Why nails exfoliate
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Why nails exfoliate

Stratification of a nail - always quite unpleasant show. It spoils appearance of manicure and signals about some problems with health. What it is concrete and as to fight with them – about it we will lead conversation today.

Structure of a nail

To understand why the nail collapses and stratified, it is necessary to know of what it consists. Having studied structure, it is possible to understand a lot of things about his "life". So, first of all the nail is under construction of natural protein (keratin) forming as well hair, and skin. Density, and it and the fortress of a keratin depends on amount of atoms of cysteine which are in it. Cysteine is an amino acid which part sulfur is, contains in each organism, but its contents depends on heredity. Thus, the more in an organism, the nail at all family members is stronger than cysteine.

Also the nail contains layers of fat and water, they add it gloss and elasticity. Together with it the nail contains calcium, phosphorus, zinc and selenium. Therefore it is very important to watch in treatment of nails the food that it by all means contained all listed microcells.

Reasons of stratification of nails

Certainly, etiologies of nails can be divided into two main subgroups conditionally: the first is a signal of some internal problems, diseases, and the second - the external factors influencing health of a nail plate. Mirsovetov suggests to deal with each of the possible reasons in detail.

Let's begin with the internal reasons, nails in such cases exfoliate:

  1. Lack of protein. As the nail, first of all, consists of protein, diets its not containing very badly affect it. So at vegetarians it is possible to notice bad nails, hair and skin. By the way, at a lack of protein the nail loses not only health and natural beauty, but also their growth is considerably slowed down.
  2. Lack of fats. Many women preferring diets at once exclude fats from the diet. And if to eat in this way long time, loss of health for nails, for skin and hair will not keep itself waiting long;
  3. Shortage of vitamins. Of course, avitaminosis can affect a condition of a nail. And it can be any of elements: for example, vitamins A, B, C, D, E, potassium, calcium, iodine, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc or silicon. If you see that health of your nails is influenced by the internal reasons and the more so if to the stratified nails still any symptoms of avitaminosis increased, it is best of all to address to the doctor.
  4. Blood circulation violation. The bed of a nail is very well supplied with blood, from blood the nail and receives all construction materials for the growth. At cardiovascular diseases the nail is badly supplied with oxygen and other elements, its stratification and loss of appearance is a consequence of that.
  5. Emergence of grooves on a nail from which stratification is conducted – can be the cause of serious diseases. They can testify to existence of chronic inflammatory diseases, and also can be the first symptom of rheumatism. Also they can point to a bad condition of an internal: liver, kidneys, digestive tract.
  6. Shortage of zinc can also provoke emergence of grooves on a nail and its stratification.
  7. Low immunity can be also reflected on health of nails. You should not forget that immunity - concept extensive, it can be a consequence as stresses, and anemia. By the way, at the last disease, the nail very much turns pale.
  8. Fungal infections. They can be carried as to the external, and internal reasons of stratification of nails. Only you should not forget that at a fungus the nail changes the appearance: turns yellow, starts crumbling.

The external factors influencing health of a nail:

  • household chemicals. Probably, it needs to be put in chapter of the list because daily we are exposed to its influence. Killing hated to us dirt, the chemistry also influences our nail, to be exact its fatty layers, destroying them. Besides, it is possible to carry to this list not only "Fairey" which deletes with one drop all fat as advertizing promises, but also soft shampoos, shower gels – all this has impact on a condition of our nail;
  • the cold has harmful impact on a condition of a nail for the reason that blood circulation is slowed down and the nail plate receives less oxygen;
  • excess contact with water. As it is strange, but water influences nails not less aggressively, than the alkaline environment of household chemicals. The nail plate which is bulking up from water loses the correct structure between keratin layers, and nails start exfoliating;
  • the wrong application of manikyurny metal nail files can damage a plate and provoke a nail sloyeniye;
  • not sparing procedure and health to your nails will not add nail extension.

What it is necessary to make first of all?

Of course, it is necessary to understand that specifically disturbs you and if you understand that the reasons not of external character, it is best of all to address to the doctor and to establish the reasons of stratification of nails. For now it is necessary to take the following steps surely:

  • surely watch the food. It has to include all useful elements necessary for the person;
  • do not give preference to the monodiets excluding this or that element, whether it be protein, fat or carbohydrates;
  • doing house cleaning and using household chemicals, surely use gloves, they will protect from harmful effects of the alkaline environment of household chemicals;
  • the same concerns also simple contact with water. Of course, it is about when you have to "live" in water literally. Try to limit contact and whenever possible use rubber gloves;
  • in any uncomfortable weather, in the fall, in the winter and in the summer, put on gloves. They will protect not only skin of hands, but also nails;
  • use the correct manikyurny tools, first of all, it concerns a nail file – best of all if it is with a teflon covering.

How to return to nails former beauty?

If you are sure that the reason of stratification of your nails is not covered in any medical problem, to help nails it is possible to be restored by means of special trays and masochek which in assortment are offered by traditional medicine.

Mix on two tablespoons of honey and olive oil (in principle, it is possible to use any vegetable), warm up them on a water bath. Shake up egg. When mix heats up, add egg there and properly mix. Now lower fingers there and take minutes 15 (watch that the tray was not too hot). On end rinse hands with warm water. Such tray needs to be done few times in a week.

Very well the tray with sea salt feeds and strengthens nails. For its preparation in a small amount of warm water dissolve one teaspoon of salt, also there it is possible to add about three drops of iodine, it will strengthen effect from procedure. It is worth accepting it 10-15 minutes then to use hand and nail cream. During treatment it is best of all to refrain from a covering of nails a varnish and very much to make thrifty use of them.

Also we recommend you a mask from gelatin. For its preparation it is necessary to dissolve a half-tablespoon in one glass of water and to wait until gelatin bulks up. As soon as it happens, to lower in it fingers and to take out. Leave gelatin for about 15 minutes. After wash away a mask warm water, it is best of all to use hand and nail cream.

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