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Frauds on the Internet, part 2

This article is continuation of the story about ways of fraud on the Internet. In the first part we captured not all inventions of swindlers which purpose is to catch someone else's money. Every day they find everything new ways, and we will continue the story about already known to us to secure you against roguish tricks.
Мошенничества в Интернете - Сомнительные проекты Hello, dear readers of our Internet magazine. This article is continuation of the story about ways of fraud on the Internet. In the first part we captured not all inventions and shifts of swindlers which purpose is only one – deception to catch someone else's money. Every day they find everything new ways, and we will continue the story about already known to us to secure you against roguish tricks. I hope, it will be interesting to you. So, prodolzhany …

Doubtful projects

Every day on the Internet there is a set of doubtful projects which aim to involve you in participation. It can be pyramids, superprofitable ways of earnings, etc.
Perhaps, got to you really something standing where from you fast decision-making is required. But advises not to hurry, and to enter into a line of search " a scam" – results can you both to disappoint, and to please. Also pay attention to availability at a price of a hosting, to quality of design of the site, to lack of mistakes and technical defects.

Dethronement of some myths

Casino. This type of fraud is that report to you about a hole in any Internet casino. Report about manipulation which needs to be carried out for a prize. When you carry out it and successfully lose – take away the partner commission charges. And how differently, what they in vain spent the time and money for the sake of commission of one more good deed?
Мошенничества в Интернете - Интернет-казино About holes clearly. Besides, there are some users trying to beat the Internet casino by special techniques (I in general will hold back simple players). It is necessary is very thin to know this sphere and long time to develop some tactics to win. And the Internet casino can be in advance programmed on your loss. Therefore what would not be effective strategy, your maximum "prize" is a game addiction, which to anything good will not lead you.
Bookmaker offices. Here your self-confidence can play very dirty trick with you. After all offices exist to make profit for their owners. Therefore coefficients miscalculate to make profit for the owner of office. And your brain is programmed so that to lose on the sum of games. So before game it is necessary to read recommendations of professional bookmakers and in accuracy to follow them (it very important). I will not speak about pseudo-offices which do not pay prizes to players. So before spending the time for any site where suggest to conclude a bet – advises to read comments on him. A lot of things will become clear and clear.
Forex. For many this exchange seems some pot of gold, to learn to play the main thing. On what earn various firms giving opportunity to play. After all unlike a casino, the office will always receive the commission charges, irrespective of result. Because also there is a huge number of the firms offering intermediary services and doing everything that Forex was popular.
Actually those who has really any communications in the highest world circles as in this market a lot of things solve even 5 minutes win. And for the others this occupation is very similar to a casino or a lottery. So do not think that, having understood this market, money will drive to you the river, be ready to risk.


Мошенничества в Интернете - Обман под различным предлогом Very often you can meet messages on a request to send money there with the different purposes. Usually they come in the form of spam. What messages happen:
Request of money. Banal begging on something. Your business to give them or not to give. Sometimes it is possible to try to send couple of cents to the poor fellow.
Request of money, with pressure upon pity. You are told plaintive story, and purses for money transfer, allegedly for the help are given. I advise stories to esteem as the laughter prolongs life and the imagination of the writer it would be advisable to estimate. Really well thought over and made letters comes across a little, and actions of swindlers in attempt to come with them for contact differ in idiocy and nonsense. So too it is possible to laugh – life to prolong.
But here to transfer money I do not advise as in 99.9% of cases the situation invented, and the writer simply earns.
Monthly fee for use of payment system. To you the letter or the account allegedly from administration of payment system (even the address can necessary be, now it is not difficult to make it), in which it is told about hard times of the company and need of transfer of a certain monthly fee for use comes.
This way of fraud already outdated, but still enjoys popularity in the ranks of Internet swindlers.
Blackmail and threats. You directly and impudently are blackmailed and threatened with closing of the site, purse or something else if you do not pay. Here it is necessary to regard threat obviously. But the main thing not to pay the swindler, and it will be best of all to find him and to take the appropriate measures on an otuchivaniye from similar letters further.
Request of money with special cynicism. That method which considers as the most barbarous. Swindlers through spam ask you to transfer money for restoration of church, the help to the sick person or something similar. Idea sacred, but realization. Why to dispatch spam? If there is such project, there has to be a site. Most likely, there will be bank accounts, but not on WebMoney, information will be opened, organizers will easily contact. It, probably, the most awful way of fraud on the Internet so whenever possible such speculators should be punished on all severity.


Мошенничества в Интернете - Фишинг Usually with spam, and, perhaps, and other ways, to you references to the site come to the e-mail address and the request to enter anew information or … generally, the request to come into the account. The site will be the exact copy real, and the name will be very similar (, i.t.p.) After input of your information there will be any mistake, data will go to swindlers, and you will throw on the real site. Be not surprised that after a while the balance of your account will become equal to zero. Not to fall into a trap to fisher, recommends to be more attentive simply.

What to do if you found the swindler

If it is a fraudulent website, it is necessary to write to a hoster the letter with a request it to close. It is also quite possible to find the swindler dispatching spam. Then to write applications in law enforcement agencies. If deceivers feel inevitability of punishment – their ranks considerably will thin.
You simply can pass by, simply remaining attentive and a little razvlyokshis. But remember, flimflammers from it it will not be lowered, and in a consequence someone from them will be able to think up a way on which also you will peck.
Therefore be attentive and careful doubly!
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