), ingredients mix, apply on skin for 15 minutes. Instead of castor oil it is possible to use any vegetable oils, including oil of a peach, a sea-buckthorn, an apricot and almonds.
  5. Mix sour cream of a high fat content together with freshly squeezed garnet juice. Put mix on a face and leave for 20 minutes then wash usual water.
  6. One more the effective rejuvenating recipe: take 1 tablespoon of olive oil, a yolk of one egg and juice of a lemon. Mix ingredients to a uniform state and put on a face and a neck. It is necessary to leave a mask for 20 minutes then to wash away water.

Skin oils:

  1. The popular house means rejuvenating skin - olive oil. When there is no time for preparation of a mask, it is possible to put the wadded disks moistened in warm olive oil on eyes, and to lie down 10 minutes. After a warm compress please skin with a light massage. It is not necessary to wash away the oil remains.
  2. Very few people use butter for fight against small wrinkles, and in vain. Apply soft oil (it is desirable house) on eyelids and leave for night. Oil not only will relieve of the available wrinkles, but also will promote prevention of the new.
  3. On the basis of oil it is possible to prepare good cream. Take flowers of a linden and a camomile (on a half of a teaspoon), fill in with boiled water and insist 15 minutes. Filter broth and add 1 tablespoon of castor oil to 2 tablespoons. Mix ingredients – at you soft cream will turn out. Use cream every evening, greasing eyelids.
  4. It is possible to apply essential oils as they are a natural biostimulator to fight against wrinkles. Receive oils by a cold extraction. The smallest molecules of air get even into deep layers of skin and feed it. Better than all oil "work" as warm compresses – it is necessary to warm up a certain amount of oil on a water bath, to apply on skin and to cover with pure cotton fabric. Influence time – 30 minutes then the remains of oil can be removed a paper napkin. Effective essential oils: almond, peach and pink.

Curative force of herbs and not only

Good wrinkles medicines – herbs. The aloe and a filbert virdzhinsky are considered as the most effective. Juice of an aloe can be not diluted, and it is better to add a filbert to water solutions. It is possible to put natural preparations twice a day for 30 minutes, then if there is a need – to wash away warm water. Besides, well proved extract of a rose and pomegranate.

Most of women also do not assume that round them there are many effective remedies from wrinkles. It is worth paying attention to grapes, banana or pineapple. This fruit is capable to work wonders.

Application of grapes: crush grapes in the blender and put gruel on a face. Time of influence of a nutritious mask – 25 minutes then it needs to be washed away water.

Banana will help to smooth deep wrinkles. Crush pulp of one banana and put gruel on a face. If there is no time for masks, take a core of ripe pineapple and rub a face. In 15 minutes juice of pineapple can be washed away under a water stream.

Inexpensive pharmaceutical preparations can also effectively struggle with wrinkles. If you had not really deep wrinkle, she can be cleaned tocopherol solution (30%). It is necessary to grease the affected skin every day. But before use make the sensitivity test and use means extremely carefully.

Expensive serum from wrinkles will be replaced by pink water (Rose of Bulgaria firm) or rose attar from the producer of Elfarm. It is desirable to use cosmetic oils as they contain the maximum quantity of valuable substances. Take 200 ml of pink water, add 15 droplets of oil and 1 ampoule of nicotinic acid (10 mg). Mix ingredients, fill in in a convenient glass small bottle. Wipe such lotion skin twice a day.

In fight against wrinkles it is important not to be lazy and observe all above-mentioned recommendations. And in some months you will be pleasantly surprised with reflection in a mirror. Good luck!

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