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What is the functional food

Functional food helps with cases when the person has no opportunity to watch the mode and to play sports. Mean existence in a diet of valuable and rare elements which positively influence immunity of an organism by this concept, prevent development of some diseases and strengthen the general emotional and physical background of the person.

Modern food with which the population is sated, are rather poor on useful nutrients, in them there are a lot of dyes, substitutes and other technological additives. Unfortunately, volumes of their consumption only grow.

Many people who are interested in maintenance of the health, show interest in functional food. As for directly products which are a part of this system, some requirements are imposed to them, namely they have to:

  1. Long to be stored.
  2. Quickly to prepare.
  3. It is good to be acquired.

Besides, these products have to keep or restore health. It, undoubtedly, high requirements. Thus attention to such healthy products not less careful.

The following substances are a part of products of functional food:

  1. Amino acids.
  2. Ballast substances.
  3. Useful proteins.
  4. Peptides.
  5. Various vitamins.
  6. Sour-milk bacteria.
  7. Nonsaturated fatty acids.
  8. Antioxidants.
  9. Minerals.


Products which are used at functional food, rejuvenate an organism, raise a tone, normalize a blood pressure, help to remove harmful toxins. This way of food enjoys special popularity in Japan. There more than a half of products belong to the functional.

Japanese cuisine is rich with seafood, fruit and vegetables. The fact that average life expectancy in this country makes 84 years. And over the past few years this indicator increased for 20 years. Functional food which is applied in Japan, increases immunity, promotes a solution with an excess weight, improves work of heart, normalizes activity of digestive system and helps to struggle with malignant tumors.


Products of functional food contain many biologically active components which change their food properties. It becomes in order that food made impact on different functions of an organism. These products, for example, are sated with calcium, iodine, vitamins, food fibers and useful bacteria. But the human body cannot suit any cocktail from the necessary elements. In food they have to be present at natural organic compounds.

There is a problem of glut of an organism necessary elements and substances. Especially this question is particularly acute at catering services of pregnant women and children, and also patients with AIDS. The matter is that substitutes of active agents do not bring often the expected benefit. Chemical additives can bring to consumers burning issues with health. If to consume vitamins and the vital substances in the natural form, overdose is almost impossible. After all from natural products the organism will take so much, how many for it it is necessary.

Even today not each producer is capable to create the qualitative enriched products. After all expensive equipment and also which is genetically not modified and environmentally friendly raw materials for this purpose is necessary. Therefore often products are enriched with low-quality elements. In certain cases these components absolutely incorrectly join in structure of food.

The people who are engaged in functional food say that it has to make not less than 30 percent from all products which are consumed in days. Such quantity of saturated food demands big expenses. Thus there is a big risk to get food of bad quality.

At a choice of the enriched products Mirsovetov recommends special attention to pay to packing studying, namely it is necessary to check:

  1. Structure.
  2. Storage conditions.
  3. Expiration date.
  4. Existence of the certificate of quality of production.

At consumption of such products it is important to observe the doses specified in the instruction.

Useful substances from plants

All important chemicals which meet in the plants growing in habitat are a part of products of functional food. Antibodies against diseases, natural dyes and regulators of growth can be an example. These biologically active agents do not participate in primary metabolism and do not feed a human body. Nevertheless, they are present at the vital biological processes which provide activity of all organism.

Chemical composition of these substances the very different. Even in a small dose they can act as remedies. Secondary vegetable substances the following makes impact on an organism:

  1. The antioxidant.
  2. The anti-cancerogenic.
  3. The anti-inflammatory.
  4. Regulation of arterial pressure.

Functional products

The range of such products on shelves of shops becomes more increasing. Therefore any person can get missing useful substances in food. On sale, for example, meet:

  1. The dairy products enriched with lactobacilli and probiotics which improve intestinal microflora.
  2. The porridges sated with the vitamins reducing cholesterol and strengthening immunity.
  3. The vegetable oil sated with vitamin E which helps to fight against excess weight effectively.
  4. The paste enriched with protein which is useful to muscles.
  5. Muesli with L-carotene and microcells which increase working capacity and improve supply of an organism with energy.
  6. Besides, such products as juice, teas, milk, syrups, kissels, compotes and coffee are enriched.

The range of saturated products in the different countries differs with much. So, in Japan the basis of a diet of functional food consists of the living creatures occupying the next reservoirs. In France of functional products red wine, artichokes and an asparagus is listed. Around the world rank the fermented milk products enriched with a probiotics as healthy food.

In our country various enriched products to which add different mineral complexes, the vitamins, cellulose and other components considerably increasing their value are made. Generally it is products for baby food, various sour-milk products, juice, cookies and powders used for preparation of useful drinks. Some of functional products are used as components of sports food. Except domestic, on sale also there are saturated products of foreign production.

Useful substances can be eaten in the form of a tablet or together with the enriched products. Specialists in food consider that the second way is more habitual for the person. Nevertheless, even the saturated food, as well as usual, can cause allergic reaction in some people. Therefore it is worth consulting to the doctor before. It is still important to include in the diet such products for a change of a diet. At the menu there have to be following necessary groups of products: fruit, vegetables, grain, meat, fish, sour-milk products.

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