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Treatment by traditional medicine

All of us are people, and, as we know, people can be ill. In this article we will talk about alternative methods of treatment of various illnesses, about the most popular and checked recipes, about an application framework. In other words, about so-called traditional medicine in its most popular forms.


Traditional medicine as the phenomenon, originates in an extreme antiquity. Long since people started noticing that various natural resources, generally of course, plants, have curative properties. Over time, use of these plants in the most various forms was widely adopted. Many will tell that all this the nonsense connected, first of all, with lack then of modern pharmaceutics. Also will be right, but only partly, after all even with development of pharmaceutics and medicine, a plant did not lose the useful properties. Still many people use the checked recipes instead of modern drugs. On it there are objective reasons. Let's consider them.

Pluses of traditional medicine:

  1. Availability. Many ingredients can be grown up at themselves at dacha or to buy at very low price.
  2. National drugs to do much harm much more difficult, than careless reception of antibiotics.
  3. Absence of dysbacteriosis and general "blow" to an organism.
  4. The majority of recipes are checked not by one generation of people.

For a start we will consider a usual everyday situation when help needs to be given as soon as possible. Though it has very mediocre relation to our subject, but nobility and be able to put everyone into practice owes.

Bleeding stop

We will consider a temporary (emergency) stop of slight bleeding.

After you had imprudence to be cut, the first that it is necessary to make - to get it together. In this situation a panic - your worst enemy! The second - to apply the pressing bandage. To put bandage several times (depending on a wound) and densely to fix it on a cut place. If the bandage with itself is not present, the plantain with the fabric imposed from above will approach. The third - to give extremities if the cut occurred on a hand, sublime situation. If on a foot to bend it in a knee and to record so.

The fourth - to wash out a wound clear water, and then to process.

We extract clear water. Production of the filter for water.

Let's assume that clear water in conditions where it is not present was necessary for you. For wound/cooking drink/washing.

No matter for what, the main requirement to it - purity and suitability of use in the above-mentioned purposes.

Let's consider a way of production of the filter most simply for water.

It is necessary to take an empty plastic bottle, to cut off a bottom. Further we put the bandage put several times, or pure fabric to a neck, we fill coal on 2/3, the size approximately about a pea or grapes (not a secret that it is possible to receive it after any fire). Then again we put bandage and we fill up to the top small pebble. We pass 1,5-2 l through this design. waters for washing. Everything, your filter is ready.

Do not forget to boil the received water if are going to drink it or to cook with it food.

Treatment of cold

If you felt on yourself well-known all cold symptoms, it is necessary to begin treatment as soon as possible.


  1. In capacity with hot water (it can be a pan, a big flat dish, and it is best of all) to add a special inhaler 1-2 tablespoons of salt, it is desirable sea. And to breathe the ferry not less than 15 minutes. Also eucalyptus, menthol and other oils will approach. 7-10 drops on 0,5 l. It is necessary to breathe exactly and quietly, not too deeply. After procedure it is not necessary to strain a voice, to smoke and overcool.

  2. It is also useful to breathe over juice of onions or garlic, it is possible to do it directly from a chopping board.

  3. The throat will help to calm milk with honey.

    In a mug with milk the teaspoon of honey and a slice of butter is put. We warm in a microwave to almost hot state. It is ready.

  4. As anti-catarrhal means raspberry stalks are used.

    They are cut small. Then 1st. the spoon is filled in with boiled water, insisted 5-7 minutes. Drink often, throughout the day.

  5. To rub an onion on a small grater, to fill in with the boiling milk. It is good to stir and insist 10-15 minutes. To sip 3 times a day.
  6. Tea with raspberry helps to bring down temperature and reduces a nose congestion.


  1. On 1 glass of warm water 1 teaspoon of salt and some drops of iodine. To rinse a nasopharynx 3 times a day.
  2. The crushed Furacilin tablet on a glass of warm water. To rinse a throat.
  3. 2 tablespoons of leaves of a sage to crush and fill in 250 ml of boiled water. To draw half an hour. The received tincture to rinse a throat 3-4 times a day.
  4. Also will approach rotokan and a camomile decoction (are on sale in a drugstore).

Means against cold

  1. The small slice of cotton wool becomes impregnated with juice of onions or garlic. It is put in a nose for 10 minutes. The same can be done with honey.
  2. To mix carrot juice with honey in a proportion 2:1. To drip on 3 drops 3-4 times a day.
  3. Drops from warm oil of a dogrose perfectly remove a nose congestion.

At treatment of cold it is necessary to adhere to the general rules: plentiful warm drink, reception of vitamin C, warming up of feet in hot water, a full-fledged dream, reduction of loads of an organism.

Recipes which will help healing of grazes, scratches, cuts

  1. At a zagnoyeniye of a wound the usual room aloe will help. It will extend pus, will disinfect and will cool.

  2. The leaf of an aloe is cut lengthways, cut off to the necessary sizes and by the cut-off party is put per day to a wound.
  3. Usually for fixing the bandage is used.
  4. To wring out yarrow juice, to smear with it a wound. The yarrow stops bleeding, promotes fast healing.

At burns:

  1. 2 tablespoons of sour cream, yolk, vegetable oil.
  2. To mix all ingredients, to apply the received ointment on a burn, from above to cover a bandage.
  3. Strong to make tea, to cool, grease a burn place.

Of course, traditional medicine is a big collection of knowledge. Such encyclopedia. But, as well as any knowledge, traditional medicine it has to be pertinent. For example, meningitis or pneumonia broth of herbs will silly treat.

Best of all at the first symptoms of any disease to address to the expert. The author of article does not propagandize self-treatment, and only gives advice which I can be useful, when there is no opportunity to visit the doctor.

Strong to you health, dear readers of!

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