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That is necessary for registration of the international passport

You decided to go to rest to other country, but you have no international passport? And, perhaps, have even no idea as far as there can be troublesome a procedure for its registration. That at you everything was prepared in time, will tell how to receive the international passport as well as what to collect documents, and for what time to a trip it is necessary to see to it about obtaining the passport.
Оформления загранпаспорта, документы для загранпаспорта You decided to go to rest to other country, but you have no international passport? And, perhaps, have even no idea as far as there can be troublesome a procedure for its registration. And at times, to bring together all neobkhodimy documents, it takes enough time and nerves. And quite really to get to a situation when terms draw in. That at you everything was prepared in time, will tell how to receive the international passport as well as what to collect documents, and for what time to a trip it is necessary to see to it about obtaining the passport.

What is the international passport (international passport)?

The international passport is the main document of the citizen shown them at entrance or trip abroad.
International passports are made out:
  • To full age citizens Russian Federations instead of lost, outdate or lost force, and also to the citizens who earlier did not have the passport.
  • To the citizens of the Russian Federation who did not reach majority
  • According to the statement of one of parents the child has the right for registration of own passport. On reaching 14-year age registration of the individual passport obligatory.
It is worth remembering that the international passport has limited validity period – 5 years from date of issue. When obtaining visas in a row of the countries you have to remember that you will have to return home in 3 months prior to the termination of period of validity of the passport.

Where to receive the international passport?

Где лучше и быстее получить загранпаспорт The answer to this question, actually, will also be the first step to obtaining the passport.
You have two ways. The first is that you enter in any searcher the key phrase and in a minute before you the list of firms which for a certain payment are ready to preserve your time and to issue for you the international passport.
If you go some other way, you need to learn where in your settlement there is DVR (Department of Visas and Registration) of your area. If to you carries, you will get to business hours of OVIR (and, as a rule, the schedule of their work surprisingly precisely coincides with hours of your work therefore prepare your management for that you should leave work at some o'clock – in OVIR usually of turn), you, first, will be able to learn business hours of this establishment, and secondly, to take the list of necessary documents. But facilitates your task and brings

The list of necessary documents for obtaining the international passport

Список необходимых документов для получения загранпаспорта For obtaining the international passport to the citizen of the Russian Federation 18 years are more senior:
  • Two questionnaires certified by the press for working in the state. establishments it is certified by the chief, his deputy or the personnel manager, for working not in state. establishments it is certified by the head, his deputy or the chief a human resources department, for students - of dean's office, for the military personnel - in a service place, for school students – in a study place, and for the unemployed and pensioners – in a residence.
  • Reference of 32 forms for young men of military age. This reference that soon you officially are not a recruit. There is one small nuance concerning this reference: the term of its action 1 month therefore you have to keep within this period with process of submission of documents on the international passport.
  • Receipt on payment of the state duty (400 rubles). If you live in the small city where passports write out in the only place, for payment of the receipt safely go to any bank, there for certain know requisites where it is necessary to list duty. In an opposite case in that first campaign in OVIR do not forget to write off requisites, where to pay.
  • Civil passport
  • Post envelope for the notice you about readiness of the passport.
  • Service record
  • The old international passport if you not the first time receive the international passport
  • 4 photos on the international passport, not digital.
It is necessary for the citizen of the Russian Federation who reached 14 years, but did not reach 18 for obtaining the international passport:
  • Civil passport
  • Civil passport of the parent
  • The reference form No. 9 from a study place (validity period 1 month)
  • The questionnaire certified of educational institution in duplicate
  • The assigned certificate for young people is more senior than 17 years
  • 4 photos on the international passport, not digital
To enter the child in the international passport, you will need the following documents:
  • Civil passport of the parent
  • International passport of the parent
  • Original of the birth certificate of the child and his copy
  • The original of an insert about the Russian nationality and its copy
  • Certificate form No. 9 of a registration (validity period 1 month)
  • From six-year age of 3 photos
  • If the child studies, the questionnaire certified on a study place in duplicate


Особое внимание стоит уделить заполнению анкет The special attention should be paid to filling of questionnaires. Each OVIR tries to show the power over the people therefore quite often think out the some small rules. In one OVIR it is obligatory to fill in questionnaires only on the typewriter or by means of the computer and the printer. Other OVIR demands that questionnaires were filled in by all means with the black handle printing letters. The third OVIR does not lower duplicates of questionnaires, only questionnaires on their paper are required for them. The fourth OVIR in general sells forms for questionnaires. Therefore to you recommends strongly to specify similar information in your OVIR to save the time and nerves.
So, we will consider on points as it is correct to fill in the questionnaire:
  1. The surname, a name, a middle name is entered. If earlier you had others a surname, a name, or a middle name, you have to enter also them with the instruction, when and where these data changed. If you did not change a surname or a name, just like that and specify: did not change (and).
  2. The number month and year of birth is filled.
  3. Sex: male or female.
  4. Birthplace. It is filled on the basis of data of the all-civil passport
  5. Place of continuous accommodation and phone (do not forget to specify phone), after the address of a registration it is necessary to write the address of the actual place of residence (also with phone number).
  6. Nationality is specified. If are the citizen of any else country, except for Russia, it is necessary to bring also these data; if is not available, and to write – is not available.
  7. Passport data are specified, and also whether there was for you an admission to the data relating to the state secret.
  8. It is specified in the eighth point, whether there are for you contractual obligations interfering trip abroad.
  9. It is necessary to enter, for what purpose want to receive the international passport (for departure on the PERMANENT RESIDENCE or for single departures the abroad).
  10. It is specified, whether in the first time you receive the international passport, want to replace already used or to renew because of loss.
  11. If you are in military age, for obtaining the passport you will have to submit the reference No. 32 guaranteeing that at the time of registration of the international passport and some time after its receiving you have the basis not to be called up for military service.
  12. If you were ever brought to trial, you have to specify it in this point. (It is necessary to answer Yes or no).
  13. If necessary data on children are specified: the surname, a name, a middle name, is pasted the photo which is certified in a place of study of the child.
  14. All places of study and work over the last 10 years are specified.
  15. Appending the signature in the last point, you subscribe in the following: "I am warned that the message of false data in the statement or providing counterfeit documents attracts the responsibility established by the legislation".
Other columns of the questionnaire are not filled in.
Оформления загранпаспорта, документы для загранпаспорта reminds that it is worth thinking of obtaining the international passport beforehand because on the basis of the Federal law on an order of departure from the Russian Federation and entry into the Russian Federation in case you submit the application for receiving in a residence, date of receipt should not exceed 1 month. If you submit the application in a stay place, the term of delivery should not exceed 4 months. If you are outside the Russian Federation and submit the application to diplomatic mission or consular establishment, your passport will be ready in 3 months. In case of emergency (the death of the close relative, an illness demanding immediately intervention) you will be able to count on obtaining the international passport within 3 working days.
In practice all these terms sometimes stretch, especially during the spring and summer periods – the periods of holidays and vacation. Therefore recommends to you for the sake of a nervosberezheniye and economy of money to prepare the international passport beforehand.
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