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Treatment of an erysipelatous inflammation

Ugly face call a serious infectious disease, externally which is shown as the progressing defeat of integuments. The name of a disease comes from the word rouge, the French origin that is translated as "red".

Today the erysipelatous inflammation on prevalence takes the fourth place. Only acute respiratory diseases, various intestinal infections and viral hepatitises are ahead of him.

Aged from 20-30 years the erysipelatous inflammation arises generally at males, whose professional activity is in one way or another connected with a frequent mikrotravmatization, and also with pollution of skin. In particular, loaders, drivers, military, builders treat such professions. Besides, the factor provoking emergence of an illness is frequent change of temperatures. At more advanced age women most often are ill. Directly the inflammation most often appears standing, hands, is rare on a trunk and a face. Also it can appear in a crotch and on genitals. Because inflammations well notice people around, it causes a certain psychological discomfort in patients.


The inflammation is caused by such parasites as beta and haemo lytic streptococci of group A. And generally it is streptococcus pyogenes which has a various set of enzymes, anti-genes, endo-and ekzotoksin. This microorganism can be a component of normal microflora of a rotoglotka of the person, and also can be present on integuments of healthy people.

Infection source often is the person who suffers from one of kinds of a streptococcal infection. Besides, the healthy person can become a source of an infection even.

The infection is transmitted usually on the aerosol mechanism in the airborne way. Also the infection can be transmitted and a contact way. The infection usually gets into a human body through microinjuries and through damages skin a cover, and also mucous membranes of a nose, a mouth and genitals. Because streptococci quite often are on mucous membranes or can settle down on a surface of skin of healthy people, danger of infection if the person does not follow the simplest rules of hygiene is greatest.

Mirsovetov would like to note that development of an infection is promoted by individual predisposition to diseases of this sort. And women are ill more often than men. If the person has a chronic tonsillitis, the risk of infection increases by five-six times. The same risk of incidence is present at patients with other streptococcal infections.

The risk of incidence of an ugly face also increases at administration of drugs from group of steroid hormones. The most often erysipelatous inflammation starts developing at people who have diseases of ENT organs, oral cavities in a chronic form, and also patients with caries. The infection can also develop in areas of hems which were formed after injuries or after operations. At patients with limfovenozny insufficiency, limfedemy, hypostases of a various origin, with violations traffic, at fungal defeats of feet the thorax and extremities most often is surprised. It is also necessary to note that to a disease some seasonality is characteristic. So, it was noted that infection most often occurs somewhere during the period from the second half of summer prior to the beginning of fall.

The infection is capable to get an organism with a blood stream to skin capillaries, at the chronic infection which is available for the patient. Also infection is possible at various damages of integuments. When the streptococcus already got to an organism, he starts breeding in lymphatic capillaries terms that often leads to formation of the center of an infection. It is the turn can cause an active inflammation or a latent carriage. Because of reproduction of the activator, various products of their activity get to blood, and it in turn leads to intoxication and fever. Thus there is a probability of that toksiko-infectious shock will be created.


The incubatory period of an illness usually takes from several hours to five days. And the disease usually begins sharply and often suddenly. In the first days of a disease symptoms of the general intoxication which is shown in the form of a headache, a fever, nausea, vomiting, the general weakness are generally expressed. Thus usually body temperature increases to 39-40 degrees. Approximately in six-twelve hours after the beginning of a disease, the patient starts feeling burning and pain which has the holding apart character. On integuments there are reddenings, and in an inflammation place also there is a hypostasis. An unaided look the difference between an affected area of skin and a healthy site is noticeable. And not only the appearance, but also sensitivity. So, the place of defeat is usually presented in the form of the painful roller on skin. Thus in the field of the center skin usually hot to the touch. In the presence of melkootechny hemorrhages, it is possible to speak about an eritematoznogemorragichesky form of a disease.

At a bullezny ugly face, in the presence of strong reddening of skin bubbles which contain light transparent liquid are formed. Later these bubbles can turn into dense brown crusts which are usually torn away from skin in two-three weeks. Thus on a place of such bubbles trophic ulcers and erosion can be formed. In independence of an ugly face form, there is a damage of lymphatic system.

As for disease duration, local manifestations of an eritematozny form of an ugly face usually take place in five-eight days. Other forms of a disease can keep even more than two weeks. After passing of an erysipelatous inflammation, on a place of the inflammatory centers there can be residual manifestations of a disease which usually have an appearance of a peeling, pigmentation, pastosity of skin. It should be noted as well that there is a probability of development of a limfostaz who can lead to a slonovost of extremities.


Treatment of an erysipelatous inflammation has dependence on a form of a disease, frequency rate of a disease, intoxication degree, and also on existence of complications. Etiotropny therapy consists in reception of antibiotics of a penicillinic row. Also for treatment use preparations of sulfanilamid and the combined himiopreparata, but these preparations are considered as less effective. The course of treatment usually makes 8-10 days. If the patient often has repeated manifestations of a disease, appoint such preparations as Oksatsillin, Tseporin, Ampicillin and Metitsillin. It is recommended to conduct at least two courses of treatment antibiotics. Thus preparations need to be changed. Between courses also there has to be a break within seven-ten days. In case of a resistant infiltration nonsteroid resolvents are appointed. In addition, at treatment vitamins of group B, ascorbic acid and routines are appointed. The autogemoterapiya can yield quite good results.

At an exacerbation of a disease to the patient Ural federal district and UVCh with the subsequent use of naphthalene or paraffin is appointed local. Local treatment of an uncomplicated ugly face is carried usually out only at a bullezny form of a disease. Thus make an incision the bull from one edge, and it is accepted to apply a bandage with solution of Furacilin and a rivanol an inflammation. Then to the patient bandages with Shostakovsky's balm or with the ekteritsidy become. In addition manganese-vaseline bandages will be useful. Local treatment usually alternates with various physiotherapeutic procedures. At most of patients the forecast favorable.


As for prevention, for people who are subject to manifestations of a similar disease, it is quite difficult. In particular, careful treatment of associated diseases of skin and diseases of peripheral vessels is necessary. In addition, sanitation of the available centers of a chronic streptococcal infection is necessary. It should be noted that to an ugly face immunity cannot be developed. Thus at all diseased hypersensibility is noted.

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