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Frauds on the Internet, part 1

In today's article it will be a question of frauds on the Internet. Until the only protection on the Internet there is a vigilance of users, everyone zhulyyo feels freely there. Therefore, seeking to protect you from this danger, will tell about the most popular ways of deception and fraud on the Internet.
I welcome you, dear readers of our site. In today's article it will be a question of frauds in the Internet which divorced as insects in the room which never cleaned. Until the only protection on the Internet there is a vigilance of users, everyone zhulyyo feels freely there. Therefore, seeking to protect you from this danger, will tell about the most popular ways of deception and fraud on the Internet.

Programs for receiving money from air

Мошенничества в Интернете Let's begin with such type of fraud as distribution of various programs - "generators".
The essence of this way of fraud consists that suggest to buy you the special program generator of various PIN codes, for example, PIN codes of payment cards of mobile operators, the Internet or simply "generators" of money of electronic currency (most widespread "generators"). Naturally, similar programs are not capable of anything.
Also there are more veiled fraud options: various programs burglars or interceptors of information. Once one such program interceptor, the author even got to me wrote the quite good selling text where explained the principle of work of the program. For the uneducated person the principle of work of the program would be quite effective. I even sent the letter to the author, but the answer did not receive …
It is natural that I was not going to buy anything, I sometimes like to talk to such people how they came to such life.
Here signs on which you can distinguish fraud:
  1. The program makes money from air. Generation, collecting bonuses, breaking something (usually breaking difficult process, the set of instructions and programs is necessary);
  2. Mass character of such information. You are not the advanced hacker or the employee of intelligence services. For certain except you there will be thousands of persons interested so "to earn", and from where to undertake to money. And in general, what sense to sell for pathetic 0,5-100 dollars the program which could bring millions. assures you that even if such opportunity would be, at the first popularity a shop would cover;
    Мошенничества в Интернет - деньги из воздуха
  3. Questionable content site. Let you be not confused by abundance of positive responses at a forum or in guest, try to leave the slightest dissatisfied response there. Most likely, your sayings simply will not pass (if there in general there is an opportunity to leave them) instead of starting eliminating misunderstanding. Though the site can be executed perfectly, specially, to convince you of honesty of the events;
  4. Other mistakes, primitiveness or extraordinary ease and convenience (millions in 2 cliques), the small size, etc. – have to guard you.
In attempt to pay you receive a trojan (especially if the program extends free of charge – chance of 100%) or an empty form. So better simply support financially this person, without risking to be the infected any Trojan or a virus. If such desire is, of course.

Miracle sponsors

Мошенничества в Интернете - Чудо спонсоры The sites which money pays you for advertizing viewing are called as sponsors. The quantity of such money is insignificant a little. And having tried the luck on the similar Internet sites, having earned at most couple of dollars a month, having received them on a purse, beginning "businessman" suddenly receives the letter on super-generous foreign sponsors earnings on which unlike above that is supported with immemorial songs about happy western life in one of advertizing messages. Of course, "businessman" goes there.
There are frank cheatings: the sites offering 10 thousand dollars for the letter (and to you it is weak more?), there are also sites which offer more moderate earnings. In fact, in this case chances to be deceived decrease in direct ratio to reduction of possible earnings. Here sponsor-kidaly signs:
  1. Big earnings. On viewing of advertizing on foreign sponsors it is possible to earn as much, and even it is less, than on the most popular Russian sponsors.
  2. To remove money you need to pay. This old scheme of fraud is known not only on the Internet. And founders of the sites, but also third parties use it not only directly. Sometimes at forums it is possible to meet posts of such contents:
    "I as well as many of you worked at the site, and wound the quite good sum of money there. But did not know in any way how to bring them. And here, at last, found a way (a symptom of special attention, influential friends i.t.d.). Also I can share with pleasure it with you for …. C.u."
    I think, you understand that any techniques to remove your millions is not present as a mouse nobody will give millions for a monotonous klikanye, especially to thousands such as you users of a network.
  3. Strange sites. Bad design, too easy conditions for earnings (for example, the partner program which paid for display of a certain reference, and unlike similar projects there was no protection against price markups or repeated registration that caused suspicions).
It is necessary to mention that if you already fell into a trap, can spend your virtual account for advertizing of your site. Though somebody will work a downtime.
Sometimes also kidala among rather externally normal projects therefore you always have every chance meet, as well as to win (at the beginning for the purpose of promotion new services give more favorable conditions), and to lose (not the fact that new service will be honest).
But here can advise only one: to use the checked and honest sites.

Operations with electronic currencies

Мошенничества в Интернете - операции с электронными валютами Huge number of deceivers chose this type of fraud. Ways of divorce by means of operations a little:
  1. Magic purses. It is offered to you one or the other. The first – to transfer money and to receive the doubled option. The second is a more advanced option of such divorce: to deceive flimflammers as "they transfer the small amounts in the doubled size and when the person gets excited and will transfer a large sum – will leave it to themselves. Anybody will notice nothing as there is a script machine gun. Let's translate together gradually to ruin swindlers …". Examples of such posts it is possible to meet a set at forums without moderators or in letters with spam.
  2. Pseudo-exchangers. The exchange offices offering currency exchange at a favorable rate (to $ E-Gold = $ WMZ 0.97) so that on it it is possible to earn, stupidly changing means. Besides there can be thousands of proofs of a righteousness. But usually if to peer into the site, it is executed poor and with mistakes. Such does not happen as courses similar worldwide and if you want to try to earn on it, let's go on Forex, and these sites will simply appropriate your money and will not choke.
And in general think, why that person who reported to you about it, spent the money for publication of similar "pot of gold"?

On it we finish the first part of our article about frauds on the Internet. Throughout this material you learn about various deceptive offers coming to you with spam. And also will discredit some myths which allegedly allow to earn to some enterprising companions.
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