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Exercises with a bar

For accumulation of muscle bulk of a thorax, a triceps and a humeral belt exercises reckon with a bar as the most effective way. But not all know that power occupations help to pump up a press, muscles of hips and a back. Important plus is also what it is possible to be engaged with this apparatus not only in a gym, but also at home.

Mode of carrying out occupations

To reach good results in occupations with a bar, it is necessary to know the following rules:

  1. Exercises have to be regular – not less than 2-3 times every week during the whole year.
  2. The best time for occupations – day or evening. In the morning days of loading of such level are inadmissible. It is also undesirable to be engaged with a bar less, than for an hour to a dream.
  3. Each occupation has to last from 40 to 60 minutes.
  4. It is not recommended to be engaged with a bar every day as extension of muscles happens not only during performance of exercises, but also in a dormant period.
  5. For people with excess body weight and that who wants to achieve relief muscles, the following mode of occupations – 3 times a week, not less than 1,5-2 hours is recommended. Additional exercises with recurrence – swimming and jogs are in addition desirable. Rest has to be active, but without big loadings.
  6. During the autumn and winter and spring and summer periods loading is corrected. In the winter and fall of exercise with a bar have to occupy 70% of all loadings, and 30% are given to walks, jogs, skiing and skating. In the spring and summer of 50% of all loadings have to occupy power exercises with a bar, another 50% are given to track and field athletics, fitness, swimming and walks.
  7. The first classes should not be given with full loading, its duration needs to be reduced till 30 minutes. On the second occupation loading can be increased and already on the third - to bring it to a maximum.
  8. The loading is higher, the more time will need for rest also restoration of forces.

Exercises with a bar

For each group of muscles there is a special set of exercises, they need to be carried out correctly and in a certain sequence.

This set of exercises is developed for deltoid muscles of shoulders:

  1. Sit down on a bench or a stool at a wall that for a back there was an emphasis, bend a little back.
  2. Take a bar with a small weight the wide successful fellow, lower it on a neck behind the head and do squeezings. At each movement over the head do a full exhalation, when lowering for the head - a full breath. Carrying out exercises is allowed standing, but in such situation load of a backbone amplifies that is undesirable. Occasionally squeezings can be carried out not because of the head, and from a breast.
  3. The first time exercise is done 8 times in one approach. The second time can be done already 2 approaches on 8 times. The third time it is possible to bring each approach to 12 squeezings.
  4. If during squeezings you feel unpleasant burning in departments of a backbone, exercise is better to stop and try to execute it next time correctly. Burning in a backbone says that all loading goes on it, but not on muscles.

This exercise is developed for the muscles participating in bending of hands, that is bicepses:

  1. In a standing position put feet on width of shoulders.
  2. Take a bar in hand the average successful fellow and lower shoulders a little, it promotes increase in loading.
  3. Bend hands with a bar, lifting it honor to neck level.
  4. Important during exercise it is impossible to deviate back, to hold a back exactly. Deflections are inadmissible back, it can promote a spine injury.
  5. Bar weight on the first time has to be small that you could do from 8 to 12 bendings for one approach. It will be possible to increase weight after learn to carry out exercise correctly.

The following exercise is intended for creation of muscles of a triceps which participates in extension of hands:

  1. Lay down on a horizontal surface or a floor, the bar undertakes the narrow successful fellow.
  2. Squeeze out a bar up on straight arms and make a full exhalation.
  3. Lower a shell, bending hands in elbows so that your fists touched a forehead, taking thus a deep breath.
  4. Again raise hands with a bar up, doing an exhalation.
  5. When performing exercise to you it has to be comfortable. If feel that it is heavy to do rises, reduce bar weight.

Exercises for muscles of a back exist in several options. Classical performance will be suitable for beginners:

  1. This exercise is called as stanovy draft, it demands special attention and concentration.
  2. Stanovy draft is carried out in a standing position, the bar undertakes the average successful fellow.
  3. Bend slightly feet in knees, hands with a shell along a body, a palm down, the head is rejected a little back. Bend behind a bar, take a breath and with an exhalation move a shell along feet up, leveling feet in knees and a back. It is necessary to pull a bar not only a back, but also hands. At a backbone pains stop exercise and reduce shell weight.
  4. Breath has to be equal, without breakthroughs and an overshoot.
  5. It is necessary to carry out 4 approaches till 8-12 of raisings in everyone.

The following exercise is intended for inflating of muscles of a breast:

  1. Exercise is carried out in a prone position on a horizontal surface (a bench or on a floor). If you do exercises on a bench, feet should not come off the earth. If are engaged on a floor, bend feet in knees and do not lower.
  2. Take a bar the successful fellow slightly more widely than an average and do squeezings from a breast up, completely leveling hands. But thus watch shoulders, they should not rise after hands. Lower a signature stamp of a shell so that it concerned the middle of a breast.
  3. Burning or sharp muscle pain can testify that the weight of a bar too big. Reduce the weight of a shell and continue exercises after a small break during which your muscles will manage to have a rest.
  4. If it does not help and burning in a shoulder joint will proceed, continue exercise, but only do not lower a bar completely, having reduced amplitude of movements, and it will become easier for you. Do not do exercise with a great effort, it is fraught with negative consequences.

The following exercise is developed for training of muscles of hips are knee-bends with a bar:

  1. This exercise is considered difficult and injury-causing, it is necessary to do it carefully, with a small weight for the first time.
  2. Get up exactly, feet on width of shoulders, a bar behind the head.
  3. Start squatting, holding a back exactly, do not tear off a foot from the earth that loading went on all foot. Is inadmissible to do knee-bends on tiptoe. The back has to be equal, the head is thrown slightly back back. Breathe exactly and deeply, without delays.
  4. Rise carefully, standing, without changing position of a back. Hold feet on width of shoulders, without trying to connect them.

One more exercise serves for inflating of a press by means of a dumbbell:

  1. Lay down on a back, having bent feet in knees at an angle 90 °. For convenience record feet any emphasis. It can be a bench, a sofa.
  2. Hold a back slightly roundish, hands behind the head from dumbbells.
  3. Rise, continuing to keep a back in a starting position. At rise do an exhalation. It is impossible to hold the breath, it can lead to increase of pressure therefore small blood vessels of eyes burst.

Contraindications for performance of exercises with a bar

As occupations reckon with a bar as exercises power and bear big load of an organism, to them there is a number of contraindications:

  1. exercises are contraindicated at orthopedic and neurologic diseases – scoliosis, intervertebral hernias, osteochondrosis and any spine injuries;
  2. at an elevated pressure, arrhythmia, tachycardia and other diseases of cardiovascular system it is also worth refraining from occupations with a power shell;
  3. the periods period at women.

Mirsovetov recommends not to overload an organism, to carry out all exercises correctly and as a result, you will surely achieve those results for which strove.

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