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How to choose the floor fan

When hot days come and in rooms temperature, the first desire which arises at all, it to receive a breath of fresh air starts rising. The benefit, modern technologies all this allow us moreover and in the most different variations. Floor fans though are inferior to conditioners, but nevertheless can help out in hot hot days.
When hot days come and in rooms temperature starts rising, people lose former productivity (at work) and feeling of comfort. In such conditions simply difficult to be and the first desire which arises at all, it to receive a breath of fresh air. The benefit, modern technologies all this allow us moreover and in the most different variations.
Method of cooling most popular for today is use of conditioners. But near them also fans are always offered. They, of course, concede to the first on functionality, but nevertheless can help out in hot hot days.
Producers of fans offer consumers many new functions and opportunities. Thus fans happen the most different forms, types and mission.

Types of fans

Как выбрать напольный вентилятор Among the most widespread models distinguish floor, table and ceiling fans. They differ in a design, power and functional providing.
The first type of coolers of air is a table fan. It possesses such characteristics as small dimensions, low power and small radius of action. It can be established on any surface (a table, a sideboard, a curbstone), there are models with a flexible leg clothespeg which can be fastened though to a chair back. It is easy to transfer such fan from place to place. But he is limited on functions and has, as a rule, one working situation or turn only on 900. Sometimes works in three modes for adjustment of a stream of air.
One more type is ceiling fans. They are not in such demand among devices for the house as assume existence of high ceilings. Of course, they are bought too, after all they can be established as under the ceiling, and, whenever possible, on the long hanging wire. Plus of this look is that they do not take a place in the room and have big power.
And the most popular and running is a floor fan. With its help it is possible to provide with cool air not only a workplace, but also the whole room. Unlike the table fan, it has a high leg thanks to what, it can be put on a floor. Blades of these models by 1,5-2,5 times exceed length of blades of the table fan, respectively, it is capable to blow in bigger space. Height of such fan can be regulated both on the level of the sedentary person, and on big height.
The functional set here quite wide also offers the mass of conveniences. Among them are present: work at any angle of rotation, is a lot of modes of an obduv and speeds.

Types of floor fans

According to the principle of work allocate such types of fans: radial, axial and bezlopastny.
The most widespread type among household appliances are axial fans. They work at an engine basis with the bladed wheel rotating in one plane.
Как выбрать напольный вентилятор
Radial fans differ from previous in that have more difficult mechanism. At it there is a rotor with shovels of a spiral form (curved blades). Air which will get to this cylinder (rotor), starts moving radially and, by means of impact on it of centrifugal force, is pushed out through an exhaust outlet to the room. Such fans create the air stream possessing a certain pressure and are, as a rule, used in columned designs and laid on models.
Как выбрать напольный вентилятор
Bezlopastny fans became achievement of the last years of life, they represent a round frame with the motor. The device works by absolutely other principle. At the basis of the device the turbine which takes away air is located, gives it accelerations and it is issued from frame cracks. Together with it also the next layers of air that turns into one continuous stream are taken. Advantage of such device is total absence of blades, doing it extremely safe.
Как выбрать напольный вентилятор

Councils for a choice of the floor fan

Choosing this or that type of the fan, it is necessary to be guided by such characteristics: Как выбрать напольный вентилятор
  1. Diameter of blades. This parameter as you understand, is specified only for axial fans. It needs to be considered as influences intensity of an obduv. Diameter of blades can be ranging from 10 to 160 cm. Blades of any fan have to be protected by a lattice with small openings. There has to get nothing, especially fingers of children.
  2. Power has to correspond to what room the fan will be installed. The it is more, the productivity is required above. Today's models of floor fans have power from 30 to 140 W.
      Air blow. Parameter not most important, but at a choice it it is also possible to consider. Than it is higher, those can air all room quicker. In fact, it shows distance at which operation of the fan is noticeable. At most to 10 meters. It is intuitively clear that this value in many respects is defined with the first two characteristics – capacities of the fan and diameter of blades.
  3. Air exchange in different models can vary from 100 to 3000 cubic m/hour. For different rooms there are requirements and norms. To calculate the necessary productivity (air exchange) for each room, it is necessary to learn the volume of the room and to increase it by standard frequency rate of an exchange (number of changes of air in one hour). The last parameter is specified in below:
    • living room – 3-6;
    • bedroom – 2-4;
    • the dining room – 8-12;
    • the hall – 3-5;
    • kitchen – 10-15;
    • bathroom – 6-8;
    • toilet – 6-10;
    • the shower – 10-20;
    • the storeroom – 3-8;
    • the cellar – 8-12;
    • attic – 3-10;
    • garage – 6-10;
    • billiard room – 6-8;
    • gym – 6-8;
    • library – 3-4;
    • greenhouse – 25-50;
    • conference room – 6-10.
  4. Area of an obduv. One more parameter with which producers designate productivity, can be to 50 sq.m. As a rule, this parameter can be found in characteristics of fans with the axial device. In practice more useful is a characteristic on air exchange.
  5. Tilt angle and angle of rotation of the fan. The first indicator is responsible for turn of a body of the fan in the vertical plane. The value, the better is higher. The most minimum makes 80, maximum – 1800. The angle of rotation most often makes 900, but there are models with values from 60 to 360 degrees. Important function – autoturn – provides the automatic movement of the fan in different directions that allows to receive periodic currents of air.
  6. Mode of an obduv. Depends on that, how many speeds of rotation of blades are provided by the producer (can be from 1 to 8). At separate models there can be a function which gradually changes rotation speed from established to almost full stop, creating similarity of a stream of a wind. In practice such function is not so necessary, can be useful in rare instances.
  7. Noise level. Naturally, it is necessary to try to pick up the fan with low noise level. It should be checked in shop, and at all operating modes and at any angle of rotation. Admissible value of noise of the fan for the house is considered 38 DB, and for studies, bedrooms and nurseries – from 25 to 30 DB. It is important as there are fans with higher noise level.
  8. The control unit can be push-button and touch. Existence of the display on the case of the fan simplifies its use, shows all included functions at some point.
  9. The remote control, as a rule, is present almost at all models of floor fans. It can be absent unless in the simplest and inexpensive models.
  10. Timer. It allows to set work duration, to be disconnected through certain time. It is possible to choose as 30 minutes, and some hours of period of operation (till 20 o'clock) before shutdown. For example, it is possible to go to bed, and the fan will a little more work and will be switched-off, without having allowed you to catch a cold.
  11. Air ionization – function, useful to health. It happens in different devices, including in fans. Existence in air of negatively loaded ions positively influences health of the person.
  12. Humidifier. Tank volume for water volume can be ranging from 1,5 to 3,8 liters. Fans with such option, as a rule, have the high cost as in fact unite in themselves two devices.
  13. Well and of course, the goods have to have a certificate of quality in which it is specified that this model corresponds to necessary standards.
Thus, you will be able to choose to yourself qualitative goods which will serve to you not one year. It is better to buy one time something standing, than every year to buy a new thing and again to spend money.
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