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How to choose the freezer

The freezer – a necessary thing in a household. It is the real mini-cellar in the apartment in which all winter it is possible to store the frozen fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, berries. And still there meat and fish perfectly remains. We will tell how to choose the freezer – on what it is possible to save and without what not to do.
The freezer – a necessary thing in a household. It is the real mini-cellar in the apartment where all winter it is possible to store the frozen fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, berries. And still there meat and fish perfectly remains. tells how to choose the freezer – on what it is possible to save and without what not to do.

Why the freezer is necessary

Морозильная камера We already told how to organize a kitchen garden on a window sill and all winter to indulge house fresh greens. But, understand, not commercially. And how to be with a summer crop of fruit, berries, vegetables and an autumn stock of mushrooms? For their storage also constructed freezers. And if in your refrigerator is unreal to preserve very small deep freeze or mega-crops from giving, get this miracle of equipment.
    You should not be afraid that at a freezing vegetables fruit will lose vitamins. Modern freezers have special function at which products give in to a "shock" freezing and practically do not lose useful properties, unlike conservation process.
For those who got used to buy all the year round the frozen fruit and mixed vegetables in supermarkets, there is a wish to tell that purchase of the freezer is more favorable. Purchased "pieces of ice" – pleasure not cheap, thus, the deep freeze will pay off very quickly. And you will be sure that vegetables kept the useful properties and did not give in to a repeated freezing after which their vitamin value was reduced to zero.
By the way, very conveniently time in some months to buy meat, fish or carcasses of hens, to put in a deep freeze and to prepare as required.

Types of freezers

Холодильный ларь Freezers happen two types – horizontal (refrigerating lari) and vertical (refrigerating cases).
Refrigerating lari are an economic model. If you in the house or the apartment have not enough place, it can easily be put in the storeroom or a corridor. In fact, this type of freezers reminds a box with a cover. All internal space is filled with trellised boxes which easily get and compactly settle down from each other. Net volume of such deep freeze is slightly more, than at a deep freeze case. For storage of products – ideal option. And as the bedside table can be used provided that you not often use it.
    It is not absolutely convenient to freeze products, packages continually prolazit through lattices in boxes and back to get them is problematic. The exit from this situation is – on a bottom of boxes to readers of I recommend to lay dense paper. Only do not forget it to clean after vegetables freeze, differently air circulation in a chamber will be broken.
Холодильный шкафRefrigerating cases – resemble ordinary refrigerators superficially, can be from 65 cm to two meters high, separate or built in. The internal space is most often divided into compartments by plastic boxes that is very convenient in operation. It is possible to store fruit in one box, – to leave another for vegetables, separate to allocate for meat and fish. If any package breaks, you should not collect its contents on all deep freeze. Moreover, plastic boxes limit distribution of smells. For example, the frozen paprika gives such aroma that the products lying nearby through "become impregnated" with it. Some producers release freezers with regiments, but for the reasons described above they do not enjoy popularity.

Technical characteristics

On what the cost of this or that freezer depends? From the mass of factors. Let's talk about them in more detail.
Volume – from 100 to 500 liters. For a usual family from two adult and two children will be volume in 200 liters enough. Well, and if you the vegetarian and the place in the apartment allows, choose big models.
Freezing power – from 5 to 25 kilograms per day. The same principle, plan volume frosts – buy powerful models. For the same average family there is enough power of 5-8 kg/days.
Freezing class. The it is higher, the temperature in a chamber falls below and those can store products more long. This size is marked by stars, each of which adds-6 degrees. That is, if on a chamber four stars, temperature can reach-24 degrees.
Energy saving class. Here habitual to all A and A+. Considering an increase in prices for electricity, the indicator is very important. We do not recommend to get model with a class below D. I still, it is better to fork up and get a class A upon purchase, than then solidly to overpay all the time for electricity.
    In characteristics of each model there is such parameter as consumption of kW-hours in a year. This size can be divided on 12 and approximately to present, on how many rubles a month the account for the electric power will grow.
Контрольная панель холодильникаUseful functions. Them a little. The first – the mode of autosave of cold. If unexpectedly disconnect light, the freezer about two days can keep the set temperature (usually-9 degrees). It is difficult to underestimate existence of such mode in the conditions of our municipal service.
The second function – a superfreezing. Here you in the market buy three kilograms of cherries and at once place everything in a deep freeze. The chamber will howl, temperature will increase inside – and the freezing "shock" will not turn out in any way. Function of a superfreezing is practically in all freezers. The only thing, on what I want to pay attention of readers of – you will have to include handles this mode in some hours before place products in a deep freeze.
Management. All chambers share on deep freezes with mechanical and electronic control. The first is certainly more reliable. But the second – is more convenient, it means various indicators or even the display by means of which you will pick up the optimum mode, both for a freezing, and for storage.
Climate class. Into Russia usually import deep freezes of the class SN and N – they guarantee work without failures at ambient temperature within +32 degrees Celsius. If you live where very much hot, stop the choice on ST (+38 °) and T (+43 °).
Defrosting. To us, the Soviet women tired of a weekly defrosting of old refrigerators want comfort. But in a case with freezers, it is not necessary to strain. There are two types of a defrosting – manual and "without hoarfrost". The first demands to disconnect a deep freeze once a year, to take products, to wash up and dry up a chamber. In the presence of No frost system and it it is not obligatory to do though from the point of view of hygiene God ordered to carry out such here procedure before a summer season of a freezing.
    Note those who nevertheless will buy the freezer with modern No frost system, you should pack hermetically before a freezing all products that they did not lose moisture. The system "without hoarfrost" considerably dehydrates products, and it is not necessary for us. Therefore or spend for purchase of vacuum containers, or use inexpensive packages for a freezing (on tight fasteners).
These are usual characteristics for the majority of freezers. But you can overpay for existence of a special tray for freezing, an antibacterial covering of a chamber, system of protection against differences of tension, the lock from children, system of signals of an open door, possibility of a recanopy of a door, etc. You need it or not – solve.
    Some producers release cameras not with one compressor, and with two. Are of such models more expensive and promise fantastic temperatures. But, as a rule, in life such "minus" are not used, and a difference in the price the solid.
Upon purchase surely take an interest at the consultant, whether far there is a service center. God forbid that, and costs of transportation will lay down on your shoulders. And still, do not hammer the freezer "to the full", so you will not break system of air circulation, and the equipment will serve to you more long.
Successful purchase!
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