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GBO installation: what, where and how?

So, you were interested by the GBO installation on your car as the economic enterprise. But if before business with it had no, for certain vaguely represent that, where and as. Let's try to take up all these questions rather in detail. And first of all we will tell that enters into the gas cylinder equipment, about its main knots.
So, you were interested by the GBO installation on your car as the economic enterprise. But if before business with it had no, for certain vaguely represent that, where and as. Let's try to take up all these questions rather in detail that actually these questions at you did not remain. And first of all we will tell that enters into the gas cylinder equipment, about its main knots.

With what GBO begins

And it, no, not begins VZU with a hanger, and with the external filling device –. It is intended for connection of the filling gun on gas station and transfers of the liquefied gas to a cylinder, and also for prevention of its return exit in the atmosphere. For what the spherical valve is installed there.
Внешнее заправочное устройство
VZU of foreign production demands the adapter (is given at the GBO installation) under our guns. VZU of a domestic production do not demand that that on the one hand it is more convenient, and on the other hand not since on ours there is no lead to a cover, and it is often lost. In this case VZU becomes soiled, and the spherical valve starts poisoning gradually, plus dirt is washed away by gas and gets to a cylinder.
It is possible to determine by the location, VZU in a luggage carrier near a cylinder, but then it will be necessary to open every time a luggage carrier. And at a gun detachment the part of gas breaks outside that will create an unpleasant smell in a luggage carrier. Besides, at leak of gas from a cylinder via the multivalve, gas will safely accumulate in a luggage carrier (gas heavy and through a trunk lid it will not leave). The box on the multivalve is made not for appearance, and for ventilation. Through gofroshlang gas is removed from a box under the car. considers that it is more rational to place VZU on a rear bumper, and on what party to solve to you, since this matter of taste.
The multivalve is installed directly on a cylinder and unites in itself: locking and safety fittings, the executive and control equipment with account and popolnitelny gates, and also to the shooter of the index of level of gas. From governing bodies only two gates: the filling – from VZU and account – to the highway to the gas valve.
The multivalve is included by the restrictive valve, a so-called otsekatel. It is the float established in a cylinder, rattling about its walls at cross rocking of a body and a thin cylinder, intended for the termination of intake of gas when filling a cylinder to 80%.
It is very compact. From practice it is noticed that the device specifying the level if still works, strongly lies. Be guided on run.
Further there is a cylinder. It is steel or composite heavy capacity for storage of the liquefied gas. For example, weight standard 50 liter empty cylinders makes the whole 21 kg. Operation temperature – from minus 40 to +45 °C with the maximum working pressure of 1,6 MPas (16 atm). Every two years the cylinder is subject to survey before what it needs to be emptied completely.
As it was already mentioned in the previous article ("Pluses and minuses of installation of gas on a car"), is cylindrical, and there are toroidal cylinders. Capacity of the first from 36 to 230 l.
Further on a metal tube highway gas arrives to the gas electrovalve which includes also the filter of purification of gas. It is intended for cleaning and interruption in supply of gas to a reducer.
Reducer evaporator. It is possible to call him the central player of all team safely. Besides it is most difficult.
Depending on generation of GBO (and them so far five), it has these or those features, including is with electronic control. But, nevertheless, essence same. At first gas needs to be evaporated, and then to lower its pressure and to support this pressure the approximately constant.
In the first step of a reducer gas evaporates and pressure decreases to 0,2 MPas that leads to strong decrease in temperature. For prevention of frosting in the case of a reducer cooling liquid from the engine cooling system moves. In the second step pressure decreases to values of relatives to the atmospheric.
For plum of the formed condensate the stopper from below of a reducer is executed from oily fractions of gas and moisture. But there are reducers which do not need it and have no that.
Also finishes a gas transit – the mixer.
It is intended for a gas supply after a reducer in inlet system of the engine for preparation of air-gas mix. The mixer almost completely replaces a fuel path of regular system. On the mixer if GBO without microprocessor management, install screws of adjustment of amount of the supplied gas. Idling is regulated in that case by the screw on a reducer.
And manipulations with switching of types of fuel are carried out by the Gas-gasoline switch. This switch gives tension on gas and petrol valves, and in case of a choice of neutral situation ("anything") removes stress from all valves.
Манипуляции с переключением видов топлива осуществляются переключателем «Газ-Бензин»
Gas and petrol electrovalves are installed before a reducer for the first and after a gasoline pump for the second. Eat tension of a direct current of 12 Century.
газовый электроклапан
бензиновый электроклапан
In systems of GBO with electronic control perhaps automatic switching on gas and return to gasoline in case of unstable work.

Generations of GBO what to choose?

Here a crucial role play type of your engine – carburetor or injector and the located appliances. GBO of the 1st and 2nd generations can be put and operated safely on carburetor engines whereas on injector such operation can end it is deplorable, and GBO of the 3-5th of generations comes to the rescue here.
In GBO of the 1st generation the dosage of gas is carried out by settings manually. Pressure after a reducer is supported due to work of diaphragms. But it is impossible to apply such GBO on injector motors it is impossible not therefore. The engine can allow reverse motion, and the collector is not adapted for it. There is, of course, allegedly a protection – "cracker", but it only for self-complacency.
The main shortcoming – system turns out nonflexible, i.e. does not consider, for example, as resistance to an air stream at pollution of the airfilter, elasticity loss changes diaphragms, change of atmospheric pressure to which any GBO is sensitive. All this forces the car owner to continuous adjustments. However, the low cost and rather high reliability, as a result of simplicity, do this offer tempting.
For the GBO injector engines provides already electronic control of supply of gas depending on operating conditions of the engine. Such GBO will already be coordinated with the regular controler (EBU). Besides, such system allows to achieve the highest return of power on gas and to increase profitability.
Application of GBO of the 3-5th of generations is allowed and on carburetor engines, and they become almost injector, but high cost interferes with such step.

Manufacturing firms

It is possible to distinguish the following from producers of GBO the most widespread:
- "NZGA" (Novogrudsky plant of the gas equipment) – makes as bulky, so unreliable GBO. The only plus – very low cost (almost twice the cheapest way than analogs). Application of GBO of this producer is rather problematic.
- "SAGA" (Perm) – worthy and rather qualitative GBO, but its cost the little below, than at import analogs. It is made at munitions factory which let out fuel systems of aircraft engines. However, as many domestic producers have mistakes to quality. But to be fair will note that there is it not so often.
The equipment "Saga" does not require an adapter adapter for the filling gun. It is GBO it is possible to put safely.
- "LOVATO" – the Italian GBO of initial level, but quality at rather high level.
There is a set of other manufacturing firms, but will not list them owing to obvious reasons.
But it yet not the final!

Fitter's choice

Не скупитесь на установке, это не столь дорого, но снимает многие проблемы You decided on need of installation and brand of the equipment, but there is a task where it is more important – the fitter's choice.
And why not most? If for the GBO installation of the 1 and 2 generations of qualification big it is not required, for the others it is required. Besides, there are still aspects. The first – difficulties in passing of checkup of the car and survey of a cylinder since installation handicraft and documents on it are not present. The second – God forbid that happens, responsibility will lie entirely on you.
    Council from Do not stint on installation, it is not so expensive, but removes many problems.
Find according to announcements, autoreference books of firm, engaged in the GBO installation. At once sweep aside cooperatives like "At the uncle Vanya on a knee" is a big risk. Ring round the chosen firms, the circle will be narrowed, remained in the list it is better to go round personally, to look, so to speak, in nature. Sometimes behind externally abrupt firm sharash-installation hides.
Do not forget to look at the license at firms, and also certificates at GBO. By the way (the license and certificates) the firm has to issue their copies at completion of works.
As a rule, decent and major companies have rather extensive range.
Here you were defined and already registered in installation. But do not hurry to run away at once as soon as you gave on worry the car to masters on HUNDRED. If there is an opportunity, advises to look, and to track their work more true, but is unostentatious, they do not love, as well as many people when teach them. Besides, fitters can have questions, and you can prompt to them in this case as it is better to make. Remember – to them all the same, in fact, you have to prompt as it is better for you and your car.
All operations take 2-3 hours. But you will need to execute technological operation – to fill a cylinder that the master could check tightness of system and adjust. Thus in advance be defined where to go to gas station that on it as little as possible time was required. And in the new equipment do not switch anything before full completion of works.
Fill 10 l. The matter is that at very small amount of gas mix can be impoverished, and the engine to work unstably. To consider it in regulation and do not fill to the full.
After the end of all works you receive (and if do not receive, then demand) instructing about use and a set of documents. It is necessary to pay before your departure at gas station (demand the copy of the check).

At once on completion of the GBO installation you can start on the journey, using alternative fuel. But do not hurry to utaplivat a pedal in a floor, and not because the new equipment should be rolled. It will be necessary to get used and be accustomed to a bit different image of operation of the car, to follow safety regulations, new to you, about what it will be told throughout this article …
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