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First days and weeks of pregnancy

Let's hope that you planned the birth of the child. It is the best way, it is not necessary to rely on a case. There was a conception. One, most bright and brisk spermatozoon wishing to become a being reasonable reached some fetal egg of the woman and laid the foundation of new life. The significant event occurred!
Первые дни и недели беременности Let's hope that you planned the birth of the child. It is the best way, it is not necessary to rely on a case. There was a conception. One, most bright and brisk spermatozoon wishing to become a being reasonable reached some fetal egg of the woman and laid the foundation of new life. The significant event occurred! By means of the newest means of medicine already now it is possible to see, the started being formed, new life. Already, 10-12 hours later after the fertilization moment, the ovum shares on two halves, and in a single whole genes of mother and father connect a little later. This small cage already has the right to be called as the child.

Feelings in the first days of pregnancy

Чтобы первые дни беременности прошли нормально, советуем пройти обследование перед зачатием Most often the first days future mother does not even suspect that she is already pregnant. No external and internal changes happened, the impregnated cage did not reach the future place of residence yet – a uterus. The cage moving on a uterine tube constantly shares that, having attached to a uterus, already to have a placenta and an umbilical cord. Gradually, within the first week, a cage increase and look already as a small pea which is an embryo.
A week later fetal egg achieves the objectives and is attached to a uterus wall. During this period the woman, attentive to the feelings, can already feel some changes which started happening in her organism. The first week is one of the most main during all pregnancy. During this period the probability of an abortion is great. For what reason? Simply organism of mother is not always ready to accept an embryo as the part, rather often the germ is perceived as an alien body of which it is necessary to get rid. If the woman has rather healthy immunity, in this situation, it can do "a disservice", tearing away "beginner", but the nature is wise and, in most cases, the organism itself suppresses undesirable manifestations of immunity.
Let's hope that you listened to recommendations of and completely passed inspection at the doctor before conception of the child. It is need because it is seldom possible to meet presently absolutely healthy woman who would have no chronic diseases and the most various infections about which existence it is even possible not to suspect.

Hormonal reorganization of an organism

Воспользовавшись тестом на беременность, можно удостовериться в том, что радостное событие свершилось But, we hope that everything passed well, and the embryo was safely attached to a uterus wall, having become a single whole with future mother. As soon as there was this event, you have to know that now life and health of your child completely depends on your state. After all you have all the general now. Blood circulation, food and all the rest.
Hormonal reorganization which happens in the woman's organism, introduces new amendments in her way of life. In a placenta of a uterus development of a hormone which carries the name a progesterone begins. This hormone is in the answer for that the uterus was not reduced ahead of time, after all any movement of this body will disturb an embryo attachment. As soon as a germ single whole with an organism of the woman can already define pregnancy even if before the next periods there are some weeks. Having used the test which freely is on sale in any drugstore, it is possible to make sure that the joyful event came true!
If you led a healthy lifestyle before pregnancy, prepared for it in advance, refusing addictions, anything at this stage should not excite you. Everything goes correctly and according to the plan.

Second week of pregnancy

На второй неделе беременности младенец уже может восприниматься как полноценный будущий гражданин There passed week. The next seven days future baby can already be perceived as full-fledged future citizen, but not some "foreign matter", from second week of its existence the female organism will make all efforts to keep it and to protect from any harmful effects from the outside.
Food comes to a small organism of future baby, thanks to a maternal organism and these days there is a formation of a gut by means of which the embryo will eat. This gut gradually increases in sizes and after a while there is a formation of other bodies, vital for the person – heart and vascular system. The main protection of the baby is the amniotic bubble which will be filled with the nutritious liquid called by amniotic waters.
In the same time the placenta connection with which happens by means of an umbilical cord which at the moment is similar more to a thin thread is formed. But, actually, the placenta is a surprising body by means of which all nine months the child will "communicate" with mother's organism, receiving from it not only food and various vitamins, but also air for breath. And products of working off will come on an umbilical cord back to a placenta out of which the organism of the woman will bring them.

Early toxicosis of pregnancy

Токсикоз может проявляться как легкая тошнота или рвота, которая достаточно быстро проходит In the first weeks of pregnancy trouble as toxicosis is possible such, unfortunately, familiar to many already giving birth women. The bad condition of future mothers during this period of pregnancy is connected with misoperation of a conclusion of toxins. It can be slight nausea, and there can be an exhausting vomiting which, however, quickly enough passes as soon as the system of a conclusion of waste of activity of a fruit is adjusted. But not everyone so early feels any changes in the organism, and, especially, toxicosis. On so early term of the woman lead a normal, habitual life, without noticing any changes in own organism.
But, as soon as you felt that the desired moment came – at once visit the doctor. During this period it is very important to pass all necessary inspections and to make tests. Visit to the doctor is necessary more than ever.
If your organism is not a health ideal if you are the owner of any chronic diseases, be not frightened if in the first weeks of pregnancy there is their some aggravation. All this is natural to your state, it is necessary to continue treatment of diseases, but, surely having discussed all points of treatment with the gynecologist who will observe you the entire period of pregnancy. The use during this period of time of vitamin preparations can help you and your future of the child, but even their reception should be coordinated with the doctor because even innocent, at first sight vitamins, can bring dissonance in a vulnerable female organism.
Forty weeks of pregnancy are a great miracle! After all you only reflect! Only forty weeks will pass from emergence in your organism of a small section till the birth of the person. This secret, at all our present pragmatism, will remain great secret in all centuries.
In the first weeks of pregnancy very important bodies of future baby are put and are formed, and the woman gets used to be a pregnant woman. So rough events sometimes can imperceptibly take place, but you have to be very attentive to the organism and react to the slightest signs and signs which it can give you to this period of your life.

First signs of pregnancy

Одни из признаков беременности - повышенный аппетит и изменившиеся вкусы What signs of approach of pregnancy most often meet? The first sign is lack of the next periods. Though this sign not always is 100% (quite perhaps that it only manifestation of any disease), but nevertheless. If passed three days, and periods and is not present, can use the test for pregnancy which during this period can already show with a big accuracy – you are pregnant, or not.
At most of women on the first weeks of pregnancy the increased drowsiness and not less increased appetite is observed. You notice that use food several times more, than still a month ago. Be not frightened! And has to be. You can listen to the changed tastes and follow them further. You still quite recently did not love fish, and now at you slobbers if someone from neighbors fries her simply flow? Or you were never a sweet tooth, and now cannot come off in shop show-windows with chocolates? Nearly 100% you are pregnant!
On the fourth week of pregnancy it is necessary to pass inspection on ultrasonography. Whether right now it is very important to define correctly there is a pregnancy, whether there are no deviations and pathologies, risk of diseases of the formed fruit. Modern ways give the chance to define them already in so early time.

Dangers during pregnancy

В период всей беременности необходимо беречь себя от вирусных заболеваний Now, as well as during all pregnancy, it is necessary to take care of viral diseases. Even usual cold to which you would not pay even attention earlier, can lead to irreversible consequences for the developing fruit. Whether it is worth saying that the pregnant woman should not appear in populous places in the period of a flu epidemic as this virus is so artful and dangerous that still all possible complications and reactions of a germ are up to the end not studied.
The most artful disease during pregnancy is the rubella. If you were not ill it in the childhood, it is necessary to be very careful. This disease during pregnancy brings the greatest number of uglinesses and heavy diseases of future child. Heart diseases, the birth of deafs and blind children, deviations in intellectual development is not all list of destructive actions of this virus. Not for nothing physicians suggest mothers who got sick during pregnancy with this artful disease to make abortion because to predict all consequences simply not perhaps.


Here also passed the first weeks, such important and interesting both for you, and for your future the child. hopes that all of you did well and correctly. Now it is necessary to stock up with patience and to wait. But not to wait indifferently and detached. After all pregnancy – not an illness, and the finest period of life of the woman. Will pass many years, and you will remember it as the best time of your life. Walk in the fresh air, in the distance from the carriageway, eat vegetables and fruit more often and enjoy new feelings of the changing organism.
Further we will tell you about development of a fruit in the next weeks pregnancies, about behavior of the woman during this period and about necessary inspections which you have to will to pass surely.
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