Use of essential oils
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Use of essential oils

Essential oils are the whole world of smells and aromas, with a wide range of impact on a human body. One aromas will help to relax, remove a stress. Others, on the contrary, can have the toning effect on an organism. And still it is the natural storeroom for beauty and health of your body. What oils and for what to use? We now will also talk about it.
Essential oils are the whole world of smells and aromas, with a wide range of impact on a human body.
One aromas will help to relax and calm your body and soul after the unlucky working day, to remove a stress, to feel a pacification and internal balance. Others, on the contrary, can have the toning effect on an organism, for example, if you need to cheer up in the early rainy morning when there is no wish to wake up and leave a warm cozy bed at all.
Whether and you that know essential oil, it not the simply aromatic means lightening mood? It also the natural storeroom for beauty and health of your body. You suffer from cough or cold? Cold or a congestion of a nose disturbs? Problems with face skin? Strong fat content or dryness of skin disturbs? Suffer from a strong hair loss and dandruff? If at least you answered one question "yes", so you need to get acquainted with a variety of essential oils and their medicinal properties.
What oils and for what to use? We now will also talk about it.

Bathtubs with essential oils

The heat bath is a, perhaps, most checked and effective remedy for removal of fatigue, a stress and irritation. Only some drops of essential oil can strengthen many times over the weakening effect from acceptance of a bathtub. For this purpose perfectly oils of a lavender, a rose, a geranium, an incense, a camomile, a ylang-ylang and a sandal-wood tree will approach.
Use some one, alternate bathtubs to different oils or create aromatic compositions on the taste. Having had a rest in a bathroom of 20-30 minutes, you will get rid of a nervous tension and will feel relaxation of tight muscles.
If you want to cheer up and gain the toning effect from a bathtub, oil of a lemon, orange, grapefruit, a verbena, rosemary, a thyme, peppermint is preferable. But I want to pay attention of readers of that citrus essential oils have property to dry skin therefore the toning bathtubs are recommended to be done with use of foam or bath salt.

Use of essential oils for hair

The weakened hair, split ends, itch and dandruff is not all list of problems which can be solved, regularly using essential oils. How to use? Yes as easy as shelling pears. Add on 5-7 drops to all masks for hair, and also till 15-30 drops in shampoos, balms and conditioners (volume near 100ml).
The widest circulation in treatment of hair and head skin received pine oil. It possesses antiseptic property, reduces fat content of head skin, strengthens roots and accelerates growth of hair. Pine oil is universal for all types of injuries of hair and head skin. Other essential oils have a narrow focus and are used in the presence of certain problems with hair:
  • against a hair loss – a basil, a peppermint, a cedar, rosemary, an incense, a sage, ginger, a camomile;
  • at the increased fat content of head skin – a lavender, a cypress, a sage, a melissa, a bergamot, an eucalyptus, a cedar, a lemon, a thyme;
  • at dryness of head skin – a sage, a geranium, a lavender, a ylang-ylang, a wormwood;
  • from dandruff – a basil, a thyme, a cypress, a peppermint, patchoulis, rosemary, an eucalyptus.
At regular use of essential oils your hair will become beautiful and healthy, will gain gloss, smoothness and elasticity.

Essential oils for problem skin

Problems are familiar with face skin to much. Someone suffers from rashes and fat content of skin, someone from dryness and a peeling. Both that, and another will be come to the rescue by essential oils:
  • at rashes and fat content of skin oil of a tea tree, fir, a lemon, orange, a carnation, patchoulis well will approach;
  • at dryness, a peeling or withering of skin use oil of a rose, camomile, an incense, geranium, jasmine, lavender, not role, a ylang-ylang.
It is a little about that, properly to apply all these oils. Exists three the most effective and simple essential oils in application of a way of use for face skin:
  • steam trays – in wide ware to pour hot water (about 90C) and to drip 2-3 drops of essential oil; to take the person within 10-15 minutes at distance of 20 cm from water, having covered the head a towel;
  • addition in a face cream – to add 3-5 drops of essential oil to day and (or) night cream, and to use daily;
  • addition in face packs – a face pack on the basis of vegetable oils, such as olive, oil of sprouts of wheat, peach, etc. are well combined with essential oils; adding 1-2 drops to the oil used as a basis it is possible to achieve good results in moistening of skin, decrease in fat content and disposal of rashes.
Readers Mirsovetov have to remember that in the pure not divorced look essential oils are not recommended to be used (except oil of a tea tree) since they can cause an allergy, excessive dryness and burning of skin. Oil of a tea tree can be applied pointwise on the damaged skin sites (eels, spots, rashes).

Essential oils at cold, cough and cold

Unfortunately, from time to time all of us face cold and its not palatable symptoms: sore throat, nose congestion, cold, cough. Special essential oils will help you not only to reduce unpleasant feelings for cold, but also to reduce risk of development of complications. Oil of a tea tree, a nayola, lavender, juniper, eucalyptus, mint, rosemary and a pine will approach.
The most effective method of use – inhalation. Steam inhalations can be done both with use of the special device (inhaler), and in house conditions, over open ware with hot water, having taken cover a towel. Inhalation with essential oils combines some advantages: removes an inflammation of mucous membranes of a nose and throat, kills bacteria, and also promotes a phlegm otkhozhdeniye (at cough).
Care of yourself with pleasure. And essential oils will help you with it.
Good luck!
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