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How to transfer flight

If it is necessary to you long-awaited holiday, perhaps in the near future, you already got the permit to the distant countries? Or perhaps you fly on a symposium or conference? Or the meeting with the relatives living over the ocean is necessary? Everything it seems develops remarkably …

At you the concern how you will transfer flight grows. Most strongly those who flies for the first time worry. And there are also those who badly transfers planes. For example, fear of height. Or aeroembolism. Or perhaps problems with vessels bring disappointment? Underwritten recommendations of that flight did not sadden plans and hopes are also intended for you.

Air transportation – the convenient and fast way of movement allowing to be transferred in some hours from one part of the planet to another. Every minute from the different airports huge winged steel birds soar up up. Everything perfectly and here the human body at flight is exposed to big stress loads. That to reduce them, we will give a number of the recommendations useful even before flight.

Preparation of an organism before flight

Work over yourself and eliminate the psychological reasons of fear of height and a panic. The person who is afraid of something, subconsciously attracts this situation. If you are adjusted quietly and optimistically, and flight will take place successfully. People feel under protection if put on a cross worn on the neck, and in a pocket of clothes place a small icon of the esteemed Saint, for example, Nikolay Flatterer, the patron traveling or known for much by the miracles of the mother Matrona. Perhaps, you have the favourite icon, then take it in the road.

To the persons having chronic heart troubles, vessels of a brain and extremities (vegeto-vascular dystonia, hypertension, thrombosis or varicosity), it is quite good before the planned flight in advance to register in reception to the doctor that that allowed flight and made the necessary recommendations. For example, the doctor will advise to take with himself tablets, suitable for lowering of arterial pressure, can even will advise to spend on drink a course of the preparations diluting blood or will write out ointment or cream for improvement of a condition of veins standing. And that who had a stroke recently, the heart attack, any surgical intervention or has in the anamnesis a serious oncological illness, bronchial asthma perhaps even as it is necessary to postpone flight, and to consider a trip on other type of transport for the wellbeing.

Fans of diving, pay attention that after your last immersion in a subsoil of the sea or ocean before landing in the plane has to pass not less than 24 hours!

Councils for those who has aeroembolism

If at the person not everything is safe with a vestibular mechanism, can afflict when flying the following symptoms: slackness, violation of orientation and coordination of movements, a podtashnivaniye, desires on vomiting. Quite so also aeroembolism or an ukachivaniye is shown. Begin B1 vitamin reception (it still call tiamin) in two weeks prior to alleged travel by plane, it will strengthen your nervous system. This vitamin B a natural look contains in grain and leguminous (porridge, rice, is better even raw, brown color), haricot, artichokes, sunflower seeds, nuts, avocado.

On a front desk ask the staff of the airport to make for you room where will rock to sleep less. Such places are in a pass zone near wings or about a window.

Now doctors and druggists recommend a number of preparations for having aeroembolism.

The first of them are tabletochka under the name "DRAMINA". Accept one or two tabletochka in thirty minutes prior to estimated time of a departure of the plane to remove such symptoms as nausea and desires on vomiting, in addition will arise also the calming effect, action will proceed about six hours. Medicine can be given and to children to whom year was already executed, only to reduce a dose. Before purchase attentively read the summary as there are diseases at which it is impossible to appoint it.

There is still a homeopathic medicine of "AVIA-MORE" deserving attention. It is issued in the form of small a granulok, tablets or caramels with sweet taste. It consists of natural components, is absolutely harmless, not only removes symptoms, but also the vestibular mechanism of an organism treats, it is possible to give even to the small kids which reached three years. In one hour prior to landing rassosit a tablet, caramel or five granulok in a mouth. Each hour reception is repeated, but no more than five times a day.

I will call one more import preparation. These are the capsules of "AVIOPLANT" containing in the structure poroshochek ginger, possessing antiemetic property. It is possible to drink two capsules in 30 minutes prior to flight, and then if necessary to repeat reception of one more or two capsules in four hours. To children it is appointed only from twelve-year age.

If in anything do not want to swallow, can use the Korean means for external application, it is a special plaster against an ukachivaniye, it is pasted behind ears on skin for half an hour before flight. It is called as "EKSTRAPLAST", consists of vegetable components, is harmless even to children.

There is a wrong opinion that if not to eat before flight, it will be better for an organism. It not so. Be surely supported with food, easy for a stomach. For example, the vegetable dish, fruit (apples, bananas, pears) will be not superfluous. Surely drink houses ginger tea if there is such opportunity. It becomes simply. To take a slice of a fresh ginger root, now it without effort can be bought in greengrocery or tent. Crush a knife or a chesnokodavilka so that about one tea spoon with a gorochka turned out. Put in a mug and fill in with boiled water. It is possible also there to cut off a limonchik circle. Wait for minutes fifteen. Also drink. Such tea will give force to your organism, possessing thus also protivotoshnotny action.

If there is no opportunity to drink such tea, stock up with usual water without gases. Sparkling water is harmful to that at change of atmospheric pressure it in an organism can cause discomfort in the form of a meteorizm, intestines swellings. And already in flight it is necessary to drink at least on 200 ml each forty minutes. But remember – water or juice (grapefruit, pineapple, mandarinovy). It is extremely undesirable to drink tea and coffee as the caffeine containing in their structure excites nervous system. And you, on the contrary, should calm down and relax.

In advance think of clothes in which you make flight. It has to be simple, loose fit, not pulling together, after all you long time should sit in a chair of salon. Too choose footwear convenient, not narrow. It is better for girls to avoid fashionable and graceful heels. In salon it is possible to remove absolutely footwear, it will improve blood circulation in extremities. It is possible to take in hand luggage simply socks not to sit barefoot. If men do not want to take off boots or sneakers then untie the pulling together laces.

Now on sale there are in assortment special pillows for a neck. You will not regret if take such small pillow in salon, your neck and the head it will serve kind service. Then the neck will not become numb, and the violent golovushka will not be tired and will not ache from tension.

Means for moistening at dryness of air

If you have not really good sight which you correct by means of lenses, in salon it is better to be without them therefore by all means take in hand luggage the container for them. Lenses can be replaced with points. All the matter is that in salon of the plane very low humidity of air, about 15%. It provokes excessive dryness of eyes, their reddening. The moistening droplets can be useful for eyes. If you have a dry skin, its greasing by the moisturizing cream, especially round a nose and lips can even be demanded. And lips can be greased with the moisturizing balm. Can also appear and dryness mucous a nose, then it is possible to inject into each nostril spray for a nose, for example, "Akvirin".

Councils of subjects at whom feet are tired and swell

If your feet are inclined to fatigue and puffiness, there are problems with venous blood circulation, in advance at home apply with the easy massing movements on them creams which are advised by doctors. For example, creams positively influence a condition of veins on plant extracts – "VENITAN" or "ANTISTAKS". It is possible even to put on medical stockings or stockings. In advance get all necessary in a drugstore. Below still will tell about gymnastics.

How to behave directly during stay in air

During take-off up or landings at some arise feelings of a congestion of ears. Are inclined to such phenomenon having diseases of ears, a nose or vessels. To avoid this unpleasant phenomenon, suck sugar candies. Mint sosalka will best of all go. But will fit also "Barberry", "Theatrical", "Citrus". The main thing that they were not lusciously sweet, differently then will cause thirst. Helps as well broad opening of a mouth or imitation of yawning, so you normalize pressure going on an eardrum.

Conveniently settle down in a chair. Try to relax and calm down.

The poor fellows compelled to fly with cold or rhinitis tell that they had a feeling in the head, as if after a roar of a cracker, firing or even explosion of the grenade. So, we draw conclusions, it is better not to fly if artful cold overtook.

Change a pose more often. Extend feet forward. Many like to sit, is imperceptible for itself having put one foot on another. In the plane of it it is impossible to do as you worsen blood circulation in the lower extremities and bodies of a small pelvis. If feel discomfort in feet, a zatekaniye or a sleep, do gymnastics, especially if it is necessary is long to be airborne. Many airlines even spread instructions on this subject. It is useful to do exercise "Scissors", known for all since the childhood. It is possible to hop simply feet, leaning that on a sock, on the patch. Rotation of a stupnyama that clockwise, against also has beneficial effect. There is a lot of options of movements, dream, it is only welcomed. Do not forget and about hands, squeeze, unclench cams. Your head let a little bit will nod that to the left, to the right, then back and forth.

Once in an hour do small movements on salon.

Many men mistakenly believe that if they will accept a good dose of alcoholic drinks in the plane, will feel more comfortably. Actually it can lead to loss of control over itself and to negative consequences. Cases when the crew is compelled to make the decision on unplanned landing became frequent, without having reached the destination yet. Responsible for such landings is threatened by arrest, collectings, penalties entering in the "black" list and crash of plans …

Are sure that these councils will significantly facilitate your flight, will remove alarm and will adjust on the best harmony. Sleep before travel in air, take in hand luggage all necessary that bought in a drugstore, adhere to the recommendations improving a physical and psychological state of an organism. Happy flight!

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