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How to fight against laziness

At first laziness binds hand and foot of you, being covered with usual rest, then gradually it captures you completely. And you do not manage to come round as already entirely are within her power. In especially started cases some individuals manage to be lazy even to think. Unpleasant feelings, truth? It is necessary to get rid of them somehow. Now with you also we will be engaged in it!
Как бороться с ленью In the apartment a mess, in kitchen the mountain of not washed dishes, a desktop in a full disorder, the project is not executed, and you need to hand over it tomorrow. It seems that it is a little more, and you will precisely start working, but you still did not solve yet, from what to begin. Look through the favourite sites, diaries of your friends, look for where to come, esteem something interesting. And you really sincerely are surprised to that in ICQ somehow few online contacts that on the sites of so poorly new information and that you did not find in a frend-tape of any record which you would not read. And in general everything is bad and is not iridescent at all, some melancholy attacked. And can still any watch the movie? But anything new is not present. What to do?
Familiar situation, isn't that so? Well to tell, my "congratulations", it is Laziness. Yes, Laziness. It very quietly wins you. At first laziness binds hand and foot of you, being covered with usual rest, then gradually it captures you completely. And you do not manage to come round as already entirely are within her power. Because of laziness very often you start being depressed even if the visible reasons for this purpose are not present. And in especially started cases some individuals manage to be lazy even to think. Unpleasant feelings, truth? It is necessary to get rid of them somehow. Now with you also we will be engaged in it!

How to distinguish laziness?

Лень сопровождается хандрой, апатией и мнимым недомаганием You need to pay special attention to yourself and to begin fight against laziness. For example, if you noticed that your rest "for day" was tightened and had to come to an end about 3-4 days ago. Especially it is worth sounding alarm if for these 3-4 days you practically made nothing or in general have no concept where they got to. Very often, bad attacks of laziness are followed by the general, I emphasize, an imaginary indisposition. Also one of laziness signs when you start being irritated in an occasion and without cause, constantly there is a wish for something, but to you in any way not to understand, what exactly. And still the melancholy and apathy become your faithful companions. If you have all above-mentioned symptoms, you need to get out immediately of this state, because to anything good it will not lead.
I will not eat only with one effective way of disposal of laziness is a work. There is a wish to note one surprising property: it is only worth beginning work and she will involve you in herself further. But it is just most difficult to begin, especially in such parasitizing state. For the most successful fight against laziness it is necessary to begin with small, and to do everything step by step.

First stage of fight against laziness: working space

Чтобы заставить себя что-то делать, для начала наведите порядок на рабочем месте For this purpose to force itself though something to do, it is necessary to have free working space. And it really has to be the worker. For a start it is possible to clear simply the table all unnecessary and inappropriate subjects. To collect and put all documents, to put back books. But pay attention how you do it. When I speak "into place", I mean specially taken away place for this or that subject, but not the first box in which it is possible to dump safely a lot of "garbage" and to forget about it.
Let's say that with a table and territories, adjacent to it, we finished. Now we will pay attention to a general view of the room. Maybe it is necessary to put something in a case, somewhere to correct something or still that not so. Very important that there was an order around, it will relieve you of opportunity once again to distract from work. And then there will be no foreign business which all of you equally are not going to finish later.
Also it is worth paying attention and to himself. Put on in the convenient and suitable you clothes, wash. Perhaps after all decide to have breakfast? Simply in recent days quite strange picture is widespread: the first reflex of the sleepy body which fell from a bed is to reach the button of turning on of the computer. And only sitting in front of the monitor, eyes slowly start opening. It is necessary to connect somehow the Internet and to stick with a mouse into ICQ icon. And then it is somehow forgotten that there is a bathroom, a shower and that people usually have breakfast in the mornings. But when all of you remember that it is necessary to eat something, you with surprise notice that already in principle it is possible and to have supper. Where time got to?

Second stage of fight against laziness: let's remember time

Распланируйте время так, чтобы важные дела были сделаны в срок Here you came across one more trap of laziness. You simply forget how valuably your time and do not watch it. Here to do nothing, it is necessary to remember.
You already put your workplace in order and himself, it is a high time to look at the watch now. Agree, after all it seemed to you that it everything will take much more time. And actually there was everything rather quickly.
Now an our task it is correct to plan and calculate the time. At first, it is necessary to decide on the purposes and tasks today. You need to hand over the project tomorrow or perhaps to be prepared for important conference. Then you have to make it first of all, and it is necessary to begin with it. Here everyone will find the, options an infinite set. You need to look, at that, how many approximately time preparation of materials, performance of the work will borrow. would like to remind that also you should not forget about minor affairs, let not such important but which nevertheless should be made. If it is timed and planned truly, all your affairs will be made in time. And time for laziness simply does not remain.
And now I will share with you small "development". Very much it is pleasant to sit up to me, after work performance, late. Couple of touch-ups it is also possible to admire the performed work. It stimulates working capacity and increases mood. Also it is worth to remember to praise himself for the performed work even if you were in time not everything, after all you worked!

Third stage of fight against laziness, final

После отдыха займите себя несложной работой, для разогрева After end of the second stage it is quite reasonable to consider that we already got out of the bog of laziness. But nothing prevents us to get there again. For this purpose not to fall into such parasitizing states any more, it is necessary to adhere to some rules. It rather did not even govern, and simple councils and manuals. After all it is much more difficult to get out of laziness, than to prevent this state.
Laziness begins when after rest you want to have a rest still absolutely a little. It is easy to eliminate such situation with small effort of will, having induced itself to do some small work. Even it is possible to call it a warming up. From such state you should not undertake the main affairs as it will quickly bother you. And then you decide that it is better to go nevertheless to have a rest a little more.
Also very often laziness begins with the brought-down dream mode. Usually such happens at the end of the labor week on Friday-Saturday. Remembering that tomorrow it is not necessary to get up early, the temptation is great to sit a watch till 4 nights on the Internet or long time to watch DVD. Besides all this laziness very often begins with bad mood on Saturday morning. It is very easy to remove it a contrast shower, with the subsequent campaign in shop behind something tasty.
And, in my opinion, the most favourite door of laziness – a disorder in everything. In plans, in time, in the apartment when you do not know, for what to undertake. A lot of time leaves on sitting and thinking of it. And as a result it turns out that practically becomes nothing. Approximate planning of the next day and aspiration to keep though some, but an order in everything will be the best decision in this case.

These councils will be enough for you for a start. It is practically easy to apply them to any person. wishes you a victory over laziness and progress in the subsequent work.
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