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Ways of deception by means of the mobile phone

Now each person has a mobile phone almost. Any SMS, calls on numbers with services and so on is only "gray", semi-honest schemes of pumping out of money. And how many still exists any "black" roguish ways. I will try to describe most "popular" of them in this article.
So, continues a cycle of articles about ways of fraud in various spheres by the story about deception by means of the mobile phone. Now each person has a mobile phone almost. And it is natural that various business of structure, and also the criminal world became interested this Wednesday. Any SMS, calls on numbers with services and so on is only "gray", semi-honest schemes of pumping out of money. And how many still exists any "black" roguish ways. I will try to describe most "popular" of them in this article that you knew with what can face and keep the money.

Gray schemes of deception

Сервисы СМС или звонков It is impossible to call these actions deception in full as more or less attentive and educated person will hardly come across this rod.
SMS services or calls
There is a set of any services in which you can receive service, having sent SMS to certain number. But everything is not so simple. Usually the price of these messages in a set of times exceeds the cost of simple SMS. And if you see advertizing of any service, the price of such message is written by the smallest font which is difficult distinguishable the person with good sight, without telling already about at whom with it a problem.
Usually SMS services offer services in downloading content for the mobile phone (games, melodies or pictures) or various chats and dating services. As for the first category, you can is banal to deceive, without having sent the necessary melody on mobile (can always refer to technical malfunctions). And consider that for downloading you need to have correctly adjusted Internet access on phone, about it usually all are silent. And to you nobody will pay a traffic so it will be additional expenses.
If to speak about dating services or chats – then the scheme of deception is quite simple: can simply palm off on you the robot or specially sitting operator who communicates by the mobile phone with thousands such as you. If you want to get acquainted, mine to you council – go outside and will see so many much cheaper options. But if you prefer SMS – then your business, but consider written above.
Approximately same situation with calls on special numbers. Only there already the price is several times higher than SMS, and service of questionable content. But if you fan …
I will tell that everything that all mobile services offer it is possible to find in the Internet free of charge. If you need mobile entertainment, download to yourself at least agent or ICQ on phone and get acquainted. Much more reliably and not so expensively. With pictures, melodies and other content a situation similar.
False payment
Ложный платеж One more widespread way of deception by means of the mobile. To you on behalf of the operator comes SMS with the text reporting the account of a certain quantity of means about revenues to you. It, of course, brings into a certain confusion because neither you, nor someone anything into the mobile account did not bring another. So far ask questions, as well as money from where could come, you are called by the person from unfamiliar number and says that it he by mistake placed money for your account. And the request calling to grant the same sum into its account it seems natural. And some come across this deception because the sums appear, as a rule, the small here.
Though it is not excluded that sometimes such mistakes are indeed made, but such phenomenon, believe, quite rare. Therefore in such cases advises always to check the account, to agree on this information with the operator.
Nokia N95 for 200-300 dollars
Sometimes it is possible to meet also such offers. And explanations can be absolutely different and various level of plausibility. Usually such phones are sold from hands. And what we will see when bring us this a miracle a tube? It will be the miracle very similar to phone which just is called, and actually Chinese consumer goods. But in it or the chamber will be on smaller number of megapixels (and maybe in general to be absent), or not to work or be absent still any important detail. The software will be simply awful. The tube is absolutely disabled. Even if in appearance everything is good, deception most likely will be shown in couple of days when this mobile phone all the same fails.
Be attentive upon purchase of phones with obviously low cost, there have to be objective reasons of such price.

Black schemes of deception

SMS spam
What is spam, I think, all of you know. And so there is so-called spam on SMS. And through some such messages to you suggest to unsubscribe. In the message it is told that the formal reply free. Or other text inducing somewhere something to send will be sent you. But everything will end equally: your hopes for the promised will be disappointed as from your mobile account the sum which determined greed of swindlers will be withdrawn, and you will remain with anything.
With the relative trouble
С родственником беда That you are ready to make for the sake of own son or other dear and loved one. A lot of things. At what as soon as you learn that someone from relatives gets to such situation, your reason pomutnyatsya at once. Swindlers also use it.
The scheme of this deception by means of mobile such is. You are called and are represented by the law enforcement officer and say that accuse your relative of commission of crime, but the problem can be solved, having paid a certain sum of money. Payment often suggest to make the express of payment of mobile communication by means of PIN codes of cards. You in turbidity of reason go to give money to the person or run behind cards.
How all this looks from outside? The group of swindlers dials casual number and speaks about incident (though happens "work" on aiming). If for you the situation is plausible, you untwist. If is not present, then politely apologize and call other people. Very often call already from a zone (therefore ask payment cards) or at liberty there is their accomplice. in such cases advises to arrive as follows. Ask to give a tube to your relative or call him. Do not give money will not make sure actually a fact of crime yet. Can address to militia by the way. The main thing not to allow emotions to take control of itself.
Ways of mobile stains there can be a set. The main thing not to start at once doing something, and it is simple to think properly and to recheck everything.
Game on greed
Игра на жадности And here the way of deception last for today by means of the mobile phone based on usual human greed. How many times repeated to the world that there's no such thing as a free lunch. But is not present, people greedy before that all the same give bread to swindlers.
Set of the sites usually through spam suggest to reduce the price of mobile communication. Thus offer any program, a way or something similar. Unity in one – all of them sell air, and to buy something similar the sense is not present unless you want to present excess ten dollars to swindlers.

Here and so mobile speculators can deceive you. Be attentive and do not fall into a trap to swindlers.
To in total you kind!
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