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Reasons and treatment of female infertility

Infertility is not an illness. But, nevertheless, to get rid of it, years are required for many couples. Infertility the situation is considered, when pregnancy does not come a year later (in some sources two years) provided that couple leads regular sexual life and does not use contraceptives. In this case the timely address to experts is required.
The scary word "infertility" is heard to 15% of married couples. And in 60% of cases the reason is covered in violations and failures of female organism. will tell you everything about female infertility – from prevention and the reasons to types and methods of treatment.
Infertility is not an illness. But, nevertheless, to get rid of it, years are required for many couples. Infertility the situation is considered, when pregnancy does not come a year later (in some sources two years) provided that couple leads regular sexual life and does not use contraceptives. In this case the timely address to experts for the purpose of diagnosing and treatment of infertility is required.

Reasons of female infertility

Бесплодием считается ситуация, когда беременность не наступает спустя год So there is a lot of infertility reasons that simply it becomes terrible. And need to know about them all women and girls, since teenage age.
  1. Hormonal violations in the woman's organism. If there are any failures and violations of a menstrual cycle, so is not excluded that you will have certain problems with conception. At changes in a normal hormonal background (and it can be connected and with heredity, and even with ecology) functions of ovaries are broken and there are problems with maturing of ova which in many cases lead to infertility. By the way, hormonal failures provoke an early climax.
  2. Inflammations of female genitals (ovaries, uterine tubes). Long ago it is proved that inflammations are caused not only overcooling, but also sexually transmitted infections. 75% of women of childbearing age suffer from inflammations from time to time and fondly believe that it is optional to treat them at all. It appears that the started or chronic inflammation – the first step to infertility.
  3. Abortions or injuries of a uterus (for example, at the time of delivery). All know about it, but nevertheless … I will repeat that one of consequences of abortion is infertility and a syndrome of a nevynashivayemost of a fruit.
  4. Various tumors and cysts of a uterus and ovaries. Such phenomena today not a rarity. From all my friends age from 23 to 35 years only one managed to avoid the similar diagnosis. The others can "brag" of uterus fibromas, cysts of ovaries and polikistozy. Doctors unambiguously do not call the reason of their emergence, and only advise regularly to visit the gynecologist.
  5. Congenital defects of genitals. From it nobody is insured, heredity and ecology are guilty besides. But similar defects - "nurseries" a uterus, lack of ovaries, backwardness of uterine tubes – sound as infertility synonyms. However, the modern medicine and here offers ways out – from treatment to substitute motherhood.
  6. Metabolic disorder in an organism. According to many researches, metabolic disorders in an organism becomes the reason of 12% of cases of female infertility. Not without reason say that it is more difficult for "pyshechka" to become pregnant.
  7. Impassability of uterine tubes. Is the reason of 20% of cases of infertility. Partial or full impassability arises as result of an inflammation, as a consequence of abortions, operations of bodies of a small pelvis. And it can arise both at giving birth, and at not giving birth women.
  8. Age factor. The western fashion on "late childbirth" reached and us. Modern ladies do career, live "for themselves", and the birth of the child plan for the period "after 30". Very much in vain, after all the most successful physiological age for childbirth – 19-25 years. And after 35 years ability to conception in comparison with age of 20-30 years falls twice.
  9. Stresses, overfatigue. This "pleasure" is enough for each woman. And houses, both at work, and in transport are because of what to be upset. And the chronic sleep debt and overfatigue, a mad rhythm of life and lack of "high-quality" rest can lead not only to infertility, but also to the mass of other diseases.
  10. Inexplicable reason medicine. It when couple is healthy, and pregnancy does not come. It is about a so-called psychological factor when fear of motherhood or early unwillingness to have the child becomes a hidden barrier to conception.
Impressive it turned out spisochek. Then that infertility threatens almost each of us. And the exit only one – to be protected and in time to be treated. But, believe, practically everything is treated today.
    In 21 years made me the diagnosis polikistoz. Fear and only … Told that I have at most a year, after its expiration it will be very difficult to become pregnant. I became pregnant in 25, from the first attempt. After the delivery polikistoz disappeared. Thus I was absolutely treated by nothing. So that's that. The diagnosis – yet not a sentence!

Types of infertility

Женское бесплодие Depending on the reason which caused inability to a child-bearing, infertility is divided on hormonal (in case of violation of process of maturing and an exit of an ovum because of hormonal failures in an organism); pipe (when passability of uterine tubes is broken); uterine (at the acquired or hereditary violations in development of a uterus).
More than a half of cases of infertility drops to this three look. They are diagnosed and successfully treated. And there is an inexplicable infertility. Inexplicable – from the point of view of medicine. In this case both the man, and the woman are healthy, and pregnancy does not come. Quite so everything occurs in 10% of cases that once again reminds us that the medicine is not omnipotent. But this type of infertility can be explained from the spiritual point of view.
According to this theory conception happens only in the atmosphere of absolute harmony between the man, the woman and future child. Yes, on old beliefs of a shower of the child comes to mother in 3-4 months prior to conception. Therefore harmony is perceived, first, as desire of mother to give birth to the child and endless love to yet not born peanut, and also love and respect for future father. Secondly, it is love of the man to the woman and sincere desire to continue a sort. And various negative words and emotions break this harmony. Happens that couple long did not want the kid, and now changed the mind. And so this unwillingness becomes a hidden barrier to conception. Therefore in a family where expect a baby, the world and love, respect and kindness have to reign. The mutual forgiveness and sincere expectation of a miracle of the birth will make the business. Interesting theory. And, even being the convinced materialist, I trust her.
    I want to share with readers of history from the life. My employee after two childbirth (the first, unfortunately, ended with death of the kid) decided to give birth to the daughter. the 5-year-old brother and the husband were only pro. Only the whole year of anything was impossible. Strange, after all the first two conceptions happened without problems. She made all necessary analyses in two diagnostic centers twice, and all of them confirmed – the woman is absolutely healthy.
    Once she admitted to me that long ago dreams of a personal car that already and on the rights handed over, and money saved up. And accidentally added that if she will become pregnant, these savings will leave on repair of the nursery and as they say "initially" after the delivery. I was surprised very much by this recognition as before she only also went on about the desired daughter. I intuitively advised it or to buy a car, or quickly to begin repair of the room for future baby. The employee chose the second, and in three months learned that is pregnant. Here, so, having cleaned a barrier – long dream of the car, it opened a way to a small miracle.
On other classification infertility is divided on absolute and relative. The last unites the types described above, that is it is subject to treatment. And here the absolute means pregnancy absolutely impossible for certain physical reasons – in view of lack of a uterus or ovaries, etc.
And the last two types of infertility – primary and secondary. Primary call a situation when irrespective of age, the woman cannot become pregnant and never became pregnant in general. And if the woman had pregnancies, irrespective of their outcome, and now she cannot conceive the child, such infertility call secondary.

Methods of treatment of female infertility

Бесплодие – это не болезнь To cure infertility, very important quickly and correctly to define its reason. For this purpose both spouses make certain tests. As a rule, it is about analyses on detection of infections, ultrasonography of bodies of a small pelvis, blood tests on hormones. Depending on results the doctor or will offer additional diagnostics, or in case of detection of the reason – will choose the most pertinent way of treatment.
  1. The planned intercourse. If results of analyses are satisfactory and any physiological reasons of infertility is not established, to couple advise to carry out so-called "the planned intercourse". In this case pregnancy can not come because of incorrectly calculated ovulation or owing to any psychological reasons. The doctor will prompt you optimum time for conception and will recommend to address to the psychoanalyst. And let the last for many readers of sounds still wildly, but this expert will help to reveal "reefs" of your problem. By the way, many prefer to visit to the psychoanalyst visit to church.
      It is correct to define an ovulation the special test will help. He very much reminds the test for pregnancy (and by the form, and on use process) and costs about 20 hryvnias.
  2. Treatment by hormonal preparations. It is applied at hormonal infertility. The hormonal background of the woman is corrected by means of special preparations which normalize activity of ovaries and stimulate development of ova. After treatment by hormones the probability to become pregnant increases several times. If to consider that today at every third woman diseases of a thyroid gland, at every fourth – periodic failures of a menstrual cycle, this type of therapy the most popular are observed today. However, there is a number of negative consequences of such treatment (increase in weight, heat inflow, dryness of a vagina and even a depression). But the result, as they say, meets all expectations.
  3. Insemination. This method is applied at small hormonal violations in an organism of future mother. After a certain inspection hormonal stimulation of ovaries is carried out. On ultrasonography maturing of follicles is traced and into the opportunity in a uterus of the woman enter the husband's sperm.
      The probability to become pregnant as a result of an insemination reaches 30%, and procedure is absolutely painless.
  4. ЭКО («выращивают детей из пробирки») - один из самых действенных методов лечения бесплодияEKO. One of the most effective methods of treatment of infertility. In Russia every fifth fruitless couple does EKO. Many clinics "grow up children from a test tube". At first, under anesthetic, at the woman do a harvesting of ova of an ovary. It not operation, but five-minute procedure. Then these ova impregnate out of an organism of parents sperm of the husband or donor. And already then, 72 hours later, some embryos place in the woman's uterus (absolutely without serious consequences), and in a week - two carry out ultrasonography which shows, whether there came pregnancy. This method rescues at impassability of uterine tubes.
      In 20 years of universal use of the EKO method more than one million children "from a test tube" was born already. Nobody guarantees approach of pregnancy from the first attempt. But pays your attention that in many clinics in case of three not productive attempts money returns to clients. Method not cheap. Productivity to 30%.
  5. Donorship. It is not only about substitute motherhood when for a certain sum the donor bears an embryo of fruitless couple (such way out is available to not everyone). In cases when ovaries are exhausted and do not develop an ovum, or there is serious hereditary illness, ova of donors can be used. Thus the woman can take out the child itself.
There is a wish to add that for treatment of infertility it is created hundreds of specialized medical centers. But it is necessary to treat a choice of establishment and the doctor carefully. Give preference to clinics and highly skilled doctors with long-term practice and the corresponding reputation. After all it is about your future kid, and such business to laymans is not trusted.


Prevention of female infertility is carried out under a sign "not to allow!". It is about the prevention of abortions, avoidance of various inflammations of genitals and infections, sexually transmitted. Therefore, lovely girls, be not fond of short short skirts in a cold season, after all it is possible both to put on warmly, and to be attractive suddenly! Carefully choose sexual partners and use barrier methods of contraception (condoms) – only this way you protect yourself from undesirable pregnancy (in a consequence and from abortions), and various infections. In addition, lead a healthy lifestyle which will allow your organism to develop without pathologies. Do not smoke and do not abuse alcoholic beverages. And time in half a year visit the gynecologist – after all simpler to cure any disease at early stages.
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