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Furniture for a nursery

If you plan repair in a nursery and do not know how to equip the dwelling for the son or the daughter that everything was cozy, convenient and interesting, this article, perhaps, it will be to you useful. Before starting practical steps and actions, it is necessary to be prepared well theoretically, to write down everything, to find out, count …

We consider features of age

The nursery is not only a zone where the child plays and sleeps. This space where the baby grows, develops, learns the world, learns to smile, speak, go, draw, to write, read, be on friendly terms, to observe an order. Psychologists say for a long time that character of future adult is put till five years, that is in the first childhood. Optimum and harmoniously arranged room of the child positively will influence formation of its character, habits, bents, will provide the sound soil for development of its abilities and talents. To select furniture and other elements for the room follows taking into account age of your beloved child. In process of growth of the child also changes in a situation and design will be made. When the new little man is only born, the most necessary is necessary that will provide a quiet dream, frequent and long feeding, initial acquaintance to the world and dear people. But here the child grows up, already sleeps less, shows interest in everything that it surrounds. Means, came it is time to introduce amendments in a situation. Passes still time – and it is already found out that the child wants to do something itself – again the room is corrected … But give about everything one after another that nothing to miss and not to forget.

Furniture set for newborns and children till three years

Here what components of furniture will be useful at this time:

  1. Wooden bed or cradle cradle that to the baby it was well fallen down.
  2. Pelenalny little table – on it it is convenient to change clothes of the baby, to prepare for walk, to follow rules of hygiene.
  3. Dresser for diapers, baby's undershirts, hats, suits, diapers.
  4. Sofa or chair that to mother was conveniently and comfortably many times in days to feed the newborn.
  5. Arena – let the kid in it plays, learns to sit, creep, become as disobedient legs.
  6. Stool with a little table for convenient feeding, it is possible a multipurpose transformer.

I will notice that it is not obligatory for baby to allocate the certain room, in the first months of life he very much needs continuous supervision and care from mother. Therefore these pieces of furniture can still be placed in the room of parents.

As the child matures a little, the furniture can be transformed or change, to it the additional elements providing convenience and comfort increase.

It is convenient to have a sliding wardrobe in the room of the child. At first things for the baby – sets of the first bed linen, a bootee, overalls, a warm envelope, hats, diapers, baby's undershirts, a romper suit will be placed there. Then these clothes will gradually be replaced with stockings, suits, sundresses, shorts, skirts, jackets, dresses, trousers. When the child goes to school, to clothes the school uniform, clothes for the house, jumpsuits will increase.

The child grows – the room changes

Big changes will happen in the room when the fidget is two-three years old. Time will come to change already bothered bed closed from all directions for a sofa baby or the bed having small protective sides that the child did not fall in a dream. At the order of furniture pay attention that corners were equal and rounded off, then grazes, cones and bruises at the kid mischievous person will be less. In three years the child has a conscious desire to create – to draw, mold, collect the designer, puzzles, to cut out something from color paper and to glue. For such occupations the rectangular or square little table of height, convenient for the little man, and a stool is necessary. Children are full of emotions, they need bright paints in an interior and singularity. They will be delighted if the bed appears in the form of the machine, a mini-lodge (teremk) or any animal. It is more interesting to collect toys in a trunk or on carved suspended shelves, than it is simply boring to put them in a box. Girls very much love that their dolls too had the lodge, doll furniture. Boys like garages for the vehicle fleet, weapon stands, airfield for samolyotik. At five-year age of toys becomes more and more therefore it is worth thinking of acquisition of whatnots, racks, shelves that to spread out everything – beautifully and tidily. Also such elements, as will approach:

  • Swedish wall;
  • hills;
  • sports complexes;
  • swing, rocking chairs.

The child has so much energy that it is necessary to splash out it somewhere, let strengthen health better, gains flexibility, symmetry, force. Now many buy the beskarkasny furniture made of foam rubber and a loose filler. For example, soft mini-sport center, dry pools, a chair bag, a chair with a padded stool, the game sets including big geometrical figures.

However, do not fill the room of the child with bulky furniture, remember that the active fidget needs a field for games in the center of its dwelling.

Now many parents prefer to get already ready sets of children's furniture at producers, considering wishes of the preschool children. The set can be found in online store or furniture firm of your city for every taste, the size of the room and by financial opportunities of various subject and an orientation. Here some unusual names of sets – "The solar city", "Princess", "Gnome", "Above a rainbow", "Robinzon", "Maugli", "Seaman", "Dragonfly".

If the room of the small sizes, it is worth looking narrowly at modular options. For example, on the lower circle the table, a locker, shelves, and on top – a bed with sides is placed, in it it is possible to whisk, having overcome a ladder. There are also beds attics representing the multipurpose complexes consisting not only from a bed, but also a sliding curbstone (or a dresser), ladders, a little table.

Changes in the room for the school student

Children grow quickly, here and an important event – the first call. Prepare for this stage gradually. Already from six-year age exempt the room from some children's elements which already will definitely not be useful to the growing-up preschool child or bored. The school desk, a desk (or even computer), a convenient chair or a chair on castors with adjustment of height will come to their place. Now the child should read much therefore to a place there will be book shelves, racks or a superstructure over a table. Some parents having financial prosperity are capable to change each two years a situation in a nursery, then they can advise a complex of furniture "Alphabet" - it too will adjust on occupations at school. If you have a modular furniture, it is possible to change the room, moving furniture sections.

Opinion of psychologists

It appears, on supervision of psychologists, the furniture influences character and education of the child. If at the kid the hyperactivity in behavior is obviously expressed, it is desirable to choose the firm set differing in exclusive balance and a harmony of all subjects to the room. After a while you with surprise will notice that in character of the child steadiness is shown, nervous reactions smooth out. If the child, on the contrary, is unsociable and will close, subjects should be chosen brighter, having expressly game hints. Then the child will join in game, will gradually be liberated, will leave "shell" and will find a common language with contemporaries and people around. If the child inaccurate, not collected as famous Masha-rasteryasha, will help to discipline and accustom to an order him the strict, rational furniture including a lot of the closed niches, shelves, compartments, boxes. Such interior will teach to put everything on the place, to be tidy and to maintain purity.

And still, remember that at any age the furniture is necessary to the child safe, made of the environmentally friendly materials conforming to all hygienic and sanitary requirements. The used paint should not affect badly on health. hopes that you will approach a choice of children's furniture creatively and with the imagination, without forgetting about a practicality, convenience, comfort and harmony. Then your kid will have an interesting childhood with a potential for development and the mass of positive emotions.

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