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Fasting days for weight loss

As fasting days are familiar with such concept many but very few people reflect in what the real advantage of carrying out such days consists. After all at competent approach to unloading of an organism it is quite possible to get healthier, be cleared of slags and toxins, and also to lose excess weight.

Advantage of fasting days

First of all it should be noted that fasting days for weight loss – excellent alternative to rigid monodiets which, despite preventions of doctors and nutritionists, are in huge demand. Actually, the organism needs "hunger strike" and a shake-up, but, as well as all other, it it is necessary to do correctly.

Fasting days are capable to bring the water which was late in it, slags and toxins, disintegration products out of an organism. They allow to have a rest to a digestive tract which is compelled to work every day, digesting not always food useful and necessary to an organism. This day the cardiovascular system is cleared and rejuvenates, but the biggest push receives a metabolism. At regular repetition of such days the organism will start losing weight, respectively, the main objective – weight loss will be achieved.

Rules of carrying out fasting days

To gain the maximum effect, it is very important to adhere to some rules. And these rules need to be taken as a basis and to remember that only at a right approach your organism will tell you thanks. Otherwise there can come the return reaction: failure in a metabolism, problems with a digestive tract etc.

  1. Systematicity – here the most basic rule of fasting days for weight loss. If you have no excess weight, and you pursue only one aim — to allow to have a rest to an organism, 2 times a month are quite enough to spend such days. If you have a small excess weight, carry out unloading once a week, at the big excess excess weight 2 times a week are best of all to carry out unloading.
  2. It is very important that it occurred strictly according to the schedule, in the same days. Over time your body will get used and will wait for "output" day.
  3. Preparation for a fasting day has to be obligatory. The easy dinner consisting of the steamed vegetables and a glass of low-fat kefir will give a signal to an organism that tomorrow it is waited by rest.
  4. What product you for yourself would not choose, during the day it is necessary to drink not less than 2 l of water, and at the big excess weight engine capacity can increase to the 4th in day. Water will help to be cleared to fabrics and cages, will remove excess liquid. The main part of water has to be drunk till 15.00.
  5. Every morning in our gall bladder bile which is necessary for digestion of fat food throughout the day is developed. As in fasting days we do not use such food, bile does not leave that results in its stagnation and to considerable problems. Therefore since morning in day of unloading it is necessary to drink zhelchegonny means: it can be and a spoon of sunflower oil on an empty stomach, and special grass collecting (they should be drunk during the day according to the instruction), and medicines if you know what suit you.
  6. The fasting day means that you or will eat less, or will carry out a short-term monodiet, but it is necessary to remember that in such days always there is a restriction on quantity of food. Protein can arrive in number of no more than 700 g, and fruit vegetables – it is no more than 2 kg.
  7. It is also necessary "to leave" a fasting day correctly. Make very light breakfast, through a couple of hours one more in the morning. If you start using everything, can receive problems with a chair.
  8. Find the best product for these days, will choose that suits you. Then the fasting day will be in pleasure and it will be simpler to get used to it.
  9. Also define that it is better for you: this day to be busy at work or to make a full relax. On the one hand, at big employment, thoughts of food will be less, with another, you can quicker get tired and receive the worst result, and by the evening to have the most strong feeling of hunger which will be difficult to be overcome.
  10. Exclude physical activities. This day the organism needs to provide rest from physical culture, only this way it will start "giving" fat on burning.
  11. Do not accept laxatives and diuretics as it sometimes is accepted. It you can only do much harm.
  12. If you have in the anamnesis any chronic diseases, surely consult with the doctor. Contraindications of fasting days can consist in that product which you will choose for unloading, some of them are capable to lift pressure or to do much harm a gastrointestinal tract.

Options of fasting days

Them there is a huge set, to you it is necessary or to choose something one, or to alternate favourite products. It should be noted that each product is good in own way and possesses useful properties.


It is one of the most popular types of unloading. For its preparation it is necessary to bring 1,5 liters of milk to boiling, to pour it in a thermos and to pour there 1,5 tablespoons green or black to tea. It is necessary to drink during the day, first it is possible to add few times a little honey that it was simpler to organism to endure "shake-up".

Such drink possesses strong diuretic action therefore it is important to fill water balance. Surely alternate reception of tea to reception of pure natural water, not aerated.

Contraindications: molokochay people cannot drink with a hypertension as caffeine is capable to provoke hypertensive crisis. It is also best of all to refuse this drink if you have too big excess weight.


It is the tested and favourite product for all growing thin long ago. Mirsovetov does not recommend to carry out a long-term monodiet on kefir, and here to clear an organism, to remove slags, toxins and a little bit to promote weight loss within one day, kefir is quite capable.

For carrying out a fasting day you need 1,5 liters of the fat-free kefir. It is necessary to drink it on slightly not to manage to get hungry. It is possible to combine kefir with a small amount of vegetables and fruit, except for grapes and bananas.

Kefir is more preferable than house production, for this purpose in a drugstore it is possible to buy special ferment. So you will be able to take a usefulness maximum from a fasting day on kefir.

Contraindications: it is not recommended to choose for unloading kefir to people with the increased acidity of gastric juice.


For day you need to eat 1,5-2 kg of apples. A grade of apples – on your choice. In such days various herbs decoctions and from a dogrose are welcomed. It is also possible to enter into a diet of a little fat-free kefir or cottage cheese, it will help not to feel hunger.

Buckwheat cereal.

This grain is very much highly appreciated by nutritionists for the useful properties. Take 250 g of buckwheat, properly wash out it and fill in for the night with water. Weld in the usual way in the morning, divide ready porridge into 5 equal portions and eat during the day. It is best of all to wash down it with kefir. Also during the day drink green tea and do not forget about water balance.


Of course, where without this low-calorie vegetable? Everything is very simple, divide 1,5 kg of cucumbers into 5 equal parts and eat during the day. It is possible to eat 70 g of boiled chicken fillet or 1 egg cooked in abrupt in the evening.


Ideal option for any the sweet tooth! Buy 500 g of bitter chocolate and simply eat during the day, washing down with tea or coffee without sugar. Do not forget to drink enough water, then "minus" on scales, ease and excellent mood will not keep themselves waiting long.

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