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Reasons of female change

Speaking about an adultery, in the majority we represent man's change. Meanwhile, the statistics confirms that a quarter of women at least once in life had relations on the party. What already to speak about those women who actually did not change the partner, however do not exclude option at the first opportunity it to make.

Of course, an indisputable fact is that men change a thicket and do it much easier. Women are more monogamous, but sometimes they very much need new emotions and feelings. So why society so indulgently treats man's changes and strictly condemns the female? And why the women who are considered as keepers of the center and family rest nevertheless change the second half? Will try to understand these and other questions

Why it occurred?

When the woman falls in love, she thinks that this feeling forever, and blessed nobody will be able to take a place. However passes time and feelings become dull, and life thus is full of temptations. Experts analysed acts of representatives man's and female and found some reasons which can lead to change. By the way, many psychologists are sure that change can strengthen marriage, however "on the left" you should not speak about the unsuccessful campaign to the partner. Only divorce can sometimes become rescue for both spouses. So …

Reason the first: the love is evil

Did not think, the woman that married not the prince charming, and ordinary "goat" did not guess. The hubby and a stone wall promised the moon, and in practice it appeared … Does not bring money to the house, to alcohol it is not indifferent moreover and is engaged in a manhandling. After deep disappointment the woman starts seeking consolations elsewhere. As a rule, all is allowed by a rupture of the relations. And each of spouses is sure that another is guilty.

Reason the second: it was not acquired

Couple created marriage at young age. Children grew up, and the woman that is called in the blossoming of forces. The young years spent for diapers want to be returned. Remarkably, when the husband shares female desire to relax and pleasantly to spend time in club or in the company of unmarried girlfriends. If it does not occur, the woman starts "revolting". However, after a while nevertheless realizes that made an annoying mistake.

Crisis "it was not acquired" it is possible to avoid. The main thing in this situation - participation of the husband who has to help to be painless it, differently it someone will make for it another.

Reason the third: forbidden fruit is sweetest.

Ordinary curiosity can sometimes become the reason of female change …. "The girlfriend has a lover, and at me is not present", "It is interesting how it - to have the man on the party?" etc. Most often such situation occurs, as they say, for the company. Thus the woman especially does not worry about consequences, after all many women today - self-sufficient persons, are independent of men in the financial plan. If the woman loves the man and in time understood that "did" - she realizes the mistake and forgets about the incident as a bad dream. However, unfortunately, the younger the woman, the heavier to make it by her. The young wife can simply destroy marriage.

Reason the fourth: a gray hair in a beard …

Not only men are subject to age crisis. Women suffer from changes which happen over the years not less. Women start doubting the appeal and sexuality. To prove to itself that "the woman a berry again", women go for change. After all the husband cannot serve as the proof of its appeal any more. The woman thinks that for many years of joint life he simply got used to the second half. And the lover – another matter. As a rule, in this case women in most cases quickly realize a mistake and stop all relations on the party.

Reason the fourth: washing revenge it is terrible

Most often such change happens if the husband does not hide the adventures "on the left". And if thus blessed called the change reasons (the wife thick, not attractive, not sexual etc.), the woman can decide on change from revenge.

Reason the fourth: spare option

Happens that the woman feels uncertainty in marriage. Whether understands that at the man already "someone is", whether simply itself does not want to live with this person any more, but not to decide to leave in anywhere in any way. Therefore tries "to be reinsured" and find beforehand to the husband suitable replacement. And in the majority the woman looks for not simply the lover, and the potential husband.

Reason the fifth: was over head and ears in love

Happens that the woman lived long life in marriage, and suddenly meets on the way the Man of the dream. Thus it seems to it that all previous life was a continuous mistake. In this case change is inevitable. As a rule, such situation comes to an end with divorce and the subsequent marriage. But in that case when feelings are mutual. However happens and so that the woman loves, and the man simply uses this situation. And when as a result, after long torments she admits to the husband that leaves to another, Lyubov of all her life reacts to such act cold supposedly and so everything was good, why you spoiled everything. Of course, for the woman it is shock.

What to do if your man learned about change?

You should not forget that men perceive change much more seriously, than women. Plus to it is available for women natural ability to forgive change as at the subconscious level they are more prepared for it. And here for the man the fact of change is precisely a sign of its male inferiority and insolvency. Therefore it is necessary to speak about continuation of the relations not always as to return them very not easy. The main thing at this stage – to try not to make mistakes which can lead to the irrevocable termination of the relations:

  1. Be not humiliated before the man, vyplakivy forgiveness or that is even worse, rolling up hysterics. It will not help at all – on the contrary, will only cause disgust or contempt in the man. Simply remain quiet even if in you hurricanes storm.
  2. Do not look for guilty of the incident at all. Do not accuse the partner of what he became the reason of your act. At this moment it is necessary to be maximum reserved. Even if you for hundred percent are sure what exactly your blessed was an incitement to change commission, now is not a high time to discuss it.
  3. Remember that under no circumstances you should not remember the incident. And even, if your man asks to tell any details, answer shortly and do not describe in details your relations "on the party". It will only aggravate a situation and can cause irritation in the man.
  4. Do not implicate relatives in your problem. If relatives – besides a shame and humiliation learn about the incident, the crowd of the sympathizing advisers will fall upon your partner. In that case the man can simply disappear to avoid problems.
  5. Do not try to manipulate children if they are in a family for the sake of which the husband has to remain. First, it once again will prove your dishonesty in the relations, and secondly, not the fact that later time your blessed will not go on the left. And later will explain the act to that in a family carries out only a role of the father.
  6. At this moment – to let know the most important to the husband that your act is a huge mistake. Change brought you only shame and disappointment. Try not to ask from the husband of an instant solution and forgiveness. Let will pass time that it could treat your act more judiciously.
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