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Churn essential oil

All of us know that essential oils are very useful not only to health in general, and and for appearance skin and a hair. If about burdock or castor oil for appearance the hair was heard by all, here about essential oil beat it is known not to each woman.

By the way, this oil is capable to turn the even thinnest and weakened hair into magnificent ringlets, the most important is not to regret means and to buy really qualitative oil which costs, naturally, not cheap.

Churn essential oil – what is it?

Actually, in the plant nature with the name beat simply does not exist, and the name received oil from a tree from family laurel, in English it sounds as bay-leaf. This tree grows in the Mediterranean.

Churn essential oil receive by steam distillation, in the beginning collect leaves and branches, but only those trees which are not less than 5 years old approach, sometimes in addition add sea salt.

The largest supplier of this wonderful oil – Colombia, it quite dense consistence of light brown, almost tea shade. Aroma its slightly sweetish, extraordinary thin and gentle. This oil can be applied to an aromatherapy at a depression, bad mood. It will be useful and when overcooling, and also is capable to bring arterial pressure into norm.

Advantage of essential oil beat for hair

If you ceased to trust in miracles, after use of essential oil beat, you will be again sure that they exist. Besides, that hair become stronger on all length, they become still more dense, they have more really mirror gloss and generally hair will look simply perfectly.

Trichologists recommend to use this oil in the medical purposes, numerous researches proved that oil stimulates hair follicles and hair start growing quicker, will help and for prevention of baldness, also it restores the injured hair and will help to cope with dandruff if you have a similar problem. This unique structure grants to oil the right to win first place among hair oil.

How to apply essential oil beat for hair

There is a set of methods of application of this oil for magnificence of hair. Simple addition in that shampoo and a conditioner which you use will become the simply and convenient. However consider one feature, it is not necessary to add oil to a small bottle with shampoo, at each washing of the head add 3-5 droplets of oil to one portion of shampoo. Such simple reception literally will inhale new life in your hair and will instantly improve appearance yours a hair, is checked on own experience.

It is possible to make here such simple mask for strengthening of growth of hair, applying which you very quickly will be able to grow hair after it they pass into a phase of the accelerated growth. It is required to us:

  • churn butter – 3 drops;
  • any hair oil (will approach burdock, almond and coconut) – 3 teaspoons;
  • the iodated food salt – 1 teaspoon.

In the beginning we should warm up all oils, except oil beat on a water bath, then to add iodinated salt to mix. Now it is possible to add our wonderful oil, properly mix everything and accurately rub in roots of hair. Leave this mask for half an hour, and then wash up hair as usual. Apply this mask to achievement of desirable effect once a week, you should not overload hair.

The feeding mask with use of oil beat. It is very simple mask for hair. For it it is required to us egg, olive oil (2 tablespoons will be enough) and butter churn 4 drops. Especially useful this mask will be during the autumn and winter period when hair need vitamins. Mix all ingredients, moisten hair and put a mask on all length. From above dress a polyethylene bag and warm a towel, leave a mask for an hour, and then wash away shampoo. This mask unlike the first can be applied several times a week, after the first procedure your hair will begin to drop out less and will be more magnificent. Also you will surely note an unreal hair shine!

If your hair fragile and dry, I bring to your attention the moistening mask, except moistening of hair it also well influences head skin. For this mask you will need 4 tablespoons of sour cream, it is better than house and 5 drops of oil beat.

The amount of ingredients depends on what length of hair you possess. If you have long hair, twice more ingredients are necessary. Properly mix sour cream and oil and put on all length of hair then wrap up hair with a towel. Half an hour quite will be enough in order that the mask had due effect. Repeat it 2 times a week.

If you worry because of an excessive hair loss, you need the following recipe of a medical mask, take:

  • churn butter – 4 droplets;
  • burdock oil – 1 tablespoon;
  • castor oil – 1 tablespoon;
  • oil of germs of wheat – 1 teaspoon.

At first heat burdock oil on a water bath, then drip 4 drops of essential oil beat, and then only add all other ingredients. Properly mix everything and rub the received mix in roots of hair, and then put on all length. This mask it is necessary to hold not less than half an hour, thus wrap up hair a towel or a scarf that the effect was more expressed, it is necessary to warm hair properly. After half an hour you will easily wash away a mask usual shampoo.

If your hair look not in the best way after numerous experiments with style and after use of the hair dryer and the iron, you for certain will like the following mask.

Take a half of a usual napiform bulb, rub it on the smallest grater and add a tablespoon of May honey and 5 drops of oil to mix beat. Mix everything to homogeneous mass and apply on roots, then dress a polyethylene hat and wait half an hour. Only think, it is enough only one procedure in a month in order that hair took a healthy form and received further protection against harmful effects of laying means and adaptations.

But, despite all fine properties of this oil, nevertheless there is a number of contraindications. By no means pregnant women and people who have a hypertension cannot apply it. This oil quite allergichno therefore in the beginning check, whether will arise at you reaction to it.

And let your hair will be always beautiful, dear readers of!

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