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Training in fencing

Fencing is one of the most ancient sports which was in every possible way modernized throughout many centuries. Everyone, probably, wanted to feel at least once in life the musketeer or the knight, to take the real sword in hands and to battle to the rival. Well, presently everyone has such opportunity, but there are also nuances.

I went to the best teacher of fencing in Paris, agreed daily to take from it lessons – and took them daily within a year.
A. Dumas "Three musketeers"

Маска и рапира Fencing is one of the most ancient sports which was in every possible way modernized throughout many centuries. So, for example, in Ancient Greece fencing was included into the Olympic program. In the Middle Ages this sport was as separate discipline at schools, at court of the king. Each knight skillfully could own a cold weapon.
Today there are 2 types of fencing:

  • the sports;
  • the artistic.
In sports fencing 3 types of weapon are presented: sword, saber and rapier. At all types of weapon – different appointments, but an ultimate goal one: to win against the rival.
In artistic fencing suits, weapon and ultimate goals others. Here it is necessary to show all beauty of this sport. Fights in artistic fencing remind fights from movies about pirates, musketeers, etc.

Who can be engaged in fencing

Дети в фехтовальных костюмах Everyone, probably, wanted to feel at least once in life the musketeer or the knight, to take the real sword in hands and to battle to the rival. Well, presently everyone can be trained to fencing, but there are also nuances. First of all, age. If you want to become the Olympic champion and to play these sports professionally, you should come to it in 8-12 years. And those 12 years it pretty late. If you simply all life dreamed to battle on swords and sabers, but was not given to opportunity, can be the fan, for such category tournaments and competitions are also held, but level is lower, the age can be any.
Now we will talk about the one who can be engaged in fencing. This sport means big loads of an organism.
Feet "are especially strongly loaded":
  • knees;
  • akhilla;
  • gastrocnemius muscles.
And also back muscles in a waist. Therefore if you were or had injuries with the transferred parts of a body, refrain from fencing in the benefit to the health. In addition there is a load of heart, as well as in any other sport. In this regard refuse trainings if there are heart troubles. And in general, if you feel perfectly and have no problems with health, this sport for you.

With what to begin trainings

Фехтовальщики It is necessary to begin trainings with purchase of sportswear if it at you is absent. The jumpsuit and if in a hall quite hot temperature, shorts and a t-shirt, it is desirable without drawings will be suitable for occupations. I pay attention of readers of that sneakers have to be with a dense sole that you did not hurt a heel during attacks. For fencers special sneakers, at the price they such, as well as usual are on sale (the prices vary from 1500 to 4500 rubles for couple). In the first some weeks the equipment is not required as you will be trained in fencing elements (a rack, movement, attacks, etc.), only your persistence and diligence will be necessary. After a while the trainer to you will declare that it is necessary to buy the weapon and a fencing suit, thus he will tell where all this can be got. As well as in any other sport, trainings begin with warm-up, it consists:
  • from classical warm-up exercises (rotation by the case, rotation by hands in a humeral belt, etc.);
  • extensions (a foot set in the parties inclinations to the right to the middle to the left, a twine, etc.);
  • special exercises (a skrestny step, walking in a semi-squat, in a full squat, etc.).
Further directly training begins.

Types of trainings

Обучение фехтованию In fencing there are some types of trainings:
  • training on development of technology;
  • training on increase in experience or practical training;
  • fighting practice.
In training athletes work for development of technology in couples, working methods of protection and attack, perfect the skill. Count of time is not kept here and lost is not present. The number of repetitions of this or that exercise matters.
The second type of training means working off of receptions in fights when already there is an account of time, and everyone seeks to win the fight.
And, at last, the third type of training is approached to competitions as much as possible to create that situation which will be at competitions, on such trainings often there come athletes from different schools. Here you can try all receptions which studied earlier. Everyone seeks to win fighting practice as frequent it is a large meeting of athletes, there is a small prize fund and medal events and diplomas are held.

Injuries and first aid

Обучение фехтованию Injuries when fencing is an everyday occurrence, as well as for any kind of sport. Generally all injuries occur because of bad warm-up or the wrong equipment. If you attentively listen to the trainer and to implement his recommendations, no problems at you will arise. Main types of injuries:
  • stretchings;
  • bruises.
Stretchings occur most often in the field of an ankle. When receiving this trauma first of all it is necessary to put a cold compress and then to wind the injured part of a body with elastic bandage. The joint has to be at rest at least within a day.
At bruises on the injured part it is necessary to put cold, to bandage a wet towel, it will help to remove hypostasis.

Training in fencing

Фехтовальщик If you want to start training, first of all you need to receive the reference from policlinic or from your doctor, confirming, that you are able to maintain physical activities and that you have no problems with health. Further you should contact any sports organization which specializes on fencing. There are private schools, and is well-known such, such as: CSKA, Dynamo, Youth of Moscow, MGFSO, etc. Further you learn when it is possible to come to training.
My council to readers of if you are more than 20 years old, it is worth going to private school as the well-known take generally children at younger school age. But if you ever already trained, can try to go to be engaged in one of the largest sports schools.
Play sports at any age!
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