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Rules of etiquette at a table

To feel surely at the holiday table on a visit or during a business lunch with the administration the knowledge of rules of behavior at a table will help. And the confidence is a synonym of success. Having examined bases today, we recommend to realize right there them houses and to acquaint with them the relatives – only this way you fix "material" and will be able to agree with pleasure on any invitation.

First of all

First of all it is necessary to know that the etiquette at a table consists in expediency, convenience, observance of esthetic norms. In the different countries of the world of norm can differ therefore, agreeing to a lunch with foreign partners or friends, it is important to examine that for them it is good, and that is unacceptable.

The most basic rule of behavior is considered punctuality. The maximum time which you can be waited – 15 minutes. The late guest cannot take offense if he was not given one of main courses or the place allocated for this guest it is occupied by someone another.

General rules

According to rules of etiquette it is necessary to sit down to a table accurately, having a little removed a chair. Usually the first invite women. When sit on a chair, the back has to be a straight line, but by no means you should not strain, the pose has to be rather weakened. The distance from a table has to be such that it was not necessary to bend over a plate, it is possible to incline the head only slightly.

Do not put elbows on a table, it is admissible only for women for some time. Also permissibly slightly to operet a brush on a table. If you stopped eating, put hands on knees, during food they have to hold tableware.

If before giving of dishes you see a fabric napkin on a plate, yourself needs to put it on knees. To children these napkins refuel for a collar. After the termination of a meal this napkin it is possible to wipe finger-tips, and here the mouth is not recommended. When the lunch is ended, put a napkin on a table, it is not necessary to put it.

During a lunch do not hurry, do not make loud sounds. If the dish is quite hotter, simply wait until it slightly cools down, and then already start its absorption.

It is not necessary to pull to itself the pleasant snack, the waiter, the hostess has to put it or ask nearby sitting guest. It is categorically forbidden to take food hands, the exception is made by only the following products: bread, cookies, fruit, cakes, citrus. For all other products the shovel, nippers, a fork, a spoon etc. has to be put.

How to behave with the hostess

Sitting down to a table, is inadmissible to consider fixedly tableware regarding purity. It is impossible to wipe them a napkin also.

By rules of etiquette the bad parties prepared viands also are not discussed. Even if in your opinion food too sharp, sweet, you prepare the same dish 100 times better even if you saw a hair there – as the well-mannered person, you have to keep silent. You can draw conclusions for yourself, but discuss aloud at a table - by no means it is impossible.

Also it is extremely uncivilized to discuss the diet ordered you by the doctor, negative and even useful properties of the product put on a table at a table and also to devote people around and the hostess in the tastes and preferences. It is possible to make it only if there is on that an emergency.

The also many are tormented by a question: whether will culturally leave food unfinished. If you made it to "additive", the hostess can take offense: means, the dish did not work well or it was not pleasant. It is best of all to take the first time a portion less, and for the second time if it wants, it is possible even to leave a little. Also do not forget to commensurate a serving size with your appetite. The best way not to overeat – to eat everything, but on slightly and slowly.

As it is correct to eat various dishes

There is an uncountable quantity of various dishes and snack. suggests to study rules of eating of the most main and often found dishes.

  1. Bread. As it was told above, it is necessary to take it hands, but it is indecent to bite off from the whole chunk. It is necessary to put it nearby and to break off from it on a small slice. Quite often bread acts as an auxiliary link in esthetic eating of food. But it is indecent to gather bread leftovers or sauce from a plate bottom.
  2. "Construction" of sandwiches is admissible only at breakfast, in the rest of the time it is better to eat all ingredients for sandwich separately: ham fork and knife, bread small slices.
  3. To smear bread with oil and caviar it is possible, but only on small slices. And here to smear paste on bread it is inadmissible.
  4. Soups. Quite normally, if leave a little soup in a plate while it is necessary to incline a plate. If nevertheless to you all wants to eat up, incline a plate from yourself, differently risk to soil clothes. The same concerns also a spoon: it is necessary to scoop from itself and to bring to a mouth the left edge.
  5. Scooping soup, watch that in its spoon was not too much. It should not flow down from edges, and also it has to be without having spilled at all exactly so much that it was possible to inform to a mouth. Do not impose too much in a spoon, over it "hill" should not tower.
  6. Bird. Contrary to a national proverb which urges to eat a bird with hands, nevertheless it is recommended to use tableware. There are types of dishes from a bird which allow use of hands (for example, char-grilled chicken), in that case with a dish the bowl with warm water in which it is possible to wash hands has to be given.
  7. Meat. From meat dishes small slices are usually cut off and on a fork go to a mouth.
  8. Fish. For fish there is special tableware which include a fork and a shovel. We hold with a fork a slice of fish, a shovel we separate bones. If on your table two forks which are given to fish, the same system lie: with the left it is held, right we separate bones. A chance, when near at hand only a fork (the fish knife is not used): in this case it is possible to use hlebushky with which we hold a slice of fish, and a fork accurately we clean stones.
  9. Fruit. Indecently when giving fruit to stand searching "the most appetizing", these can offend owners. They can be taken hands as it was already told above.
  10. Vegetables and potatoes. It is soft food therefore does not demand use of a knife. A fork which needs to be held in the left hand, simply rastolkit pulp.
  11. Fried eggs. It needs to be eaten with a fork, holding it in the right hand. If it is necessary to cut big pieces of ham, use a knife, as usual.
  12. Vegetable salad. Usually it needs to be eaten in the classical way: fork and knife. Especially it is useful when too big slice of vegetable comes across.
  13. Sauce. If you impose sauce independently, i.e. you are not helped with it by neither the waiter, nor the hostess, it is necessary to remember some rules. Sauce flows on a main course, without mentioning a garnish. As if you liked houses to water with something a kartoshechka, during an invited dinner it is considered indecent. Sauce it is necessary to put exactly so much that it did not remain after the dish ends. If a little sauce nevertheless remained, remains nothing how to allow the hostess or the waiter to clean a plate together with his remains.

Sign to the waiter

And, at last, important thing: it is extremely important to show correctly to the waiter that you ended a meal, differently risk to remain hungry simply. For this purpose it is necessary to put tableware in a certain sequence:

  1. Short pause. Put a knife and a fork a little on edges of a plate that teeth only on couple of centimeters were on a plate, and handles leaned about a table.
  2. Long pause. If you need to depart, but you plan to continue a meal, cross devices on a plate: the knife has to look teeth to the left, and a fork – to the right.
  3. Bear the second dish! It is not necessary to speak about it to the waiter, it is only enough to cross a fork and a knife to put so that the fork was at 18:00, and a knife 09:15.
  4. More tasty I in life tried nothing! You can tell it if put devices in parallel each other on a position 09:15. The knife has to lie under a fork teeth inside.
  5. Finished a meal. Put a knife and a fork in parallel each other on a position 18:00, then the waiter will clean a dish.
  6. Tastelessly! Put in the Long Pause position, but thus cross a fork and a knife that teeth and forks, and a knife strong adjoined.
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