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How to find the lost thing

Each of us happened in a situation when things unexpectedly vanish. Keys, documents, jewelry, phone. Searching we overturn all house upside down, we reconsider the same case several times, hopelessly we shake out everything from a bag, we look in all corners and at the end, becoming exhausted, we fall into despair. That to avoid it, it is enough to remember several simple rules.

Why so occurs

So, it becomes sometimes very offensive when you look for all day a thing, and it lies on a foreground. And we start being surprised how it was possible not to notice it. And all reason in our forgetfulness with which, it appears, it is possible to fight easily. So our nature is arranged that we constantly try to do some things at the same time. Let's say speaking by phone, we can be moved away the room, wash ware, make a dinner. At this moment a high probability of that things automatically move from the "native" places. Scissors appear in a kitchen case, the sugar bowl in a three-leaved mirror, and sunglasses and that is worse – in a garbage can. Occurs so because our brain, carrying out some affairs, often gives preference some to one. That to avoid it, try to remember one truth: protect yourself from foreign thoughts while shift a thing necessary to you from place to place.

But if you after all lost something and cannot find in any way, and this thing is necessary to you very urgently, Mirsovetov will prompt as to find it.

Science force

For a start remember, the more you want to remember where your thing lies, the less at you it will turn out. And open spaces of our memory are so immense that it is very difficult to us to draw from it memoirs necessary for us.

It is worth learning to distract from searches. In many cases it, of course, is simply impossible – you are late for work, and car keys or from the apartment unexpectedly were gone and foully are silent. But nevertheless try to be disconnected from searches and sit down. At this moment close eyes and do not think of keys. In a few minutes open eyes, pour to yourself coffee or tea that you prefer more, quietly drink drink. Also believe, you at once remember where your keys lie. How the lost thing is recollected, only the science, only it can explain to it subject. So thanks to that you switched to the pacified rest, could transfer search to subconsciousness. And it also possesses that information where the thing lost by you lies. The main thing not to panic, concentrate and distract!

From Basseynaya Street

About people who very often lose something, and then with the mad start looking around without results at "poteryashka", say that they scattered and inattentive.

But you should not be under a delusion because the reason disappears not in these properties of the person at all. Perhaps, in your house there were some temporary changes. After all your housing is considered a place where regularly there is a concentration of power forces. They are directly connected with your life. And when you very much were tired, thinking of some working affairs, start going woolgathering involuntarily somewhere. At this moment you forget about the house, and he "feels" it therefore there is an imbalance of that energy which is in it. And then you become more scattered and clumsy – look for the switch not on that wall on which it is, put a hot cup of coffee on a sofa and spill or simply look in the TV screen, without reacting to the child's questions. Therefore experts also recommend before finding the lost thing, it is obligatory to think of the house.

But you should not perceive everything categorically and daily to carry out clear-out in the dwelling and to shift things from place to place. To be thoughts in the house it is perfect another. To it there will be enough your presence – simply live in it, surprise the family with remarkable tasty dishes, have a rest in it, to welcome guests and, eventually, simply learn to accept its heat.

To tame Nafanya

They say that sometimes things vanish not because of our absent-mindedness at all. Sometimes to all fault are tricks of the brownie. After all from time immemorial it is known that he likes to joke on owners and to hide from them things. Very often it occurs when moving. After all the poltergeist feels thus excitement and worries very strongly – the constant place a residence exchanged. And when you cannot find the favourite necklace and consider that it is tricks of your new "friend", do not panic. Try to cajole him something tasty better – leave on a table for the night cookies, a cake or candies. He very much likes to regale flour and sweet. And then you will precisely find the lost thing which almost itself "will return" on the place.

Grandmother's advice

For some reason our ancestors very much trusted in signs and were sure that the attached nasal kerchief to a leg of a chair or the turned glass will help to return the bagatelle lost by you.

Once the man, having lost points in the house, started talking and clapping with them thus. House thought that came to call time an ambulance. And it appeared that he simply looked for the unit. Also will not believe, exactly in such a way it also found the points!

There are also mysterious ways to return the necessary thing. For this purpose it is necessary on a sunset, it is obligatory on Thursday, to open a window leaf and to turn on the West. Thus it is desirable to read so-called plot. It can seem to someone ridiculous, but actually it perfectly works. So, "Devils, devils go to me, I ask for your help! Find my thing, take away force from thieves and return it to them only when I find that lost". Incredibly, but it helps! And the many people were found quite so long ago by the lost things.

Easier way assumes to take strings of any color, to tear off so many centimeters, how many your growth. But it is not less because the way will not work. Then it is necessary to put it seven times and to stick in three knots. Before going to bed to put under a pillow. And with quiet conscience, without thinking of anything, go to bed. You will surely dream about a place where the lost thing lies.

Our grandmothers looked for everything still thus – the dried-up grass of a wormwood, a pustyrnik and lavenders put in a copper cup, set fire and fumigated all house. After a while the thing itself "came" to hands of our ancestors.

If you are not afraid of domestic spiders, and the passport needs urgently to be found, recommends to find whenever possible an insect at home. Then to blow on it and to ask to find the lost. And as according to beliefs, a spider – the keeper of the house and the family center, be sure, he will run exactly there where the thing lies.

If spiders at you in the house did not appear, try to make a usual pendulum, to pass with it across the house and attentively to examine everything. Where it will start rotating, there and there is your "poteryashka".

Searching it is always desirable to listen to the intuition. Try to include imagination and to present a ball of threads which end is attached to the lost thing. Mentally try to reel up a thread on a finger and to attract to itself that you look for.

In extreme cases it is possible to resort and to spiritism, after all "refugee" needs urgently to be returned. For this purpose it is necessary to get a candle of violet color, to sit down in the center of the room and to light it. Try to go to this moment thoughts there where your thing can lie. The result can be double: or you remember sharply where that put, or wax will help you – in what party will flow down, in that party and a thing!

These methods will help you to find just lost thing, as well as that about which you already forgot even if searches long time were ineffectual.

Last resort

Well, and if no ways helped, there is only one. Clear-out! It is worth being cleaned all hard-to-reach spots, beginning from the smallest screws in the storeroom and finishing with shift of furniture. So you will create not only a cosiness in the house moreover and will find things of which and forgot to think! Only this way there is a high probability of that all of them will fall into place! Let it and an elementary old way, but checked for years and all hostesses.

Never fall into despair, after all if the thing was lost in the house, and you never let in to yourself strangers, be sure, the thing will be sooner or later. For this purpose it is necessary to have patience only.

Eventually, if the thing not precious, but is expensive to you as memory and searches remain long time ineffectual, remember, it is an occasion to get something new. And that let remains at you in warm memoirs. After all anything for the person does not remain to the most valuable, than his memory of something!

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