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What to do that flowers stood more long

As it is pleasant to receive as a gift a magnificent bouquet! Flowers – a symbol of unconditional, sincere love and tenderness of feelings, respect, appreciation or gratitude. And so cut flowers that they as it is possible more long want to prolong life pleased us, being in a vase. Some subtleties, methods and methods of care of flower bouquets will be opened by

Way of flowers from shop to the addressee

Choosing a bouquet in shop, remember that gentle, fragile, charming creations are afraid of sharp temperature contrasts, for example, when from warm cozy shop them dip into fierce winter cold or submit for worry to winds in off-season. If on the street it is cold, surely ask the seller to turn and properly to pack your acquisition into a brown paper or a film. It is possible to carry anturiums, strelitzias, orchids and other newcomers from south countries to the thermophilic flowers which are very badly transferring temperature below a zero mark. If they stay some time on a frost, it is fraught with emergence of dark specks. And here I carried tulips to the frost-resistant, "tempered" flowers – simply well paper them, then even minus 15 degrees to them are not terrible. The opposite moment – flowers are afraid of a strong heat, closeness and the scorching sun. If you keep the bouquet some time under intensive beams of a hot star, it will be able to stand only a couple of hours. And then no "reanimation" will rescue these lifeless creations. The conclusion is simple: men, in the summer in hot days do not leave a bouquet in the car before its delivery of the darling. If you included "oven" in the car in the winter to warm flowers, pay attention that streams of hot air did not get straight on a bouquet.

First actions

And here the delightful bouquet passed frosts and it was presented in warm hands, from her sincere smile around even it became lighter. But do not hurry to run at once to the room behind a vase, to pour in it cold water from a water tap. Let at first flowers will get used to a situation of minutes, new to them, ten. And you inhale the gentle and delicate aroma exhaled by them so far. Now it is possible to remove carefully leaflets and branches from the lower part of a stalk which will appear in water. By all means cut a stalk tip, and it is desirable to do it under a stream of cool water (or in a basin with water), then the carrying-out vessels will not be corked with air therefore your florets will be better to absorb vivifying water. The more long you will manage to make cuts, the better. A knife for such procedure take the sharp. If a stalk firm, for example, as at a lilac, about 5 cm from below split, as a metyolochka.

If from stalks lacteal juice (so happens at molochayny, poppy, a narcissus) is emitted, after undercutting at once dip their tips into strongly hot water literally for some seconds. Otherwise in cold water lacteal juice will quickly turn and right there will cork the carrying-out plant vessels. When performing such procedure keep stalks under an inclination that to protect buds and flowers from hot water vapor. Some ask a question – why to delete beautiful green lower leaves? will explain:

  1. It will prevent rotting of those parts of a plant which will appear under water in a vase.
  2. Will significantly reduce an evaporation surface.

Cutting of the lower parts of a plant at roses, chrysanthemums, a lilac is especially important.

At first flowers will "drink" much therefore pour a vase almost up to the top. In some hours check – whether not to add there still. And only dip gerberas into water only on one third of all length. The matter is that the stalk at these plants is covered with the pretty hairs which are quickly rotting in the water environment about it the appeared slime will specify.

It is desirable that water for flowers was otstoyanny (at least 4 hours). Do not put the bouquet in very cold water, let it will be cool or warm. The euphorbia, a gerbera and a lilac prefer water not below plus 18 degrees. And here branches of a mimosa are allowed to be put even in hot water, its inflorescences will like spraying by cool water.

Do not forget to change every day to the pets water, thus cut their small stalks obliquely. In flower shop you can get a bag with special preservative which contents get enough sleep in water for cut flowers. And now we will concern features of care of different flowers.


Before placing magnificent, graceful roses in a vase, and thorns cut off the lower parts of small branches with leaves scissors. If your "queens" belong to a grade "Gran Pri", the main stalk do not cut the first two days, differently buds will quickly show all the beauty, and petals will early fall down. After you unpacked a bouquet, saturate the roses with water, having placed them for this purpose in a bathtub with the cool water which is previously gathered there. If roses of other grades, at once cut off them slightly obliquely under water stalks and leave for some hours – water procedures will refresh them. Pay attention thus that the cut-off ends were in the water environment, and here heads let remain on air. It will be pleasant to roses if you do every night to them such bathtubs. If such opportunity is not present, to change water in a vase rather every day, in a day to cut stalks, washing their tips under a water stream. Temper at roses is whimsical, they do not get on with other flowers, hold them separately from other plants. For example, the smell exhaled by carnations or lilies can work on roses depressing. Roses extremely do not like the smoked rooms, drafts and direct bright sunshine.

Most long there are roses the claret or red, relating to grades Forever Young and Freedom. As a rule, roses with the extended buds and large petals of pink or white flowers please with the fresh complexion short term.


It is necessary to cut off (or to buy) tulips what already got the coloring – heads of their steel red, pink or yellow. If on your tulips there are elastics, it means that they already became overripe. And if you remove elastic bands, tulips can quickly break up to petals. If tulips long are in horizontal situation, their stalks can be bent or bent. That to avoid it, transport such bouquets in dense paper. Do not remove at once paper, simply update their cuts and leave for some hours tips in cold water – let will get drunk and will be leveled. Then remove packing, leave on each plant on two leaves, cut off the others. For a vase add a little sugar that flowers staid more long to water, and immerse in it a bouquet. These flowers even continue to grow in a vase (sometimes to five centimeters) when they start revealing, be gentle with flowers, at petals very weak fastening, they can fly. And one more secret – tulips will stand more long if every day to add ice cubes to water.


Heads at these plants heavy, and stalks thin therefore it is necessary to transport them in boxes. Often it happens so that at the basis of a flower head the stalk is bent. It is not necessary to try to correct hands a situation, then the fragile flower can break in your hands. Gradual alignment will happen itself when the flower gets drunk warm water from a vase. A vessel prefer high, if stalks long. Sometimes for stability giving soft and flexible stalks place in transparent tubules or okruchivat a thin delay. reminds that you should not pour a lot of water in a vase, enough, that stalks were shipped only on 7 centimeters. Water should be changed often, washing thus mucous stalks, without allowing their rotting. It is possible to throw a pinch of salt or lemon acid into a vase. At the correct leaving of a gerbera will stay more than two weeks.


In the room where you place orchids, it has to be cool, but do not allow drafts. Put a vase in the lit place, but direct sunshine should not disturb a plant. Branches usually are on sale in capsules. Remove these flasks, they are necessary only for transportation. Your orchids will be better to feel will stay in usual clear water more long. Do not forget to change only water and to cut the branches, then their blossoming will proceed more than three weeks.


And these autumn beauties do not demand special leaving. Try to delete only in due time dried-up leaflets from the lower part of a firm stalk, tips can be split or shattered slightly. It will be pleasant to chrysanthemums if air in the room is cool (temperature not higher than 20 degrees) if the climate is hotter, blossoming will be, unfortunately, not such plentiful and long. Change water every other day, carry out undercutting of tips, at the correct leaving of a chrysanthemum fresh four weeks will look. And if nevertheless your chrysanthemums hung, began to fade, try them to encourage by such method: at first ship stalks in a vase with hot water for some minutes, and then right there – with cold. After such contrasts slightly cut stalks, place a bouquet in a vase in which water of room temperature is poured. There is a high probability that the bouquet will recover.

Additional recommendations

  1. The large leaves leaving a vase, and also rose-petals, freesias, a narcissus, a carnation, a lily of the valley are recommended to be sprayed periodically slightly. And here the camellia should not be subjected to such procedures that there were no spots, gentle petals were not curtailed.
  2. If the bouquet withered, place it for some time in a bathtub which previously fill to a half with cool water.
  3. The best water for cut flowers – spring. If it is not present, that in which days lay down stones of a shungit will approach. If bouquets give you often, buy the fertilizer intended for cut flowers in shop.
  4. In a vase it should not be close, flowers of different types not really well adjoin with each other, it concerns, for example, narcissuses and tulips. Lilies of the valley, chrysanthemums are incompatible with other plants of a rose.
  5. To carnations it is possible to add lemon acid to a vase (or the Aspirin tablet).
  6. Irises love cold water, it is possible to throw ice cubes into a vase periodically.
  7. Flowers will quickly wither if water in a vase has the musty, rotting smell.
  8. The bouquet left in hot kitchen or about heating radiators will stay the smaller term therefore place the bouquets in cool places.
  9. If on a branch some buds, delete otsvetshy flowers, then other buds by all means will reveal.
  10. About a vase with the flowers do not place fruit, especially the apples emitting when maturing gas ethylene it is noticed that plants are very sensitive to it.
  11. If presented you flower composition in a basket, most likely, flowers are placed there in a floristic penalty fee which when hardening is similar to a penoplastovy brick. Such material holds in itself water. Do not forget to add daily there water.

Let the above described councils will help to prolong life to your bouquets of roses, chrysanthemums, tulips … Take care of flowers correctly, then they as a token of gratitude will long please you.

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