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Flat stomach - how to clean the superfluous

In every spring we spend long painful minutes in front of the mirror. We get up sideways, we straighten a back, we pull in a stomach, holding the breath, we extend a neck, we raise a chin. And the head is visited by treacherous thoughts: "Here not to breathe absolutely" or "As if to make here to clean also here to steam of centimeters".
Плоский живот, как убрать живот In every spring we spend long painful minutes in front of the mirror. We get up sideways, we straighten a back, we pull in a stomach, holding the breath, we extend a neck, we raise a chin. And the head is visited by treacherous thoughts: "Here not to breathe absolutely" or "As if to make here to clean also here to steam of centimeters". In us fights natural laziness and understanding of that for achievement of result it is necessary to work, work and once again to work.
Does not carry out promotion of the tightened buttocks and flat stomachs of InfoAdvisor.net, it is done actively by producers of fashionable clothes, employees of television, and also happy owners and owners of slim figures, baring the navels or torsos. But InfoAdvisor.net is ready to tell how to join army of the self-assured, purposeful people happy with the reflection in a mirror.

How to make a stomach flat?

Чтобы получить плоский живот, мы должны прокачать мышцы живота и уменьшить жировую прослойку в брюшной части So, on the agenda a flat stomach. Let's agree at once that the operational solution is a destiny of stars of the blue screen, and we are not enemies to the health and we do not want that in us something pumped up or, on the contrary, extorted from us.
The flat tummy without physical activities to us is promised by producers of various devices (vacuum masseurs, vibro-exercise machines), and also owners of the Spa-centers and massage offices. Of course, all this is remarkable and even it is pleasant, however the cost of such flat stomach can eclipse pleasure of possession of it.
Therefore with self-confidence we note that ourselves are creators not only the destiny, but also the body, and we are adjusted for serious work.
For certain you already noticed that diets, and also any restrictions in food not always bring desirable result. Perhaps, the weight which, by the way, after the termination of a diet is gained also easily, and is lost the stomach flat does not become, and even on the contrary, it seems flabby. And a secret here here in what. The matter is that for our organism any diet is shock. Through some time the organism understands to what conduct restrictions, and starts postponing fat in "reserve". Such statements do not urge you to put everything in the plate at all, on what your look will fall, it is only recommended to refuse a hormonal izmennenykh of products, products with additives and dyes, and also to refuse from flour and sweet in favor of fruit and vegetables.
To make a stomach flat, it is necessary to apply physical activities. But even here dirty tricks can expect you. You do every day exercises on a press, constantly increasing loading, and the stomach everything also remains flabby and unattractive? And the reason that your beautiful rolled press simply is hidden under a fat layer. Whether you noticed, what, even having run four circles round the nearest park, your stomach remains cool when all body flares heat? The matter is that the fatty layer on a stomach and hips is practically not supplied with blood, namely blood rather the oxygen containing in it, is necessary for fat burning.
So, to receive a flat stomach, we have to achieve two objectives:
  • to pump over and further to keep in a stomach muscle tone
  • as much as possible to reduce a fatty layer in belly part.

Exercises for an abdominal tension

Universal exercises for a press do not exist. Each person needs to select individually a complex depending on the constitution of a body, a genetic predraspolozhennochta and many other factors. You can define how to correct this or that exercise that it vozimet the maximum action for you. InfoAdvisor.net will prompt the main scheme which you will be able to adapt under yourself.
All exercises for an abdominal tension share on three main types: for the "top" press, for "lower" and for oblique muscles of a stomach. The most suitable time for training – in the morning on a hungry stomach or in 2-3 hours after food. That occupations were the most effective, repeat each exercise till 20-25 times, making for a start at least two approaches. Every week increase loading.
Set of exercises:
    Упражнение на верхнюю часть пресса
  • starting position – lying on a back, feet are bent in knees and socks are torn off from a floor (such situation guarantees lack of load of forward muscles of feet – the zone "riding breeches" and muscles of calves), a hand behind the head. On an exhalation raise the top part of a trunk so that shovels only on couple of centimeters came off a floor. On a breath return to a starting position. Watch that you made raising of a body at the expense of stomach muscles, but not by the force of hands. This exercise on the "top" part of a press.
  • Starting position – lying on a back, hands behind the head, feet are bent in knees and located parallel to a floor, feet of feet are bent by "iron". On an exhalation, unbending feet, take away them from yourself, thus it is necessary to control that they remained are parallel to a floor. On a breath return to a starting position. In this exercise power loading lays down on the "lower" part of a press.
  • Starting position – as in the previous exercise. On an exhalation the right elbow stretch to the left knee, on an exhalation return to a starting position. Further, respectively, the left elbow to the right knee. All groups of muscles of an abdominal tension, including oblique muscles of a stomach are involved in this exercise. When performing exercise control that "twisting" was carried out only by effort of muscles of a stomach.
Each exercise will become even more effective if in finishing a cycle to include so-called fixings: on an exhalation (reduction of muscles) record a body for some seconds, hold the breath, and only then return to a starting position. It is also worth paying attention that the correct algorithm of breath during training is very important for achievement of result, after all on an exhalation there is the maximum reduction of muscles and burning of fat. Experts advise a breath to make a nose, and exhaled a mouth.
Besides try to do several times a day imperceptible surrounding gymnastics for a stomach: also on an exhalation squeeze and on a breath unclench belly muscles.
Try to hold a straight line back always. The equal bearing compels and the stomach is in the tightened state.

To gather in a stomach: complex of auxiliary procedures

That the pumped-over tightened belt was not behind a grease layer, it is necessary to burn this fat. Here already before you a wide choice of means. Run, a driving by bicycle, aerobics, sports dances.
Here some more means helping to reach desired result. Vysotsky sang in one comic song that after morning exercises is useful to be engaged in water procedures. And sensible grain in this council is. At the beginning of article we spoke about need to provide good inflow of blood to stomach area. Rubdowns very much promote blood circulation restoration. Put on a rough massage mitten, rub off a stomach, having moistened a mitten serially in hot, and then in cold water.
Remember remarkable procedure of the Soviet medical and improving resorts – about Sharko's soul. The hydromassage not only promotes inflow of blood to the massed places, also intensifies removal of slags from an organism.
After all trainings, water procedures, rub, at the same time massing, in stomach skin anti-cellulite cream.

And the last wish from InfoAdvisor.net: training, constantly think of what at you will be the beautiful flat stomach, and what self-confidence it will bring you.
Good luck are also beautiful!
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