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Fashionable bags 2014

Here not the first ten years a bag is one of the main components of clothes of the woman. And its functionality far is not limited today to carrying of the most necessary things.

In the XXI century the bag does an image of the woman complete, emphasizes her identity. And each woman of fashion will surely examine tendencies of the future season that the nobility, with what concrete handbag to fill up the stocks during this season to remain the most stylish.

Season trend

This year designers give us the chance to dream up and absolutely mixed handbags bring to our attention. It both soft shapeless models, and the models possessing accurate geometrical lines both big, and small … The main requirement to what handbag to choose exactly today, its compliance to the chosen style is. That is the handbag has to complete romantic style, business, daily, evening.

The bags trimmed with fur do not get out of fashion. What it will be fur – natural or artificial – it is absolutely unimportant. Designers offer both purely fur handbags, and combined with skin only with fur inserts. If to speak about their size, the preference is given nevertheless to small, compact bags.

As for color scale, here the full range is also offered to us. Beginning from black and white (and also black-and-white) classics and finishing with the bright, motley, sometimes constrained and muffled shades. But nevertheless this year red, orange, gold colors are considered as the most actual coloring.

As for thong length, designers and here give vent to the imagination: in fashion as well as very short, and very long thong, all the rest – a matter of taste.

The most stylish forms of bags

In 2014 the main emphasis on comfort and spaciousness: the leading position at a choice of a form of bags is taken by classics – a rectangular format. Most often such bags are suitable for a campaign in office or behind purchases, that is for daily use. Lovers "all the to carry with itself" perfectly will find room for the most necessary things here.

One more kind of a classical form of a women bag cannot and forget – a trapeze form. In 2014 fashion designers added it a little volume. Such form of a bag is practical, convenient, capacious and will perfectly add your everyday life. The bag trapeze made of patent leather is considered very fashionable.

This year again in fashion a bag square. It does not differ in a practicality and is suitable for special cases more. Designers suggest to stop the choice on small bags squares, with a thong through a shoulder.

This year the bag of any unusual form, for example, round or oval very stylishly looks. The most courageous girls can get for themselves handbags in the form of female lips, an envelope, lodge or trunk.

Bags clutches 2014

It is impossible to forget and about such unsurpassed type of handbags as clutch. Its distinctive feature is the small size, a form of an envelope and perfect lack of a place in it. After all it is possible to put in a clutch unless the mobile phone, lipstick and a credit card. And if quite recently this bag was the companion of an evening dress of the woman, today designers introduce it in everyday life more and more.

One of trends of this season the handbag on a short and long chain is considered. And couturiers suggest such "traditional" option to carry very nonconventionally: to reel up on a wrist, having recreated a certain negligence in the image.

It should be noted that squared classical traditional clutches give way to more convenient forms today. The cube form became one of such formats. Such handbags are more convenient, practical, even are a little more capacious. Are very fashionable in this season of a handbag clutches in a rigid framework, in the form of a box. This option is considered the most evening and is capable to decorate any dress.

Traditionally it is considered the most widespread a clutch in the form of the folder. Today women of fashion prefer such bags for everyday life. They rush usually on a hand, but some designers offer a thong or a planochka for a palm.

As for color scale of a clutch, here all depends only on taste of future owner. That today fashionable designers and the couturier offer, it is difficult not to call a work of art. After all in fashion all: beginning from classics and finishing with fashionable prints and animalistic drawings.

How to pick up a bag?

As it was already told, this year any are actual in a form and color of a bag. The only requirement is that accurate compliance of a bag to clothes style is necessary. The site Mirsovetov offers women of fashion some councils how it is correct to choose a bag that it was absolutely combined with your today's style?

Each modern woman knows that bags has to be in clothes a little, at least, not less than two-three. After all not each handbag can approach and different dresses, and different seasons. But not to turn a case into deposits of bags, and to learn to manage their real quantity, it is necessary to remember some simple rules.

  1. Choosing a bag, at once estimate, whether much at you is in a case of clothes which will approach this option. If yes, that and nothing to think.
  2. In clothes surely there has to be a classical bag which will approach actually any dress. Most often it is neutral color (gray, black, beige, brown tone – it is possible to improvise as much as necessary) and a classical form (rectangular or a form of a trapeze).
  3. The size matters: big bags in the winter, small - in the summer. Small handbags to a dress, big – to outerwear. Small handbags in the winter (the same clutches) are suitable only for a special case to the woman who goes on a party.
  4. Very many women try to get a bag of light tones by summer. And it is very right because with light trousers and a white T-shirt the black handbag will hardly be in harmony. From here and rule: the dark - with dark, light - with light. We do not confuse!
  5. The bag in tone to clothes is acceptable, but designers nevertheless advise that it was on tone - two are lighter or are more dark, that is to differ and be allocated a little from all image.
  6. If your dress assumes some different flowers, the bag can be chosen in tone to one of separately chosen dress shades.
  7. You madly liked a bright green handbag on a show-window, but to you it is simple there is nothing it to put on? The exit is and here. Buy it in tone bracelets, a beads, gloves, a scarf, and the bag will look simply ideally!
  8. The color of a bag attached to color of footwear? It is classics. And let today in increasing frequency forget about it, but such ensemble will always be very opportunely.
  9. Watch that the invoice of fabric of a bag was similar to clothes fabric (the straw bag will hardly approach jeans).
  10. For an evening dress it is possible to buy really universal handbag. For this purpose simply be not fond of pastes and bright shades, make your choice towards neutral color of a small clutch, and then it will approach any evening dress.
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