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Games for a house party

Anything, alas, is not eternal - with a traditional magnificent feast already will surprise nobody! Languid talk "for life" under a measured chewing of hozyaykiny Russian salad for quite some time now started being forced out actively by parties of a youth format where guests move and have fun more, than eats and drinks.

Agree, in it there is "highlight" - the furshetny little table with hastily cut buterbrodika and other food from the next market exempts you from tiresome "guard" at a plate! And much in the room it will not take a place - all will feel comfortable. As a result lack of a monolithic table with food which will be enough to feed a company of hungry soldiers, releases to you a huge field for creative activity and a flight of fancy. Fun begins!

Entertainments for the cheerful company

It is better to think of entertainments in advance. Your main goal - to pick up such games for a party that nobody missed aside that all your friends were involved in this or that competition. Put yourself to the place of each of them - that will be pleasant to serious and judicious Sergey, and than to surprise the laugher Svetka?

It is not obligatory that all guests - the audience were involved at once in game, watching participants in ridiculous situations, too will be able to have fun with all the heart. Also decide on own role at a party - you can make the accurate plan of a sit-round gathering and assume a role of the host or participate in competitions on an equal basis with the others. And will prompt, in what it is possible to play!

Between us girls: games for the women's company

Girls too are able to spend actively and cheerfully time - from heart-breaking maiden revelations behind a wine glass sometimes it is necessary to have a rest. And that men are not present, so it is even better - young ladies can relax and, without reflecting on that, how ridiculously or silly they look within competition, to come off to the full extent!

Game "Greedy person".

That game was successful, it is necessary not to be too lazy and inflate as the bigger quantity of balloons is possible then to scatter them on a floor. Number of participants - any (is defined by that, how free movement is assumed by the apartment sizes). Under merrily music players in a definite time have to gather so many balls, how many will be able (only those spheres which did not burst are considered). The one who under the end of the game will not lose will win and will hold the greatest number of spheres.

On a note: balls can be thrust under clothes therefore those more ridiculous will turn out game if each participant puts on any spacious clothes offered by the hostess.

Musical competition.

Two participants sing aloud the same popular song, only one begins earlier, and another with a delay for some seconds. That which will get off the first loses.

Game "The Princess on a Candy"

On the stools placed in a row (by number of participants, 3-4 persons) the different amount of candies gives all the best: on one - 3 pieces, on another - 5 and so on. Then stools need to be covered with thin, but opaque plastic bags. Players are transplanted on stools - under music of the girl have to define, how many under them candies. That "princess" who the first will call the correct amount of candies will win.

P. S. It is necessary to say, what candies have to be caramel, but not chocolate?

Between us boys: games for men

For especially men's companies the set of ridiculous games for a party too will be found - there would be a desire! However, the special piquancy will be presented to evening by presence of lovely ladies at a party.

Game "Steel Eggs"

For competition it is necessary to stock up with fresh eggs, small plastic bags and good mood. The more men - the better. To each participant bind on a belt a bag with two eggs so that it had directly between feet at the player. Further men share on couples, it is desirable one growth. So, game begins. In the center of the room one couple is caused. Men become the friend opposite to the friend, having a little sat down and having placed feet. On a signal they start "attacking" the friend to the friend packages with eggs, leaves what eggs broke. Game proceeds until all are won by one participant with two or a single whole egg. Girls can roughly applaud and stake at this time.

Game "Pregnant Man"

Not essentially, how many will be participants. The men who volunteered to play will be influenced by all delights of "interesting situation". At the level of a stomach to them attach balloons by means of an adhesive tape, before each of "future daddies" on a floor the box of matches is scattered. In a definite time participants have to collect as the bigger quantity of matches is possible and to manage to make it so carefully that air "stomach" did not burst.

Game "Forehead wrestling"

For this game of the man are selected by couples. Steam can be as much as necessary. In the center of the room put a table. To players tie hands behind the back, their task - to push with foreheads the friend to the friend. Wins against the strongest - the one who will be able to push out the rival out of table limits.

In total on couples: games for the company

In the big companies it is not necessary to miss, as a rule. Game - an excellent way to rally and amuse is even more friends.

Game "All kinds of people"

Participants can be as much as necessary - the more, the more ridiculously! It is necessary to prepare cards with names or pictures of animals, on two each look in advance. Players blindly pull cards - from couple the woman, and another the man has to take one animal. For convenience each couple of cards can be painted in a certain color. On a signal participants at the same time start grunting, mewing, crowing loudly - generally who that extended. Each of this many-voiced din needs to define the couple unmistakably. Play until all "animals" do not find the couple. And though winners in this game are not present, it perfectly lightens mood, liberates and adjusts guests on the subsequent pair competitions.

Game "Victim of Shopping"

Play some couples. To one person densely tie with a scarf eyes and give a package with clothes (shirts, dresses, trousers, panty hoses, caps, gloves, mittens, scarves and beretika). This player needs to dress the workmate for the allowed time. It is necessary to put on all things which are in a package. The winner is that couple which will manage to involve more things.

Game "Gold Key"

For competition guests share on two teams on 3-4 persons in everyone. The team is hit on one "gold" key fixed on a ring and also on pair of "noses" of Buratino - the stuck together cones from paper with the elastic band fixed on them. At a certain equal distance from each team put on one chair. On a signal the first players of each team put on "noses", hang up on them keys and quickly go (the most nimble run) to the chair to run all over it and to return to the team. Having overtaken the first player from a column, participants have to hang up "nose" a key on "nose" of other player so not to drop it. Winners are those "buratino" which will finish relay the first.

If very much to try, it is possible to turn any sit-round gathering into an enchanting spectacle of laughter and fun! Think of such nonsense less, like "square meters do not allow", "will not want to play", "I do not know competitions"... Be adjusted on success, here look - will pass a little time and you will deservedly brag of a rank of the King of house parties!

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