Treatment of mycosis
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Treatment of mycosis

"Mycosis" – the harmless word can bring many troubles. There is dry a skin, on it there are cracks which itch, nail plates of hands and feet are surprised further. Concept this collective as there are more than 500 types of causative agents of a fungal infection. Therefore also diseases are called differently: candidiasis, epidermofitiya, herpeses, scab.
"Mycosis" – the harmless, at first sight, word can bring many troubles. There is dry a skin, on it there are cracks which itch, nail plates of hands and feet are surprised further. We think, you already understood that it is about such disease as a fungus. Simply scientifically it is called "mycosis" (drevnegrech. "mykes" – a mushroom). Concept this collective as there are more than 500 types of causative agents of a fungal infection. Therefore also diseases are called differently. The most widespread of them: candidiasis, a rubrofitiya and an epidermofitiya (mycoses of feet and nails), eczemas, herpeses, a scab and the dandruff which is so tormenting many. will help to deal with that, the fungus in our organism from where undertakes, and will tell how to fight against its noxious influence.

Why mycosis everywhere?

Лечение микоза Statistically, every fourth person on the planet has this or that fungal disease. From where there is an infection? All know that a human body – habitat of a large number of bacteria and fungi. They perfectly to themselves live in harmony with our body, without bringing upon us any trouble. But at once everything can change, fungi can nekontrolirovanno start breeding and grow. The reasons can be a little:
  • diet with the high content of sugar or other type of carbohydrates;
  • violation of intestinal flora because of reception of antibiotics or other drugs;
  • the infected water or even air;
  • decrease in immunity.
Any of these reasons makes active different types of fungi which can lead to a disease of an internal. Because of it bronchitis, pneumonia, candidiasis of a stomach, intestines and vagina can develop, to suffer ENT organs (an ear, a throat, a nose) – otitis, faringomikoz, laringomikoz. And a weight more of other diseases, where the activator – a fungus!
And most often the fungus affects skin, and then reaches and nails. We will also talk about this artful fungus in this article. So, infection occurs in different places (both public, and at home) and from different people. The damp environment is necessary for a fungus for reproduction and growth. And where to take it? Correctly – in swimming pools, baths and shower. Exactly there you can pick up a fungus from already infected person. And still – wet footwear therefore so often athletes and military are subject to infection.
Causative agents of mycoses, except "love" to humidity, do not feel discomfort and in dry rooms. When the infected person loses scales of skin or hair from the damage centers, fungi do not die, they only wait for "victim". And getting on skin of the person, they start growing and breeding again. As a result – mycosis is provided to you!
Except above-mentioned public places, people can catch and in a locker room of the fitness center, both in hotel, and on a beach, and in manikyurno-pedicure salons, and even at home or at friends. Therefore do not use someone else's footwear, clothes and toilet accessories, do not go barefoot. Use antifungal sprays and aerosols for prevention. Carry convenient footwear which will not provoke perspiration of feet.
Happens that infection occurs and from an animal. For example, fungal damage of hair. But it happens seldom or never.

Who in a risk zone?

Fungus of feet and nails – the most widespread disease today. From it anybody is not insured. Though if your immunity as it should be, you and cope with mycosis. But maybe in a different way. Happens so that entering fight, the immune system can provoke an allergy. And then the illness can proceed very hard.
Lower the list of that conducts to infection with a fungus of feet and nails:
  1. Violation of blood circulation in feet.
  2. Excess weight – "friend" of different diseases, including fungal infections.
  3. Various deformations and injuries of feet.
  4. Carrying low-quality footwear, and is even worse – from synthetics.
  5. Diseases which reduce inflow of blood to feet: varicosity, diabetes, Reynaud's illness (vessels of extremities are very long reduced, it conducts to decrease in blood supply of these areas).
  6. Young (microsporias are subject – cutting deprive) and advanced age (mycosis of skin and nails).
  7. Immunodeficiency. It concerns to HIV-positive people and to people, is long accepting antibiotics, corticosteroids (steroid hormones).

Signs of a fungus of feet and nails

Лечение микоза At once there is a question: whether the ordinary person what picked up a fungus of feet or nails can understand? Of course, no, dryness of skin speaks not only about fungal diseases. Though symptoms of infection with a fungus of feet are same. Defeat begins with interdigital folds, and does not bring thus any discomfort. There are only one or several cracks to which you can not pay attention at once. And here when there is a further distribution and already lateral surfaces of feet are surprised, here you will understand that something not so. There is a dryness, a peeling, and then and an itch. And in frequent cases the itch and burning happen simply awful. Skin becomes thicker, starts reddening and shining. If you did not begin treatment, there are vials of transparent liquid. They burst and cause effect of wet skin, thus causing intolerable pain and long do not heal. The fungus of foot can move on toes and the back party of foot. The illness progresses!
And what the fungus with nails does? They grow dull, get dirty-gray color over time. Start being thickened, thus becoming fragile and fragile. Edge of a nail very rough, it is as if corroded. Eventually, the nail simply collapses. So devil-may-care attitude to own health can lead to more serious problems. Some types of fungi synthesize toxic agents, and as a result – in an organism toxins can accumulate.
Gloomy prospect, truth?! It is time to treat came long ago but if you did not take care of the health, Mirsovetov insistently advises not to hesitate.

The traditional medicine comes to the rescue

Лечение микоза Than to treat this mean fungus? The most important – before an initiation of treatment should be defined a type of a fungus, and also sensitivity to antifungal drugs. Therefore do not self-medicate – go to the doctor!
If mycosis is revealed at early stages, consider that you were lucky, it is treated week - another by antifungal ointment. Thus ointments, sprays and gels effective for today not only kill a fungus, but also for a long time are late in nails, and often even improve a condition of nails.
There are antifungal varnishes for local treatment. They are put only 1-2 times a week. If the disease is started, apply the combined preparations, in them antifungal components plus components which soften horn masses. It allows to fight against consolidation of nails.
If already there were cracks, erosion and ulcers on skin of feet, it is recommended to do warm trays for feet in weak solution of permanganate of potassium.
For today there is quite wide choice of antifungal preparations, both local, and system application. We will tell only about several of them directed on treatment of the most widespread types of a fungus of feet and nails. Widely advertized Nizoral (external application cream). Apply it on skin of feet and nails, slightly rubbing (1-2 times a day). Lamizil – is applied on the washed-up and dried up sites of skin of feet and nails, rubbing (1 times/days, a course – 1 week). Orungal (Itrakonazol) – medicine of a wide range. Duration of treatment makes from 2 to 6 weeks. Termikon – is applied as well for treatment depriving. A course – 1 week.
Side effects of new preparations are minimum. But it does not mean that it is not necessary to consult on the doctor. Only the doctor will be able to pick up the individual scheme of treatment. Besides, so far as concerns fungal damage of skin (including brushes and feet), experts prefer to use preparations which inflict defeats on the center, but are not accepted in the form of capsules and tablets inside.
Treatment by treatment, but it is necessary to remember and disinfection of everything to what the fungus adjoined. It is necessary to process floors, walls, stock of bathrooms, personal belongings: footwear, linen, means of personal hygiene.

House remedies for mycoses

Лечение микоза If you the opponent of traditional medicine, at early stages of an illness can use recipes of traditional medicine. Lower list of the most effective methods of treatment of mycosis of skin of feet and nails.
  1. Garlic in a combination to butter. Garlic is grated and mixed with butter (one to one). Apply mix on affected areas before recovery.
  2. Garlic, alcohol and the distilled water. To squeeze out garlic juice, to mix with 90-degree alcohol, to add the distilled water. Accurately to grease the infected sites before recovery.
  3. Grass Veronika. Boil 2 stalks of a grass of Veronika in 1 liter of water, about 5 minutes. When broth becomes warm, it is necessary to make a tray for feet (for 10-15 minutes). A course of treatment – 10-15 bathtubs.
  4. Sea salt. To make a tray of sea salt, you need to take 1 spoon of sea salt, to dissolve it in 1 liter of water. To rinse skin with solution every day. A course – 10 days.
  5. Propolis. The struck places should be greased with 20-30% spirit solution of propolis. A course – 3-4 weeks.
  6. Onions. Istoloch a bulb in gruel to impose on affected areas before recovery.
  7. Mint leaves with table salt. Istoloch to put between toes approximately for 1 hour. To repeat procedure before disappearance of a fungus.
  8. Iodine. Twice a day to process the nails affected with a fungus 5% solution of iodine. There will be a burning. If it not really disturbs, everything is all right. If burning amplifies, to grease not so often. A course – about 20 days.
  9. Lilac with alcohol. 10 g of flowers of a lilac to fill in 0,5 glasses of alcohol. To insist 10-15 days. To grease the struck places before recovery.
  10. Water with soda and salt. Cool trays with one tablespoon of baking soda and salt are very useful. To keep feet in water until water cools down then to rinse them with clear water.
And to steam of recipes from wise Vangi:
  • to make strong coffee (not to throw out a deposit), several times to take in coffee of a hand or foot, depending on defeat;
  • to grease sore points with "milk" of any kind of an euphorbia. Juice of this plant helps at treatment and removal of not healing ulcers, the warts struck with a fungus of nails, depriving.
What will be if not to treat? The forecast unfavourable because mycosis does not recover by itself. It will extend further, striking healthy sites of skin. That will lead to emergence of bacterial infections, will cause allergic diseases, up to development of bronchial asthma. Will worsen already available chronic diseases. And the most unpleasant – you will become the walking infection affecting not only strangers, but the family.
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