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How to struggle with a depression

The depression creeps imperceptibly. At first it seems that simply slightly overtired that tomorrow the bad mood as a hand will remove. But time goes, and the bog of a hopelessness tightens everything more deeply. Gradually full apathy to all events increases. How to struggle with a depression if it nevertheless overtook you? Here some simple rules from
Как бороться с депрессией, как избавиться от депрессии Again did not sleep, since morning quarreled with the wife, the chief refused an increase to a salary, and here still the mother-in-law exasperates with councils … Difficulties at work, disagreement with native, traffic jams, bad weather - and here already life not in pleasure.
The depression creeps imperceptibly, gradually painting the world in black tone. At first it seems that simply slightly overtired that tomorrow the bad mood as a hand will remove. But time goes, and the bog of a hopelessness tightens everything more deeply. Gradually full apathy to all events when there is no wish for anything increases neither to do, nor to think, to feel. Plus the general weakness, headaches are quite often added to it, a heartache and other bodies, and even more often there is a desire at once to finish this grown hateful existence. Most often it is possible to get out of such started state only with medical assistance.
"Century of melancholy" - leisure physicians so christened our time. Really, the depression became, perhaps, the most widespread illness of mankind. Reasons for that and intense rhythm of modern life, and continuous information pressure, and shortage of personal space … Not casually residents of big cities become victims of a depression, as a rule, and women are more often than men, and workers of brainwork are more often than loaders and plumbers.

The reasons of a depression and as to fight against it

The depression belongs to those illnesses which it is simpler to warn, than to treat. How to make it? And how to struggle with a depression if it nevertheless overtook you? Here some simple rules from
Высыпайтесь, сон - лучший лекарь депрессии Get enough sleep. As a rule, the depression is followed by sleeplessness. A dream - the best doctor. Going to bed, well air a bedroom and whenever possible leave a window leaf open. It will provide sufficient inflow of fresh air, and, so you oversleep more long and will wake up more vigorously.
A sound mind in a sound body. Play sports. Even the usual morning exercises are capable to work wonders, the good and checked way for fight against the approaching depression. Only choose such set of exercises that all groups of muscles participated in work. Jogging, swimming, bicycle and equestrian sport, even foot walks help. And if you regularly kept earlier a good shape, now try to be engaged to full physical exhaustion. It too a good way to remove a soul pressure.
Alternate brainwork and physical activity. In this sense, moderate, in pleasure, work on a country site – panacea for citizens. The sky blue, air fresh, from the earth green sprouts make the way, muscles pleasantly ache a bit from a half-hour orudovaniye a shovel … Any depression because life is very good!
Find such person with whom it is possible to have a heart-to-heart talk, to share with him the experiences. There is nobody to talk? Cry in a pillow. Tears too give relief at a depression.
Live for today. Be not engaged in a heart-searching, do not save offense, do not chafe a wound, leave the past in the past. Be not afraid of the future – the majority of troubles which itself can navoobrazhat, will never happen.
Смените обстановку, например, вырвитесь в лес, на природу - депрессия не исчезнет, если замкнуться в четырех стенах и хандрить Replace a situation. Escape in the wood, to the village, without any haste walk on the city, glance in those places where you did not happen yet. The depression will not disappear if to become isolated within four walls and to be depressed.
Do not undertake too much. Sometimes the proverb is right: "The work will still be there". Sometimes dare to wave a hand on everything and to be filled up to sleep – but in the morning you will wake up in good mood and will be able to pull up trees.
Listen to that music which accepts your heart, read good books, try to find to yourself creative occupation to liking. Not to get to circulation of "Groundhog Day", inevitably leading to a depression, everyone needs to rise over the ordinary from time to time.
Reconsider the habits in food. Chocolate and bananas contain the endorphins capable to lighten mood. And sunflower seeds, nuts, bread from a flour of a rough grinding, buckwheat, porridge, bean, - a well of B1 vitamin (tiamin) which deficiency causes serious violations in work of nervous system. recommends to keep to the healthy balanced diet, do not overeat and do not eat only at all to lighten themselves mood. The weight which increased as a result of such feasts is capable to drive in deeper depression.
Remember that some drugs are quite capable to provoke approach of a depression. For example, many of those preparations which use at treatment of a hypertension can be the cause of emergence of a depression (raunatin, oktadin, clonidine, rezerpin and so forth). Whenever possible, try to learn about side effects of drugs and refrain from reception if their effect is negatively reflected in yours health. It, however, concerns not only the depressogenny, but also other preparations having a side effect.
The interior also influences mental health. Having surrounded itself with beautiful things, having pasted new wall-paper, having replaced a situation in the apartment on lighter and spacious, you considerably improve the mood.

Set before yourself in life the purposes and have courage firmly to go to them, despite everything. Having set a goal to get rid of a depression, you by all means will forever throw out it from the life.
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