How to drive the car from Vladivostok
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How to drive the car from Vladivostok

In this article I will tell you how independently to drive the car from Vladivostok. This subject to me was cast by the cousin who lives there. It arrived to me to stay for a while by car. And for one to sell this car by which came. It appeared that most not difficult to drive the car from Vladivostok if you know where and when to go.
In this article I will tell you how independently to drive the car from Vladivostok. This subject to me was cast by the cousin who lives there. It arrived to me to stay for a while by car. And for one to sell this car by which came. It appeared that most not difficult to drive the car from Vladivostok if you know where and when to go.
Let's begin from the very beginning. I throughout all article will specify the approximate prices of all necessary that then you could count at least approximately, in you this trip how many will manage.
And as I next year will go behind car there, and to have a rest at the sea at the same time, for the description of distillation of a car on the pages, I will use the example.

Car choice

Toyota RAV4 I want to tell at once that if you did not decide on the concrete car, it will be difficult to you not to give in to temptation, because a car market of simply huge sizes there. And cars all very beautiful, after all Japanese automotive industry not Russian. Therefore for a start you should be defined, choose the car of concrete brand and model, year of release, color, well and with certain internal components, being guided by the desires and preferences. I, for example, will go behind such car:
    Toyota RAV4, 1996
    Color: the black;
    Engine: gasoline, volume is 2000 cubic cm;
    Transmission: machine gun;
    Drive: full (4WD);
    In addition: TV, DVD, the alarm system, music, without run, AIRBAG, ABS, the conditioner.
Everything I will find this for $9000. Well here the choice is made, remained things are easy. To overtake this car in an integrity and safety to the house. And to the house about 8000 km.
Also look that in the car there was a tool kit, zapask. As the way is necessary to you long.

We head for Vladivostok

Держим путь на Владивосток That to me to leave the city of (Kirov), it is necessary to choose, in what way to go – railway or plane. As by plane expensively, we will go by train (reserved seats – 3 900 rub, a compartment – 10 000 rub). To go from Kirov to Vladivostok 6 days. Of course, do not forget to take with yourself from food as food in trains, I will tell so, not from the cheap.
From the railway station to a car market "A green corner" the taxi driver will ask about 200 rub.
Well, here also reached a car market. We look: that traces of rubbing and targeting of the distracting luster were not. Bargain surely as to manage to get $100-200 quite really. It is not necessary to listen very long to the seller and to follow his tastes. If any concrete car interests, surely sit down and sweep "to listen" to the car on foreign sounds.
For those who to come to Vladivostok with the purpose to drive to itself the car from there, I can give very good advice: do not carry with yourself cash, let you will have them on a card. And only when already make out the car, say that cash you have no money. Go together with the seller to the ATM and will give it money.
Of course, before distillation of the car it is necessary not to forget to make secure. Buy oil, refuel. Recommend to leave after 19-00. We get the card and we leave the city. Do not forget to come around at departure on mounting and if a zapask one, make still wheels two.
There is no place to get lost, by and large. Always on the main forks there are indexes. Will constantly brake on posts, on identification it is stolen or not the car.
The road if to estimate on 10 ball scale from 6 to 2 points. So do not gather a high speed not to damage the iron horse.
Как пригнать машину из Владивостока In front of Khabarovsk traffic polices nicknames can offer you maintenance approximately for 1000 rub. It already a choice for you: under the own steam to go or after all to pay and not to worry. Be extremely careful – so those who overtakes cars from Vladivostok, it is a lot of and they rush usually about 130-150 km/h.
Do not forget that your present car – real "Japanese", and therefore a wheel not left, but right. For this reason of advises to hold a distance, especially before trucks, not to come nearer to them closely. Because of ahead the going car if it is close to it to go, it is not visible the road and an oncoming lane. Choose night parking where too there are people who overtake a car – it will be safer.
After Khabarovsk approximately through 60 km stop and can paste over the car, to be exact a bumper, a cowl with a plaster. Ordinary, white adhesive plaster. Approximately will leave rubles 700 on a plaster. The plaster is pasted not to scratch the car and that it not strongly jingled.
After Birobidzhan, minutes through 20, the federalka (it is the track), which is constructed for a long time begins and will be still constructed not soon. On a federalka look as it is more convenient to you to go. It is possible detours, it is possible on the roadside. Look on circumstances.
The road will be simply awful, have patience. After a federalka it is necessary to come around somewhere on a platform and to examine the car. And further there will be Chita, and, at last, Irkutsk with the well-known Baikal. Do not forget to admire this lake and to wash the car.


Как пригнать машину из Владивостока I will not write about the road as everything is similar further, and you think, understood all essence independently of a car stage. Bandits as in the nineties are already not present but if only a small column go, can run into bad people. Will take from you depending on what car at you. Well, on average $200. And if one are, probability to run into bandits almost any. You too will not pay traffic police nicknames contrary to all legends that it should pay too. It besides stories from the ninetieth.
    The car – $9000
    Gasoline – $580
    Zapask, a plaster – $200
    Lunches – $100
    Not planned expenses and penalties for excess of speed – $100.
    Total: $10000
It if you plan to drive the car from Vladivostok independently. If to send the car in containers, for example, to Moscow, approximately there will be $2700 that, of course, much more expensively, but it is safer.
For example, in Kirov such car can be bought from us only for $13 000 is a minimum price, and already with good run. And we will take this without run that is very important factor. The only minus the right wheel can seem for you. But believe are nonsenses, very quickly get used. After all in the east all somehow got used.
I wish, good luck to you and happy journey behind the good car which will long serve you and without any problems. As there are "Japanese" who are brought together in Japan, and there are Japanese who are brought together in Europe. And they have very different quality.
To solve, of course, to you, but I for myself already solved as the car is necessary to me good and I do not want to repair constantly it and to drive about on car services. And the right wheel at all frightens. And about Japanese cars it is only possible to tell one, it is necessary to fill in oil and gasoline, well and to perform planned technical inspections. And for the rest very reliable car. When you sweep on the Japanese car, you will not want to go neither by Russian, nor by the German car any more. Also I will give one more advice: Do not buy the Korean cars which all in large volumes sell. When the brother saw that buy such cars at us, was very surprised.
I hope, this article will help you with decision-making, as you can see, most to drive the car really not so difficult.
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