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Exercises for a back

Raising of the person from all fours on feet also became the beginning of its problems with a back. Vertical position of a body gives us advantages, but also conceals in itself a set of dangers. Every day we set to the back such tasks which from the point of view of "correctness of movements" are difficult and unpredictable. Our ultimate goal is a "clever" back.
Упражнения для спины Raising of the person from all fours on feet also became the beginning of its problems with a back. It is told not by me, but the problem essence also consists in it. Vertical position of a body gives us vast advantages, but also conceals in itself a set of dangers. Only animals perfectly know the body, and the person is not present. It needs to study, "learn" the body. Every day we set to the back such tasks which from the point of view of "correctness of movements" are difficult and unpredictable.
But people, fortunately not an egg shell, and that everything would break long ago as Shaltay-boltay. Though hit in difficult situations with physical activities and their consequences sometimes contradict each other. Unloaded cars – and anything, and helped to inform bags – got sick with a back pain for some days. But it if to rely on a case.
Back not a bag with bones (however, at whom as), and difficult mechanical system. And it is not so static as it can seem. In it everything constantly and imperceptibly changes irrespective of our desires and, as a rule, not in our advantage.
Our ultimate goal is a "clever" back. Agree, every time to reflect as it is correct to rise from a chair or to lift the money falling to the ground are already too. The back has to "remember" yours itself as it becomes, and the head to resolve other, more important issues.

Before performance of exercises

If you have any problems with a back or you seriously decided to be engaged in it, I advise to work in the following order. At first it is necessary to learn to weaken and strain back muscles, then whenever possible to strengthen them. Only after that if you did not cool down to the undertaking yet – to swing a back.
Characteristic of work of any mechanical system – recurrence. Strained – relaxed. Back to that good example. It occurs without our active participation – so the world is arranged. In the afternoon we rush, and we are on the back in the evening. Here nothing can be changed thoroughly, and it is not necessary to try. The purpose of performance of exercises for a back – to smooth sharp transitions from relaxation to tension and back.

How to relax a back

Council the first
Расслабление спины You came home. Pleasant weight from the arisen feelings quickly and already unpleasantly concentrates in lumbar department. Irrespective of your physical activity at work it happens regularly to all. The easiest way performance of such exercise will be to facilitate unpleasant feelings in a back. Put feet on width of shoulders or other balance, convenient for maintenance, situation. Slowly bend forward, relax a neck and hands. Concentrate on the feelings. The nagging pain in a waist will become it is more pleasant. Be late in this provision at least of half-minute. And "will pull feet in knees" anything, it too is useful.
Slowly we accept a starting position, but be not unbent as it is necessary. It is important. Rest hands against feet (in hips, over knees). Bend in foot knees then unbend them as if finish knee-bend. Back thus straight line. As a result already pleasant pulling feelings in a waist will be late with you for some time.
Council of the second
It is good if at your place there is a horizontal bar or a crossbeam. It is even better if you do not need to jump to it to hang. If is, advises to do the following exercise: hang, slightly tear off feet from a floor (attract them to a stomach). Hang so much, how many will be able, 5-30 seconds, it will be enough. Put feet on a floor and get up, trying to hold a back directly.
Council the third
Having done described above, lay down on a back. Make it so: sit down, put hands behind yourself (create an emphasis), lower "the fifth point" on a floor and, without unbending feet, lay down on a back. Now try as far as it will turn out densely, to nestle on a floor. All backbone has to concern a floor, from a neck to a tailbone. Slowly unbend feet and put them on a floor. Do it slowly and it is weakened, do not hurry. Try that thus the backbone and remained pressed to a floor. At you it of course will not turn out, but also it is not necessary. The main thing – to seek for such position of a body.
Close eyes, lie down so 1-3 minutes, and then get up. At first turn over through the right shoulder on a stomach. Then make incomplete push-up and go down on all fours. Kneel and rest hands against a floor. Rise, finishing knee-bend.

How to strengthen a back

Passive exercises
For improvement of a bearing without performance of any active exercises it is possible to do the following. Lie on a floor on a stomach, having enclosed some pillows or the curtailed blanket under a breast. Thus carefully lean on elbows. In such situation it is possible to read, write, watch TV. The bent back in such balanced situation will passively become stronger.
Exercise boat
Делайте неполные отжимания All known exercise when you lie on a stomach and, caving in, tear off from a floor of a hand and a foot. Be late in this situation for some seconds, and then smoothly fall by a floor. Execute this exercise of 7-14 times. For a start it is enough.
Do incomplete push-ups
One more exercise for strengthening of a back. Feet lie on a floor, and you help yourselves to cave in hands in a back back. Thus do not throw back the head back, hold it directly. At this would like to note that the cervical department of a backbone has to remain on one straight line with chest. Caved in, and now slowly we fall, gradually relaxing back muscles. Execute this exercise of 7-14 times at measured speed. Breathe exactly. Increase loading gradually.

How to pump up a back

Exercises for one
Lying on a stomach, thrust feet under a sofa, the battery, anything. If only to find a point of support for exercise performance. Put hands for the head and, slowly caving in in a back, lift and lower an upper body. For strengthening of effect hold the heavy book or other convenient subject behind the head. Begin with 5 rises lowerings for approach. Carry out exercise smoothly and slowly. Breathe evenly.
If it was not succeeded to find a point of support for feet – recommends to replace this exercise with "boat", only with a "excess" weight on a back. As "excess" weight it is possible to use the loaded backpack. It has to adjoin densely and be highly on a back.
Work in couple
Упражнения для спины - работа в паре Presence of other person helping you to carry out exercise, maybe, both to help you, and to distract from an objective. On the other hand, if you work in couple, spend time of this person, thereby, assuming some responsibility. Taking into account your confidential relations work in couple will go with bigger return. Especially if to them moves not only desire to help, but also to receive from you appropriate assistance.
During the work in couple the principle of lifting of loads of your body, comparable to weight, is used. I consider this option as the most effective and safe for beginners. It is better to choose to himself the partner with the similar growth and weight. This condition almost obligatory.
Become a back to each other. Raise and cross hands. Strong squeeze each other palms. In turn tear off each other from a floor.
Starting carrying out exercise, carefully bend forward, holding your workmate behind the back. Now slowly cave in back and put it on a floor. At an inclination evenly carry out an exhalation, at extension – a breath.
Carry out exercise slowly. It is important that your partner hung not movably at you behind a back and it was not shaken. But not as "a bag with potato". It has to carry out very attentively passively this exercise together with you.
To start 3 rises lowerings for approach will be enough. It is possible to increase slowly quantity of cycles for approach further, but it is not really strong. It is better to put on the loaded backpack the workmate's stomach. We do not forget that for increase in muscle bulk it is necessary to carry out exercises with the maximum weight and the minimum number of repetitions.
We do not forget to eat as appropriate. Proteinaceous food – your construction material. Also do not forget to have a rest. Such exercises for a back will be effective 2-3 times a week, not more often.

It is possible to care of the back each free minute. It is simpler to do it, than it seems. But only not to think of it, and to do. Try to sit more exactly, go with a direct back. First it will distract from all the rest, but will yield the positive results soon.
The more you find for time to the back at the initial stage, the quicker get used to it and will cease to distract specially on it. Now your useful habits imperceptibly and it is irreplaceable will work for you. And understanding of it will be twice pleasant.
With age elasticity of intervertebral disks is completely lost. And only the strong and developed muscles of a back will help you to compensate these age changes. That will allow you to remain healthy more long.
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