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Family education

The family form of education is an only option of creation benevolent and friendly for today to the child of the educational environment which will be able to consider specific features and abilities of each pupil. Certainly, not all parents are ready to family form of education since responsibility for quality of knowledge will be conferred on their shoulders.
Who from us in the childhood did not shirk school? Remember, with what pleasure we did it how this feeling of freedom and opportunity to do only what there is a wish is tempting?
And if to reflect – since then a little that changed: children with the same pleasure shirk occupations, inventively thinking out various occasions which would help them to pass at least one day of study.

and the school system of training is so good?

Злой учитель Whether many of us remember the school with tenderness and gratitude? Whether there are a lot of knowledge of what to us persistently put in the head, lives were useful in further, adult? Who from us well mastered a foreign language thanks to the school program? Who into practice could put knowledge of historical dates?
Whether you noticed how every year training healthy inquisitiveness and interest in knowledge dies away in your child? The yesterday's why-asker exhausting all questions "why and why?", slowly but surely loses interest in everything that still yesterday excited it above all. Dry language of school textbooks, control of imagination, the authoritativeness of the teacher suppressing any expression of own opinion of the child – surely do the part.
To fight against system which achievements are very doubtful, and the damage to physical and moral health of the child is available, very difficult. On the party of school system of training ranks of teachers, directors, officials from the Ministry of Education and, strangely enough, the most part of parents.
If to conduct survey of parents, asking them the only question "Why you sent the child to school?", the answer, as a rule, happens standard: 8 people from 10 answer, what "it is so necessary", "time came", "anyhow?".
That is the most part of parents does not even represent, what it is possible to educate the child by some other methods, having kept children's mentality, physical health and thus having enclosed qualitative knowledge in the head.
    From statistics: congenital diseases have 7% of school students, hereditary – 18% acquired during training – 44%.
    By results of researches of 66% of school students suffer from a hypodynamia, at 24% the syndrome of deficiency of attention with a hyperactivity is observed. By the end of day and week 41% of pupils have an expressed exhaustion and at 52% nevrozopodobny reactions.
    Main "professional" diseases of school students: gastritis, scoliosis, short-sightedness, neurosises.
So, if to ask a question – whether there is an exit from this vicious situation and that it is necessary to make in order that the school was not a source of deterioration of health, the answer arises by itself: it is necessary to refuse visit of school simply.
Whether it is possible? Whether it is lawful? And how the child will study if does not go to school? These are the main questions which are asked by parents at discussion of this subject.

The act of the Russian Federation "About education"

Закон РФ «Об образовании» Until recently only those children who had serious diseases could not attend school and on medical indications were compelled to be trained at the coming teachers at home.
In 1992 the president of the country Boris Yeltsin signed the historical decree allowing parents to choose independently form of education for the children including a family form of education (The act of the Russian Federation "About education" of 10.07.1992 N 3266-1, Art. 10).
The family form of education is an only option of creation benevolent and friendly for today to the child of the educational environment which will be able to consider specific features and abilities of each pupil.
Parents are given unique opportunity to help the child to distribute his time taking into account internal clocks – need of early rises disappears; taking into account hobbies and abilities – the bigger amount of time is allocated for visits of circles and sections on interests; besides, there is an opportunity to take a course according to abilities of the child, at the speed, convenient for it, – accelerated, passing through a class or, on the contrary, slowed down, carefully studying difficult given subject.

Opportunities and the rights of the pupil - "semeynik"

Семейное образование The role of school in which the child on family form of education is registered, is reduced to certification – the child hands over test, examinations and examinations after a certain period (a quarter, year). Also each pupil - "semeynik" has the right to use school laboratories, libraries and if necessary – to get advice of teachers.
Besides, the pupil is relieved of need to spend time for doubtful lessons like singing or drawing and released time to devote to own hobbies that is important for formation of the harmonious personality.
    From a personal example: my son, to self-forgetfulness keen on computers and "a presidential sport" – judo, with transition to family form of education received a full freedom of action.
    "Owl" on biological type, it very difficult transferred early rises to school, long joined in a working rhythm and hardly filled up in the evening because intellectual and physical activity did not decline yet. Having passed to new form of education and having opportunity to rise in process of satisfaction of need for a dream, the son began to manage to make much more affairs, arranging a day regimen under own desires and requirements. Since lessons came to it always quite easily, he allowed the most part of time for occupation by favourite business – studied computer programs, bases of programming and wrote own reviews on computer subject.
    The reviews written by the 9-year-old boy were so competent and technically right that visitors of forums where he published the works, refused to believe that the author – still absolutely the child. Opportunity to give to favourite business is so much time, how many there is a wish – one of advantages of family form of education.
    With sport there was the same history – having agreed with the trainer about additional trainings, the son with pleasure increased physical activity that earlier, at the time of visit of usual school, he did not manage: lessons of singing, drawing, physical culture, labor training and the other subjects which are not entering a course obligatory, ate the lion's share of time which could be let on more productive occupations.
Certainly, not all parents are ready to family form of education since responsibility for quality of knowledge will be conferred on their shoulders. Whether many parents are ready to take with the child once again a school course? Whether many are ready to take the responsibility for success of the child and to lose such convenient excuse how "For this purpose the school is, let she also learns"?

For the aid to parents

Семейное образование Fortunately, parents, not persons interested to be the "cuckoos" who threw the children to school and by that relieved from himself any responsibility for quality of education, physical and mental health of children, in Russia becomes more increasing. And even more that there are enthusiasts who meet requirements of such conscious parents pleases and will organize the various help at all levels – educational, official-bureaucratic, moral and other.
So, for example, the only Center of Family Education in Russia created by Chapkovsky' family assumed a hard role of the coordinator and intermediary between parents and bureaucracy.
Parents, whose children are engaged in this Center, are relieved of a set of bureaucratic barriers, and children had an opportunity to study in the healthy intellectual environment, without prejudice to the mental and physical health.
Anyone can be engaged on system of family education, having coordinated the decision with administration of school. But if parents prefer to receive the additional qualified help in difficult business of training of own child, the appeal to the Center of Family Education will give them such opportunity.
    From a personal example: the director of our Moscow region school whom I asked a question of possibility of the transfer of the child to a family form of education, bewildered listened to me and, hardly hiding malevolence, took an interest, how really I estimate the forces in teaching activity?
    Like, it has all teachers – teachers with an experience, with the higher education, and I am the yesterday's housewife who came off the pans, dared to threaten to area where even teachers often feel the helpless? Besides, to me unambiguously let know that RONO the excess headache with the child does not approve those actions of the school administration which are strongly beaten out for a habitual framework of traditional educational foundations, and - "semeynik" to our school is not necessary at all. All my references to the legislation caused the only reaction – "if you so want – be engaged in documents, the school of it will not do, and not the fact that it will turn out to achieve from you that you will be provided by all necessary references and orders …"
    Having addressed in Chapkovsky' TsSO, I had long conversation with the director of this center who wanted to be convinced of gravity of my aspiration to educate the child by own forces, in own family. Then the director led discussion with the child, was surprised to that in notebooks of the son there were underestimated estimates under the correct decisions – our school teacher reduced estimates for bad handwriting, and thus it was unimportant, the decision is how true. After interview we were accepted in TsSO and since then we do not know any problems with the bureaucratic party of a question: The center collects all necessary documents, prepares contracts, is engaged in registration of monetary payments to parents, etc. To us, parents, it is necessary only to put time in a year the signature under the contract …
After preliminary testing of knowledge of the child, it is defined in the corresponding class – not a secret that many children so are ahead of contemporaries in the development that it is simply boring for them to study with coevals.
Officially children will be listed one of the Moscow schools in which charter the form of family education is stated, but to be engaged will be at home, with infrequent visit of TsSO.

Occupations in the Center of Family Education

In TsSO will offer the child class in the program of that class which level suits the pupil most of all.
On occupations children come 1-2 times a week to TsSO, depending on age and the level of training.
Classes in the duration are not similar on standard school since each lesson lasts 1,5 hours. This time as practice – optimum for school students since the most part of habitual 40-45 minutes at school leaves on unfolding of textbooks shows, creation of the working spirit and discipline, poll set on the house, and only small part of this time is the share of an explanation of new material.
The lesson lasting 1,5 hours often combines adjacent subjects that gives a scope for creativity, does not limit thought and the imagination of the child.
In TsSO there are no casual people among teachers – only those who loves children, is able to work with them, is the creative person and loves the subject, pass selection at selection of shots.
Occupations take place in the cozy offices equipped with all necessary, and the number of pupils seldom exceeds 5 people that allows the teacher to pay a maximum of attention to each child.
Having studied a new subject and having received the tasks for the house all the remained days of week the child studies at home, planning occupations at discretion, according to a personal daily routine.
Children pass intermediate and final certifications of knowledge not in the center, and at that school which they are listed, at the same school graduates receive certificates.

Organization of occupations of the house

Семейное образование Initially the system of family education is focused on development in children of abilities of independent work and creative approach to training process.
Certainly, the best teachers for the child are his parents, but it does not mean at all that parents will spend the whole days, staying with the child over textbooks. A task of parents – to teach children to plan occupations with what drawing up the curriculum very much helps. In the course of study it becomes clear, what subjects should find more time what can be postponed in general "for later" since they come to the child easily and easy.
    From personal experience: my son always had tendency to humanitarian subjects therefore, having received new textbooks in September, he with greed swallowed in a month all annual course of history and semi-annual – biology. Excitedly he wrote own papers, looked for additional information on the question interesting him on the Internet, thumbed through numerous encyclopedias – until interest in these subjects did not start decreasing. Having loaded by such thorough baggage of knowledge, the son for a long time forgot about these textbooks, glancing over them only for refreshing of memory before quarter certifications. Approximately the same situation was and with Russian – possessing congenital literacy, the child with ease and quickly did homeworks for some weeks ahead that allowed to release more time for occupations by favourite business and for concentration on those subjects which were given it more difficult – mathematics, of the physicist.
Advantage of family education in it also consists – in opportunity to study at own speed, taking into account individual abilities. Also you should not worry that some school subjects were already effaced from the memory, and to be the teacher to own child it will not turn out. Studying any subject together with the child, using all available information resources, parents not bad cope with the task even if once at school in this subject they were impassable poor students.

Social adaptation

Социальная адаптация ребенка Another, the question which was not less disturbing parents is a question of communication and social adaptation. Family education is not isolation of the child from society, not creation of "hothouse" conditions for separately taken "mimosas". Children - "semeynik" favourably differ from the age-mates school students in that have not blinkered thinking, are free in the judgments and are not crushed by authority of adults. Education in house conditions allows such children to find the most part of the time for development of own interests and talents. Therefore various circles, sports sections and clubs on interests is that Wednesday where social adaptation of the child happens even it is more expressed, than at school. Well also you should not forget that children communicate among themselves, walking in the yard, happening on a visit, etc.
    From personal experience: watching the son, I noticed that he has periods when he can stay at home for months, communicating virtually with the friends, paying a maximum of attention to the hobbies and thus without feeling discomfort from lack of communication. He prefers to come to other periods on the contrary – leaves on numerous competitions, visits friends, goes to trips in which he is invited by the same friends, and stays at home so seldom as far as it is possible for the child of school age.
    I do not observe any problems with adaptation in collective. Another thing is that not each collective is pleasant to it, but it is free in the choice, and me pleases that its choice falls not on the company of the former schoolmates who in 12 years tried the first cigarette and a bottle of beer, and on more intelligently developed and interesting age-mates …
In Chapkovsky' TsSO this moment too was considered, and as practice shows, creation of the uneven-age environment in separately taken collective (a class, for example) promotes development in the child of skills of communication more qualitatively and more productively, than it occurs at usual school.

Transfer to a family form of education

Семейное образование Transition to family education is regulated by Art. 52 of the Act of the Russian Federation "About education" in which it is told about the right of parents independently to select a form of the general primary, secondary and full education of the child.
According to item 4. Art. 52 of the law "About Education", the child who is trained on system of family education has the right at any grade level to pass to a general education form, i.e. again to return to school.
To pass to a form of family education, parents need to submit the application addressed to the head of school. At this stage at most of parents the first difficulties in the form of disagreement of administration begin.
Fearing responsibility before the checking officials from the higher organizations, the administration of schools seeks to avoid in every possible way various "parental experiments", referring that to the charter of school, to a ban from governing bodies of education, to the legislation.
Therefore to avoid possible difficulties, I recommend to readers of to find such school in advance for registration of the child in which charter possibility of training in a form of family education is stated.
In case of persistent refusal of educational institution about transfer of the child to family form of education, parents have the right to file the written statement to the regional Ombudsman for Children or to the Commissioner for Human Rights at the Russian President.
Refusal in transfer of the child to family form of education is direct violation of the Constitutional law on the right for education (Art. 43. item 5).

Preparation of documents

As a rule, the educational institution is obliged to be engaged in registration of necessary documents, providing the necessary information and record keeping.
But for today there is no legalized list of documents which are required for the translation of the child from one form of education on another. Each school is guided by own requirements, therefore the list of documents given below the very approximate:
- the statement of parents for the transfer to training in the form of family education;
- the order on the transfer to training in the form of family education;
- the order regulating certification of the pupil;
- minutes of faculty meeting;
- order on results of certification of the pupil;
- schedule of consultations and certification of the pupil;
- the contract on the organization of development of general education programs in the form of family education between educational institution and parents (lawful representatives) of the trained.


Аттестация By drawing up the contract the key moment is consideration of an order, terms and volume of intermediate certification of the pupil.
Separately it is worth discussing the list of textbooks and other training materials since in practice cases when the school demands certification for a subject within the textbooks, other from on what training of the child of the house was conducted quite often meet. In such situation all rights on the party of parents since they bear responsibility for results and quality of education.
In return the educational institution is obliged to provide to the pupil and his parents not only textbooks, but also programs of training courses, opportunity to use laboratories and library, to provide advice.
When certification time comes, parents have an examination form option: written, oral, paper, testing, interview. Besides, for parents the right of presence at examination is established.
    From personal experience: all children who study in Chapkovsky' TsSO, pass certification every year in different Moscow schools, i.e. neither children, nor at teachers have no accustoming to each other, there is no bias and there are no in advance prepared expectations – nobody knows, what character will appear at this or that teacher or what level of knowledge will be shown by this or that pupil. But all schools recognize fair presence at examination of the teacher from TsSO – teachers do not hide that family form of education to them still in wonder that teachers of TsSO know the children, and therefore, taking into account a human factor better, presence at examination of the familiar teacher will have only a positive effect. Parents completely trust teachers from TsSO and therefore do not seek to be present at examinations, only form a peculiar support group, expecting children in corridors of unfamiliar school.
    Once after some examination my son was late to wait for friends, and so far he waited for them, started conversation with the local teacher of English.
    Having in brief told about an innovative technique by which my child began studying of language in the early childhood, the son so interested in it the teacher that that ran behind a notebook and the handle to write down the name and the author of so effective and fascinating technique.
    After this conversation the teacher admitted to me that considered "semeynik" by some "mimosas" living in hothouse conditions of house education but as it appeared, these children such "finished botany" as it could seem, and interesting interlocutors with rather independent manner of judgment and unexpected conclusions earlier at all...
A transfer in the following class is made on the basis and following the results of results of certification. In case of unsatisfactory assimilation by the child of training programs, the school reserves the right of cancellation of the contract with parents.
To all graduates of the senior classes who successfully passed final total certification, the educational institution is obliged to issue the document of the state sample on receiving secondary education.
Also it is useful for readers of to know that the parents who signed the contract with school on transition to family education have the right to monetary compensation at a rate of own costs of training of the child at public school. In other words, the pupil's parents - "semeynik" receive some sum which, conditionally speaking, is them "a teacher's salary".
Since 2005 federal payments were cancelled, and now parents receive compensation from the local budget.
According to A. Antonov, the head of a chair of sociology of a family of sociological faculty of MSU, the family form of education promotes not only to harmonious development of the child, but also the general strengthening and association of a family.
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