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Exercises with an expander

You need to grow thin, pump up muscles or to tighten a body? Pay the attention to an expander. You should not treat this quite simple exercise machine with neglect. will convince you that by means of trainings with an expander it is possible to achieve magnificent results - women thanks to this exercise machine grow thin, men become stronger also than the relyefny.

For a start let's understand that such an expander. With Latin this word is translated as "to stretch" and means apparatuses which create load of group of muscles by means of elastic deformation. Expanders have various form and the sizes, are made of various materials, can be directed either on stretching, or on compression. Conditionally they are divided into some types:

  1. Carpal expander. The most known among all expanders. Most often is made in the form of a ring of rubber, has various degrees of resistance. Such expander is recommended to be applied to people with big intellectual loadings to blood circulation improvement, to athletes for development of muscles in hands. Also other hand exercise machines with connection of handles as scissors are very effective. In such expanders even there can be counters which consider number of the done exercises. The exercise machine perfectly trains not only hands, but also forearms.
  2. Elbow expander. It is fixed in elbow part of a hand. Thanks to this exercise machine all brush and part of a forearm is involved.
  3. Chest arm expander. Trains muscles of a humeral belt. As a rule, it is the exercise machine on stretching. The expander differs in quantity of springs and quality of materials. Also there are exercise machines in which there is an opportunity to remove springs. Thereby it is possible to regulate loading.
  4. Chest expander. Trains not only muscles of a breast, are also studied bicepses and tricepses, part of a back and a humeral belt. Thanks to occupations on such exercise machine it is possible to pump up considerably a breast and to raise it. At long occupations it is possible to achieve even the small growth of a pectoral muscle. So advertizing of a chest expander which promises good results at occupations on this exercise machine – at all not the myth.
  5. Expander for feet. Represent elastic bands for feet with a clamp. Well train muscles at the expense of increase in loading.

Carrying out exercises by means of an expander, do not forget about our recommendations:

  • adhere to the principle of gradual increase in loading. At the initial stage of trainings do on one approach, gradually adding their quantity;
  • during trainings control hands and – the movements do feet smoothly and without hurrying. It is not necessary to do breakthroughs, exercises have to be directed on resistance;
  • choose accurate technology of performance of exercises and adhere to it constantly. Do a pause in 1 second at the maximum stretching of an expander. It will allow to work with higher quality muscles.

And now we will consider exercises by means of this or that type of an expander in more detail.

We work with a carpal expander

One of the most known and popular shells is the carpal expander. Such exercise machine works for tightening. When choose it, take what will be able to make no more than ten tightenings for once. After several trainings your loading will increase.

Before occupations it is necessary to carry out a warming up of muscles:

  • rub palms about thirty seconds;
  • several times squeeze-unclench hands, quickly gathering the speed of movements;
  • link brushes in the lock. In such situation twist them about ten times in one party, then as much – in another.

After that can directly start exercises.

  1. We take an expander in stronger hand. We squeeze with such force that its handles touched one another. After that relax a hand.
  2. Make ten compression at moderate speed.
  3. Change a hand and make the same approach.
  4. On each hand execute exercises in three approaches.
  5. Have a rest.
  6. After rest do one more warm-up that in muscles lactic acid did not collect.
  7. Train no more than 3 times a week.

We work with chest and humeral expanders

This type of exercise machines works by the principle of stretching. Consists of springs with handles or plaits. For a start be engaged, increasing number of approaches. After muscles are ready to big loadings, the expander can be supplemented with springs.

  1. We become exactly, feet it is had on width of shoulders, hands with the exercise machine it is raised up.
  2. Breath – we part hands as it is possible further from each other. An exhalation – we come back to a starting position.
  3. We insert the expander handle into a foot of the right foot. We take the second handle in the same hand. – a hand we bend a breath, the expander has to touch a shoulder. – we unbend an exhalation.
  4. Now we start the exercise machine at ourselves behind the back. At a breath we unbend hands in an elbow, at an exhalation – we bend.
  5. We incline the simulator for a diagonal behind the back. The right hand was bent to the right shoulder, left straightened to the left hip. A breath – we unbend the right hand up, exhaled – we bend. Make this approach on each hand.
  6. Straighten hands with the exercise machine before yourself palms to yourself. A breath – bent the left hand to a breast, thus the right is taken aside. An exhalation – again we bend a hand in an elbow. Work both hands.

We train with an expander for hip muscles

To train internal muscles of a hip, you need an expander which works for compression, and also the exercise machine which is called "butterfly". It works for stretching.

  1. We lay down on a back and well we press a back to a floor. Thus we put hands for the head.
  2. Bend knees, a foot have to stand on a floor with the heels connected among themselves. A breath – we squeeze the exercise machine feet, exhaled – we unclench. Make three approaches on forty times, squeezing and unclenching an expander.
  3. Remaining to lie on a back, put on the butterfly exercise machine and raise feet at an angle in 90 degrees. An exhalation – we part to the maximum feet, a breath – we reduce. It is necessary to make about forty movements within thirty seconds. After that lower feet. Do this exercise in three approaches.

We carry out exercises with the exercise machine for feet

To execute this series of exercises, it is necessary to take an expander with special holders and fastenings for a wall.

  1. We undertake for holders of the exercise machine and we become feet on its tubes. We straighten a back and we look before ourselves. A breath – we sit down, exhaled – we get up.
  2. We fix an expander to a wall. We depart on half-meter, we become a back to the exercise machine. We hold an expander the top successful fellow. We raise hands for the head up. An exhalation – we rise on toes, a breath – we lower feet.

All occupations which we considered, those people who did not play sports or physical exercises earlier can carry out even. The main thing – to pick up the shock-absorber resistance level, necessary for you. At regular jobs you, undoubtedly, feel results - your muscles will become stronger and are more hardy, and the body will perfectly be tightened.

Advantages of occupations on an expander:

  • one of the best means for strengthening of muscles and their maintenance in a tone in case you cannot train on more serious exercise machines;
  • the expander is very practical - a lot of place does not demand, it can be taken with itself anywhere;
  • occupations on the exercise machine can be combined with other exercises;
  • expanders suit both men, and women;
  • loading on this exercise machine varies depending on opportunities of the person during training;
  • occupations on an expander have no contraindications on age.
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