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List of fat-burning products

On what only there are no women in a pursuit of a beautiful slim figure. They are ready even to starve that is the extremely hazardous to health. And after all there is a good alternative – a diet which consists of fat-burning products.

What is the fat-burning products

Fat-burning most often call the products having low caloric content and for which digestion more calories are spent, than they have. They are not postponed in subcutaneous fat, have ability quickly to be acquired, turning themselves and other products into energy. The vegetables, fruit, meat and fish containing vitamin C, taurine, iodine, magnesium, methionine belong to zhiroszhigatel. All this complex actively splits fats, owing to development of a hormone of growth, promoting their division into cages. As a result harmful fats are not late an organism in the form of deposits. In addition fat-burning products contain biologically active agents lowering appetite, accelerating process of a metabolism and clearing an organism of toxins. Besides they burn digestible calories and, thanks to the naturalness, do it without doing harm to an organism. If to tell more simple language – zhiroszhigatel have the negative caloric content as the organism spends for their processing of energy more, than consumes.

The list of the products capable to burn fats

Not some expensive delicacies, but the majority from this belong to low-calorie products that is in refrigerators almost always.

The list of fat-burning products is huge therefore it is enumerable the most widespread and demanded of them:

  1. Ginger root. Curative properties of ginger knew and used long since:
    • the regular use of it products makes active a metabolism, promotes the best work of blood vessels, helps development of a large amount of energy;
    • most of nutritionists of the world meet that drinks with addition of a root of ginger tone up and sate an organism;
    • essential oils which contain in ginger, improve an intestines vermicular movement, do not allow to be postponed to cholesteric plaques, reducing their level in blood;
    • ginger possesses antiviral and antibacterial properties. Thanks to these properties ginger interferes fermentation and helps intestines to samoochishchatsya.
  2. Cinnamon. Ancient Chinese knew about useful properties of cinnamon and actively used it as spice:
    • glucose belongs to simple sugars and has property to be postponed in the form of stocks in blood therefore there is a set of excess weight. Miracle property of cinnamon which it is appreciated by all nutritionists, – ability to lower glucose level in blood of the person, to raise a metabolism, to improve brain blood circulation;
    • using only 1 h. l. cinnamon in day, the person completely covers needs of an organism for manganese and calcium;
    • add cinnamon to tea with ginger, a lemon and honey. Accept in a hot or warm look;
    • cinnamon belongs to spices and, unfortunately, has the contraindications for reception at hypertensive persons and at diseases of cardiovascular system. Also the people having liver diseases because of the contents in it rather offensive benzopyrone are not recommended to use this spice.

  3. Vegetables krestotsvetny which treat color and a Savoy cabbage, broccoli, a radish, all types of lettuce leaves, green peas, a celery, cucumbers, an asparagus, beet and paprika:
    • each of these vegetables contains a large amount of rough cellulose which long and carefully is digested an organism, spending for it the energy;
    • all these products contain proteins and difficult carbohydrates which power value is so small that the organism spends for their comprehensibility of energy more, than consumes. Eating a small portion of these vegetables, the person satisfies hunger for a long time;
    • everyday reception at least of one of the listed products is especially recommended during a strict diet, then the speed of a metabolism will keep at the necessary level.
  4. Milk and fermented milk products:
    • skim cheese, fermented baked milk, kefir, natural yogurt without additives, low-fat milk – all these products contain calcium which promotes burning of digestible fats;
    • all transferred production promotes production by an organism of a kaltsitriol – a hormone which helps to lose weight.
  5. Pineapple – the dessert burner of fats:
    • tasty and juicy pineapple contains enzyme bromelayn which helps with processing dairy, bean, seafood and for a long time dulls feeling of hunger;

    • rough fibers of which the pulp of pineapple consists, has properties same as krestotsvetny vegetables – long are digested, supporting a metabolism at the necessary level and giving to an organism feeling of long saturation;
    • pineapple can be used as a dessert, to add to vegetable salads, to bake with meat and fish;
    • it is not recommended to use pineapple of subjects at whom acidity is increased, at stomach ulcer and gastritis.
  6. Avocados – a source an omega-9 of nonsaturated fatty acids which positively influence work of all organism in general, accelerate and normalize a metabolism, help to split difficult fats and promote their transformation to energy.
  7. The citrus – fragrant and tasty burners of fats:
    • oranges, lemons, tangerines, pomelo, lime and especially grapefruit – all these products promote weight reduction thanks to the zhelchegonny property;
    • the ascorbic acid (vitamin C) containing in all citrus improves a muscle work, promotes the correct work of a metabolism, clears a liver;
    • it is enough to use only 200 g of any citrus a day effectively to lose weight without harm to health;
    • pay attention that at reception of certain antidepressants the use of grapefruit is undesirable.
  8. Green tea – a natural antioxidant. Practically all nutritionists recommend to take this drink at observance of a low-calorie diet:
    • as it is known, during a diet it is necessary to drink a lot of liquid. Green tea satisfies well thirst and dulls feeling of hunger, tones up and sates an organism, possesses zhelchegonny property;
    • in addition green tea is an excellent antioxidant which contains all useful substances necessary for hair, nails and skin.

  9. Whole-grain bread – an excellent source of vitamins and minerals during observance of a diet:
    • bread from whole grain contains valuable food fibers without which to an organism in any way not to do, especially during restriction in food;
    • bread from whole grain has a low glycemic index and is an irreplaceable source of slow carbohydrates, overworking which the organism spends a lot of energy.
  10. Meat and fish – a source of protein, necessary for an organism:
    • as it is known, protein for which processing the organism spends more energy, than for carbohydrates and fats is simply necessary for muscles for their structure;
    • fish is a source of fatty acids which well influence vessels and well split fats, promoting dumping of excess weight. In addition, the regular use of fish will relieve you of aging of skin thanks to the special complex of substances containing in its structure.

Recipes of dishes with fat-burning products

Soups reckon with fat-burning products as the most useful and nourishing dishes. They can be used as in a hot, and cold look. They well satisfy hunger, give a lot of energy, are easy in preparation.

Soup from a celery.


  • celery – 200 g;
  • cabbage any – 200 g;
  • carrots – 3 pieces;
  • yellow paprika – 2 pieces;
  • onions – 3 pieces;
  • tomatoes average – 3 pieces;
  • haricot siliculose – 300 g;
  • tomato juice – 1,5 l;
  • parsley, fennel, green onions to taste.


  1. Cut small all vegetables, put them in a pan and fill in with tomato juice which has to cover all contents completely.
  2. When soup begins to boil, do not reduce fire within 10 minutes.
  3. After that fire it is necessary to reduce and cook soup of 10 more minutes, without opening a cover.
  4. In 2-3 minutes prior to the end of process pour out melkonarublenny greens in soup.
  5. Soup is ready. Can eat it 3 times a day.

Onions soup.


  • onions large – 4 pieces;
  • cabbage any – 1 kg;
  • green paprika – 2 pieces;
  • tomatoes large – 2 pieces;
  • celery greens – 1 bunch;
  • water - 1,5 l.


  1. Cut small all vegetables and put them in capacity. Do not add celery greens yet.
  2. Bring soup to boiling and cook on big fire of 10 minutes.
  3. After that reduce fire and cook soup to readiness.
  4. When soup is ready, add to it celery greens the chopped. To taste salt and season with other spices. Leave under a cover for 1 hour.
  5. When soup is drawn, can add to it a little low-fat sour cream.

The list given above is not full, but is the basic at purpose of dietary food. At a choice of products of Mirsovetov recommends to consider features of your organism. It is best of all to consult with the nutritionist who will make to you the individual list.

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